Saturday, February 3, 2007


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- i've treated my mom to dinner. burgoo. i told her i'd be all out because this is my gift for her (it was her birthday last january 30). ordered (my now favorite) seafood cesar salad sarap eh then ordered chicken fajitas combo then shakes then to top it off, rasberry cheesecake. sarap. and it cost me 1129 pesos. regrets though. malapit na naman din akong oras na gagraduate ako. (no more delays!)

- ive convinced my mom to buy me the tv she promised me. 21" lang naman...i was hoping for 29" so ayun, yey! bagong tv sa kwarto hehehe...maeenjoy ko na talaga tong kwarto ko na pang tenth time ko na yata binabago bago yung ayos in the span of 1 year and 4 months. hehehe...but i like my room now, so siguro eto na talaga. i can finally bring the ps2 into my room. acad place ko na ang aming dining table hehe.

- panget pala yung copy ko nung the break up. haay...since gusto ko manuod ng di ko nalang napapanood eh yung kim sam di papanuorin ahahaha...

- i also had my hair cut. didnt expect it to look so short. pero what the heck...i was getting tired washing my hair. hirap eh. kapal ng buhok ko haha..

- talked to a friend over the phone. been a while since we last talked. and...ayun, revelations.

- my sister is coming home 2 weeks from now. yey! she's going to be attending her best friend's wedding. yey! i hope she brings home gifts.

- my brother's immigration application to new zealand has been approved. yey! congratulations bro!

- i thought curse of the golden flower is already shown in cinemas...hindi pa pala. hmph.

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