Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CH09: P****G **A Moment

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Before anything. Please read my previous entry for other updates. =)

So yesterday, (July 8, 2008) I decided out of the blue to meet up with a friend at 7-11 Visayas - to return a DVD I borrowed...but sadly never had the time to watch. =(

So I was sitting there in 7-11 drinking my Slurpee when 3 policemen came in (they got a cup of free drink courtesy of 7-11...)

The woman at the counter immediately spoke...

<Woman@counter>: "Kuya, tamang tama! May ipapablotter po ako sa inyong lalaki -"
---The woman was cut short by one of the policemen.

<PutangInangPolice>:(Fucking points to me and says)"Sino? Ito ba?"

                -------I WAS IN MY OFFICE ATTIRE
"Putang inang police yun!" 
He said it like he meant it. After he said it...I was expecting him to look at me and smile...and say "Hehe, Joke lang po SIR."


The woman at the counter proceeded to tell them that the incident happened in the afternoon...blah blah blah.

The point of this entry being...and what was going through the rest of my mind while waiting for my friend to arrive to get the DVD...
What if the woman at the counter "ay tinopak at sabihin. OO! SIYA PO!"


Since I've played the events in my mind...
1. I'll call my mom to help me settle things.
2. I'll get that woman suspended from 7-11. File charges / Sue her (I'm not sure of the charges - but I'm sure my mom will know. My mom working in court and all...)
3. I'll get that suspended from PNP and file charges as well.

Whew. "relax lang..."
PS: defamation charges...I think that's what I could file <IF EVER>

Sunday, July 6, 2008

CH08: Tidbits.

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So...after a week of work - out of the blue, I decided to hit the spa and get a massage..sarap! chillax sobra! But of course, overspending by 6k for the month of June - I let my mom take over. (Hahaha. Cheapers Creepers). "Grabe!" Now I know the true value of money. It's not like I overspend a day, but last month, "ang dami lang talagang gastos." From buying books (for review) - to losing my cellphone charger (thus buying a new one) - to our team outing to Club Manila East - to officemate get togethers/gimmick - to etc etc etc.

But, no more complaints here. The spa was worth was even inclusive of this set of conversation from a group of ... I am guessing by voice late 20s to early 30s women.

---Which was weird, because I thought that the Spa my mom and I went to had separate quarters for male and female customers. Hmm, maybe it was full over their side. They were beside the room where I was getting a massage.

Girl 1: "Nagbrebreast-feed ka pa ba?"
Girl 2: "Ay hindi na. I heard kasi nagsasag boobs mo if you breast feed..."
Girl 3: "Oo nga I heard that too."

Girl 2: "Alam niyo ba, ang dami ko ng strech marks..."
Girl 1: "Ha? kelan pa?"
Girl 2: "When I gave birth to ________, my second."
Girl 3: "Ako rin, when I gave birth to my second...I noticed I had more strechmarks..."

Since, it was quite in the spa, you really could hear people if they talk using their normal voice....
Luckily, I fell asleep somewhere in the course of the massage...I wanted to stop eavesdropping. Hahaha. But when they are the only voices you ge the point.


Exaggerated reaction (over phone with my mom): "WHHHHATTTT?! Ano?! 15K?! Para mapalitan pati ayusin nila yung switch board ng laptop?!"...."WALA akong ganuong pera." ...."Ha? 10k?"...."Hati nalang tayo. 7.5k"..."Okay..."...."Thanks!"

Now, after having the laptop fixed and tuned by the staff/people from Acer Service Center - I'm planning to sell it (after transferring my files to our desktop/"tapes")....The problem is, who will buy it?...Not that it's in bad condition or what. On the contrary, it's actually in good shape. Not much "gasgas". I have been very careful with it after 2 years and 3 months of use. But, if anyone is capable of buying it at a price I'm thinking of...then they could get a brand new one for the same price (although, "baka yung mga lesser known brands").

Plug. My Acer is Travelmate something. I am not sure if that's the business class laptop of Acer. I never really bothered to distinguish it from Acer Aspire Laptops. But, from what I got from the Acer Service Center, my line of laptop rarely goes through their doors (probably because it was never released here in the philippines? As my brother bought it over the net and shipped to their place before being brought here to the Philippines...)...Which is why I understand why the whole part, labor etc etc. would amount to that much...which is not doing anything good as a plug. hahahaha. So...I'll shut it here.


Work Related....
Experience translated to a quote: "Nadadaan lang yan sa confidence!"

If you are put in a situation where you are expected to "stand on your own two feet". Confidence is all you need to overcome everything...add to that a pinch of carefulness and a dash of charm (good communication skills) then you're good to go."

I am a little happy that we will be moving to McKinley. (office site). Partly because I could use the car without worrying too much about the cost of parking (aside from the cost of gasoline...which is definitely why....Go Diesel). But of course, it will have to wait....for now.


Road tripping.

I brought the car this Sunday to work...I was wondering whether there would be "ticketers" to record your parking time...And the answer to that is no. SO happy happy.
Anyway, I MISSED DRIVING! I made the most out of it on my way home. "Sobrang na miss ko yung mga changing ng lanes hehehehe. Well hindi naman sa kaskasero...Pero from our office to SM north...20 minutes....=)" Although the morning trip only took abou the same time. But the volume of traffic was evidently less - to which, I would account the disparity in time...due to a very exhausting 6 days of work prior to this morning....and lack of sleep." 

Driving a car is so much better than commutes. The best part...I control the time. I discipline driving a car can teach you far outweighs the things you can learn by commuting. I am confident enough to say that I have some street-smart in me, that's why I am not that afraid to venture the slums of Manila alone. hehehe. I'll elaborate this in the next part of the entry.....

which is now.

The slums

Yesterday, Saturday, I decided that after work, I'll go to the Review Center, to fix my reservation for the refresher course - as well as get the two remaining books (Electronics and Geas questionaires). So, from work, I rode a bus to LRT (Gil Puyat) - then rode the LRT to Dorothea Jose....

To which, I was dismayed by my disorientation when I got off on the streets...I didn't know which way was Morayta and which way was it to Divisoria. I thought I was on the right side of the street....and the other side is where Morayta will be and I shall have to cross it...So I trecked on forward...then after 2-3 blocks of walking, I realized that I was heading in the wrong direction...thank you calesas for making me realize that there are no more calesas that treck near morayta area...only near Divi area...(based on observation)

So I turned around and walked my way to the review center..."Grabe...ang haba ng nilakad ko rin...ang dami pang tao. I forgot that FEU usually has Saturday classes...So...ayun...kapagod."

My conclusion. "Nadadaan lang yan sa confidence." Hehehe, just kidding (partly). I have already realized that I have been gifted with some street smart and the right mix of independence, kaya I felt so accomplished when I actually made it to the review center."

Seriously, 4 years of college of barely not commuting....(since it would be faster to bring a so close to UP...), commuting everyday to work is some worthwhile experience - as it broadens my perspectives on things (observing other commuters attitude(s) to commuting - "may iba sumasandal sa bar na hawakan ng MRT - kaya walang mahawakan yung ibang mga tao...may iba namang feeling cool pag pasok di muna hahawak sa bars or whatever you call them at poporma porma pa tapos kapag nag thrust forward ma outbalance. (at nangyari na to at sa akin pa napakapit.)....may iba naman ang hilig hilig makisiksik kahit alam nila na pawis na pawis na sila. tapos didikit pa sila sayo (skin to skin)...tapos pawis...kaumaga umaga pa naman...tapos they'd settle themselves in that position na nakadikit yung arm nila sa arm di sila since nandidiri ka...ikaw pa mapipilitan gumalaw..." But of course, the best reason to commute is the exercise you get!

Let's end this by saying.
5 xx lighter.