Saturday, March 31, 2007

Worst feeling ever...EVER

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so, the third exam of eee 51 has come to an end. so...that just leaves me with one last exam left - ece 141.

and know that feeling when everything is just so tense that you just want to puke or something to make yourself feel better. similar sensation going on right now with me.

eee 51 ended. i would have aced the exam had i achieved the most commonest of common sense to think that a pmos is ON when the input is a logic 0. i had answered the problem thinking that it was the other way around. I HAD DRAWN THE GRAPH THAT PROVED THAT MY INITIAL BELIEF WAS WRONG! Shet talaga. If I had aced that exam, then my grade in 51 would have come between 1.5 and 1.25...pero shet talaga tang-ina. nakakainis....lalo pa tuloy akong natensiyonado.

Iniisip ko na...isang summer nalang...matapos ang summer na yun...malalaman ko na kung cum laude standing ako or hindi...ayun nalang talaga eh...kaya sobrang gusto kong magsuka or basta hindi makalma sikmura ko dahil sa kakaisip.

lalo pa akong nabwibwisit kasi hindi ko maiwasan na wag isipin yung mga WHAT kasi tapos na eh...what's done is done, just learn from it and move on...pero ako...hindi ko magawa eh. THE DRIVE IS SO MUCH STRONGER THAT I'D RATHER WALLOW IN WHAT IF CIRCUMSTANCES - DELUSIONS...

shet talaga...kelangan ko ng pagsipagan ang pag-aral ng 141...shet talaga...sana hindi maging dahilan ang PMOS na yan para mawala lahat ng mga expectations ko...sana lang talaga...sana lang talaga mas may tiwala pa ako sa sarili pero...ang hirap eh...

shet talaga. sana matapos na ang summer classes para malaman ko na ang kalalabasan ng lahat...sana...sana...

sana man lang maagang regalo yung assurance na yun sa birthday ko...hahaay...


Sunday, March 18, 2007


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ece 141 make up class kanina 10a-12n. nakakaaliw yung lesson kahit papaano. yun lang.

went home - slept.

the night before: friends came over - watched dreamgirls. i feel Hudson deserved the oscar and golden globe.

kanina lang.

had a haircuit. sabi ko sa gugupit. gusto ko yung pang mukhang koreano hahahaa...then comment siya may koreano kanina gusto gupit pilipino...and ako naman...taas kilay...ano ka feeling close?

tapos dapat uutuin ko mom ko manuod ng syquijor hahaa...nablurt out ko horror...back out.

on impulse, sabi ko pafacial tayo...then akyat kami...then...sabi ko...ayaw ko sa let's face it kasi crowded eh...di ko gusto yung parang may katabi ka rin mga 2 inches away...basta...ewan ko hirap explain...claustrophobic? 

anyway,katabi kasi niya relaksasi sa sm sabi ko diyan nalang...then dapat facial eh pang mga mantikaing mukha lang meron wala na yung ibang service...sabi ko ayaw ko...then sabi ng mom ko massage first hesitant ako kasi ayaw ko lumabas at magikot ikot na parang naligo ng "oil" or whatever .hahaha...then sige go...

haay...napunta ako sa sauna...i thought id try it...but no!!! hhahah...di ako yung init...if i wasnt claustrophobic then siguro nasuper relax ako...pero ayun nga...after nun shower...then massage...

nakakaaliw...ang galing one point nagulat ako kasi bumulong yung masahista...sabi niya gusto niyo po ba yung may apak na service? err....the first thing that came to my mind was...dominatrix? ahhaha...the process wasnt really a turn on. ayaw ko nga that on my first -spa- experience...........................................................   .....

anyway, ayun nagpaapak nga ako...hahaha.

anyway...masarap yung masahe. usually parang stiff yung muscles sa likod near sa shoulder side...stressed - pero...ang sarap. hahaha...


it helped bring back the much need boost for the remainder of the sem

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

what goes around.

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ever since ive seen the video of justin timeberlake's what goes around comes back around with scarlette johannsen...
i've been obsessed in listening to it...and the track runs for about 7 minutes...for the whole day today, i've played it on my ipod 20 times more or that's how many minutes all in all? not even a bit exhausted from listening to it. more more.

anyway, this post will tackle most of the things that i want to be doing for my almost last year that's coming really really soon.

1. capoiera - ive seen it - jaw dropped with awe. been actually looking for some school or gym or whatever that offers lessons. then i forgot about it. then the want to actually try it out surfaced upon reading about it over someone's blog. hehehe...let's not name the person. it's almost to the extent of stalking but not quite because there's no ill intent.

2. tennis - just because i know it's fun and because i need to get into some sport. and...because...i want to get into shape. and maybe a way of being able to actually start kicking the habit. who knows...i might end up liking tennis over needing "it"

3. time management - this year has seriously been the worst time management year for me. and...i need to reevaluate myself to actually get a head start on fixing this aspect of my life. i'm going to need it more than ever for next year if i wish to earn myself the most anticipated prize ever...but...this could mean goodbye on console gaming? and other time wasting this laptop and all its multimedia content...and the tv in my room...oh no!

(4) - - - - - an aside, i just saw the news on this live fire in pasay city which crisped 200 houses down to ember...and it showed a footage of people actually getting water from an open sewage track....and there was this one guy who was over the whole (he had his feet pushed against the walls of the opening) and he was in charge of dipping the pails into the sewage water to fill them up...and along the minutes/seconds of the footage it (the sewage water) splashed him all over his space and i was like....ugh... anyway - this will serve as an intro to my opinion on metro manila's urban planning sucks big time! especially sa mga squatters area - i wish the government had more control on those land that if ever there's fire, the alleys or whatchamacallit will not be too narrow for firemen to walk through.....AND....this very discriminating thought (not mine though, i just saw through it) or opinion has just surfaced.

"I just realized that whenever I hear news on some wild fire in a squatters area I don't hear the reporters or journalists reporting on how much was lost in terms of money. I don't know if it's just me but when houses or other estates or anything that's not established on squatted land I always hear them saying how much money was lost. (or maybe the hearing is just in my head)."

4. acads and lab - i have plans on these two things...but i need to further improve myself on this matter by fixing up #3. but as an aside to the present...i really really really really hope that everything turns out okay for me this semester. i mean...i got some hope when i got my ece 141 first exam....eee105 first exam also brought me hope - i passed the first exam!....hmmm what else...i don't know...things seem closer to ending now that ee275 is just a snatch away from over.

5. mad partying - comment.

6. independence and freedom - now, after four years of being in should i say it...ready to retire? as i had a conversation with a friend once before...i've already decided to leave my 5th year room for "soul searching" or uhm...exploring life so that I know to where I wish to head to after... I mean...this is life we are talking after college is something I wish to prepare for. I have huge ambitions and I don't think preoccupying my mind with extracurricular activities will help me achieve those goals...In short, it will basically be me - having more time to myself...which...hahaha...could lead to problem number 3. time management. but...if my plans on having a sport goes well, then, that would answer that question..

and...hahaha time management!!! better stop now.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


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graphic novels...i didnt know they were like that! they were uhm....graphic! (for a lack of a better word) was so fun watching it...i need to buy the original dvd so that i can see the making of it....everything just looked so real. the beheading...the way the skin just wants to stick to each other till it gets torn off because of gravity...

it's a great movie to see...especially with friends...para sabay sabay kayong sisigaw ng yuck! hahaha...there was this funny instance when somebody from the audience blurted out...ang bastos naman nito. kasi ang daming sex about r13 = breast exposures and lots of them...

also...300 will want to have you working out to get sculpted body as well...this sure to hit the gym or just work out somehow

Friday, March 9, 2007

buti pa sa bahay may net

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1. yey! meron na ring aircon sa irc! =) balik irc na ulit ako. i havent really been dropping by kasi usually when i do try to drop by really...maraming tao and mainit...kaya hindi conducive para makapagaral or what...kaya main lib bagsak ko tuloy. anyway...i hope this turn of events will create a huge impact in my academic patterns. plus i have this aloha protocol to implement...

2. i bought new sandals...i have been complaining to my mom...but mostly to myself that i have sweaty feet whenever i wear my slippers. well, especially the black nike one that i have been wearing engganyo kasi ako sa add na nakita ko sa geox so i decided nun pa na bibili ako ng okay ng slippers....and then the opportunity came up. my sister gave me $100 when she went back to guam so i have some money...and i looked around...geox sandals/slippers cost way! im not that rich...and then...thank God! My mom was looking for dumbells na magaan lang according to her (na reaction ko? ha? meron tayo sa bahay ah! --mga 8 pounds siguro yun or something -- mabigat daw.) pero ayun nga...buti nalang she was looking for some of those kaya we dropped by toby's after i had my harry potter book reserved at fully booked. rebate naman pala sa magiging price ng harry potter book yung down so okay lang. sabi kasi ni issa hindi raw ganun sa national...anyway...yey! so here's the sandals i found...KEEN yung brand niya...i heard it's the latest trend or something na sikat sa US...i wouldnt know though, im not from there.

and ang saya ko kasi okay din siya for the's just for outdoor and casual style kaya naastigan lang siya. =) ive tried it on...and super comfortable!

3. favorite ko talaga yung crispy wasabi wanton sa kimono ken sa the block. 85 pesos lang din siya for i think 8 pieces...basta hahaha...masarap. though, sa tempura lang talaga yung the best na kani salad na nakainan ko...

4. uhm...heroes...ayun...time to get into it.

5. ee275 research bukas!!! monday na ang final report...i must do my best. contest yata yun. hehehe joke lang.

6. deepest darkest secrets revealed! hahaha...

7. i blurted out to my mom kasi natanong niya kung bakit hindi na raw ako nagpupunta kina lew na parang dati kasi madalas or something pag meron something sa kanila nung bago palang silang lipat...sabi ko sa kanya, hindi na kami close, kasi nagkaroon ng away sa barkada between kay rose and lew...hahaha...and now she's been bugging me about it....but my lips are sealed on that matter. for all i care, it's a closed book...rose, ako, and lahat kaming magkakaibigan - well, hindi na namin friend si lew so dont get that confused. - have moved on. masaya naman...kung bored kami meron kaming pagpipintasan....hehehe...biro lang na biro to na biro to na biro to na biro to na hindi pero biro to so in short, biro lang na biro to na biro to na biro nga to na hindi naman pala short kasi nga biro lang na biro to na biro nga lang.

8. hindi ako nakapunta sa alumni homecoming. hehehe sabi ko pa man din - ay sa eee pala yan - babalik ako...may kelangan kasi mom ko sa sm nagpapasama after ng 530 class i did accompany napadaan na ng fully booked, nakita ang hinahanap ng pa ako ng hanggang sa yayain ko ang mom ko na naging my treat para lang mabago. kahapon kasi dinedare ako ng mom ko na kumain kami ng hindi ko pa napapapalitan yung pera ko nun kaya...sabi ko dapat sbarro/pizza hut...then nung malapit na kami...ay sabi ko wag nalang...'green-itch' nalang para makatipid...ahhaha...then nung malapit na...sabi ko...ay wag nalang maraming tao...then nakita ng mom ko chef gutom na gutom na siya nun (siya rin kasi nagyaya after ko matapos bumili sa alexan ng stuff...) ayun...sabi niya sige order ka na...i assumed na libre kaya order ako ng joke lang...bumawi naman ako...that's the point.

9. chef tony's popcorn - THE BEST. ang sarap ng white chocolate walnut nila...low fat pa! san ka pa...hehehe...though hindi ko lang alam paano nila na claim yun kasi it tastes so good to be low fat...pero masarap nga...mahal nga lang...pero masarap...the good outweighs the's worth the money. trust me. =)

10. did i mention how much i love KEEN? plus...may keen foundation pa to help some charity...and recyclable pa yung stuff like box, etc since i love KEEN so much...visit this site: 

11. buti nalang walang net sa eee kanina...kasi hindi tuloy ako na force magreport sa 105 ng hindi ready hehehe...

12. grabe ang ce 22...3 quiz na namiss ko plus sigruo mga 2 quiz na nagpass lang ako ng paper na may pangalan kasi late...haay.........MABUHAY!'s not as depressing as i thought...siguro i dont regret extending sleep...hhaahha...which is the reason why i get there i have been so used to sir coming in at 730 that...feeling ko talaga dapat umalis ako ng 715. hahaha...BAD TIPZ!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

at dito nagsimula ang open forum.

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squEEEze - over.
now's time to focus on the things that really matter.
im just so thankful to my friends and most execom and my family (pa, ma...sinuot ko lang yung pin ni Risha...hindi na ako tatakbo...magaaral na po ako ng mas mag hahanap ng sport...para...pag dating ng gradpic eh mabawasan ang taba ko. at siyempre...sana grumaduate with honors.)

sabi ko sa isa kong kaibigan.
"siguro si ______ tatakbo dahil gusto nalang daanin ang future sa extracurricular activities. wala ng pag-asa kung acads eh."
im just so mean...pero...opinion ko yan eh. pakelam mo.

lounged at bo's katipunan. maayos yung place and the cakes were delicious! hahaha...i treated my friends cake para masaya. something like a sort of short celebration para sa kalayaan ko.

hahaha...well, sorry kung kalayaan talaga ang term pero wala lang. sa wakas hindi na ako mapipilitang makisama sa kanya - out of professionalism. hahaha.

finally finally.
my monday's will be spent on other things aside from marketing.
not that i didnt like marketing. i liked it - very much...especially since it made me more extroverted than I was...

sa fincom na susunod...may advice is:

ODE to whoever you are na hindi naman ODE kasi hindi talaga siya ODE pero if you read between the lines...YOU'LL KNOW....if NOT...then...YOU MUST BE STUPID...OR WE'RE NOT THAT CLOSE....IF YOU DO KNOW....then either friend kita or kaaway or chismoso/a ka lang.

"kung mawala ang drive mo sa trabaho, then dapat marami kang resources. kasi kung wala kang resources then marapat lang na magresign ka na kasi wala na talaga. madadaan ang drive sa lahat ng bagay...dagdagan mo lang ng charisma para mas okay... pero kung may resource ka at may kontrabida sa buhay mo...then mawawala talaga ang drive mo. kelangan din matalino ka or kung hindi eh daanin mo sa sipag kasi - kung hindi ka isa sa dalawang bagay na yan eh - the next thing you know is that you're being booted out of eee. (hehehe san kaya ako sa dalawa??? =p fishing for something). Also, ienjoy mo ang company ng execom - kahit na may kontrabidang nagbubumida at tinatrato kayong lahat na parang katulong at sabi na nga niya mismo eh trabaho niya ang mag-utos....go parin!...wag kang matakot magsalita laban sa kanya kasi kung tatahimik ka di didibdibin mo lang lahat ng mga galit mo....kaya dapat very vocal ka about what you feel...also, as na enjoy ko ang should like talking to people. ako i enjoyed talking to people ive worked with like yung mga tauhan sa polysystem, bitmicro etc should be able to communicate well...and you should be prepared to speak your mind and lead the conversation. hindi pwede sa fin ang tahimik tahimik lang at sumusunod lang sa usapan tsaka yung mababa yung social maturity. dapat ikaw ang magset ng pace. kahit nga mga guards ng eee eh nakakuwentuhan ko na...pero siyempre hindi dapat feeling close gaya ng ginagawa ng iba...basta mukhang feeling close pero hindi mo talaga feeling close...yung pinapakita mo lang na feeling close ka pero hindi mo iniisip at dinidibdib na feeling close ka...hindi yan sa namamlastic pero that's why some people have a warm personality...getting back - kasi mali yun eh...hehehe...tingnan mo nalang ang ibang mga taong sigurong tatakbo sa election...baka sa kakafeeling close nila eh nafeel na nga nila at sa tingin nila popular na sila at mananalo sa election dahil sa nakuha na nila ang kiliti ng mga tao....

"also....isipin mo nalang na dapat...ang philosophy ko kasi...dapat ang mga tao mo subukan mong inspire na gawin nila ang trabaho nila sa sarili nilang pagkukusa...hindi yung dapat nila gawin dahil inuutos mo. dapat maging leader ka na nagiinspire sa mga tauhan mo....HINDI ENOUGH NA MAGPATAWA KA LANG...AT DAANIN PA MINSAN ANG PAGPAPATAWA AT THE EXPENSE OF OTHER PEOPLE'S SHORTCOMING,FAILURE or BAD RUMORS - IN SHORT...BACKBITING JOKES...PEOPLE SHOULD VOTE FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU INSPIRE THEM - NOT MAKE THEM LAUGH. kasi...WHAT PEOPLE WANT ARE LEADERS...NOT CLOWNS."

"Take this year's not follow it. hahaha...admittedly, i wasnt a good leader...hindi naman sa nagmamalinis pero inako ko na rin ang karamihan ng job ng marketing because i have the most time. i didnt want to let you my members shoulder responsibilities knowing full well na hirap na kayo sa acad load niyo..I tried assigning pero they werent able to meet the progress i make each week with follow up kasi nga hindi sila parehas sa akin ng sked na walang class till 6pm on mondays and walang class till 1130 on thursdays. karamihan sa inyong mga mems ko nag23 and may mga exam sa mga subject na alam kong nahirapan ako...kaya hindi ko pinapamukha sa inyo na WOW ang galing ko...yang mga subjects na yan chicken yan or kakausapin ko si doc m at sasabihin kong gawin to or gawin yan dahil may event tayo...okay...mukhang joke ata yun...hindi ako nainspire eh....hindi rin naman ako natawa....pero joke yun siguro...pangit lang siguro joke din na sabihin na walang marereport ang isang committee sa event dahil maliit lang naman trabaho nila.

"Sana rin pag ikaw na ang fincom head or kahit anong leader...wag kang mayabang at maingay at masalita at mayabang at naaagnas ang mukha (oops, under the belt - teka. meron bang nasa under ng belt mo? babae ka ba or lalake - literal meaning and implied one is contained in this statement.) bato bato sa langit...ang tamaan...GUILTY!...oi...nagdedeny...ayaw pa aminin sa sarili...hahaha...anyway, ayun nga, wag niyo ko gayahin kasi hindi ko nagampanan ang position ko to the best i can - and even to what i promised...pero...ganun talaga pag uninspired....-hindi na nga nangiinspire eh nangaaway pa ay hindi pala ganun's for the future - pero bakit kaya nung nakaraang taon lang eh - - - -ewan!

"sana ready ka rin gamitin ang sariling mong resources na ganun na nga ang mangyayari kasi nga...kelangan na eh...necessity....or pwede ring...wala ka ng ibang pwede pang masisi sa situation mo dahil ikaw mismo ang pumasok diyan...parang parang ganun na hindi sa case ko. okay getting on with my whatever...

"sana rin pag ikaw na ang mga namention kong negative things above - have the decency to realize the monster that you are...ROWR! Siguro yan nalang ang naririnig ko kasi siguro ganun ka na nga talaga...isang halimaw na mapagmanipula ng mga tao...magingat kayo ibang tao ah...kung paminsan sa harap mo eh nakikipag joke siya maya maya sa likod mo eh pinagtatawanan ka na! hahahaha...ganyan talaga sabi nga ng group of wannabe psychologist friends eh...magingat kayo. para hindi kayo maging halimaw eh dapat hindi kayo neglected child na kulang sa attention at pagmamahal kaya nagkaroon ng maraming insecurities and bitterness sa buhay...kaya tuloy bad mouth ng bad mouth sa iba (fyi...hindi ako nagbabadmouth ah...hindi ko naman pinapangalanan ang mga/ang tinutukoy kong ko to so....pakelam mo?! plus wag ka ngang feelingero at isipin mo ng ikaw nga tong nasasabi sa blog!- hahaha...joke lang...feel free to comment and siguro babarahin kita kung nasa bad mood ako...pero kung malay mo maging close pa tayo...nyek! asa...joke. hahaha...walang sense)

"hahaay...dapat din kung maging monster ka na...the only way to cure the illness is....SEX! hahaha joke...maling decision yun kung SEX ang pinlii mong sagot can only get you worse...SEX develops cravings and increases the lust by a few notches especially if forbidden sex sex kasi is a term to use for the kind of sex that FORNICATES...parang laban between PORNOGRAPHY and an analogy sa cure to your monsterhood - dapat ART piliin mo. ART = hindi lang yung mga friends na gamitan pero true friends. hindi best friendssssss (hint hint: ahas - animal na mahilig gumapang sa gabi pag madilim at mukhang walang nakatingin...) yung mga friends talaga eh yung mga tinetreasure hindi dapat yung kind of friendship na basta babalewalain mo nalang para sa PORNOGRAPHY = SEX.

"Also, please kung maging leader ka, don't try to pose yourself above what you really are...parang social butterfly ka tuloy...oh well, siguro dahil sa mga taong o sa taong kasama mo. na naalala ko lang eh nabwisit ako na paguwi ko galing davao eh makikita ko diyan somewhere sa tabi tabi tabi tabi tabi tabi tabi ng - A! daan? B! gate? C! bahay? D! Wala? E! lahat! and the answer is! wala...kasi siguro nga wala talaga! hahaha...iba ang sinasabi sa iniisip...mas masarap mag isip...also, pag leader ka na....wag kang bend ng bend ng mga prinsipyo mo dahil importante talaga yun. Wag kayong matulad...."

OKAY?! hehehe...i know walang sense yan masyado sa iba...pero tanungin niyo si Rosario Reas - im sure maintindihan niya lahat yun. Best friend ko yun eh. san ka pa? - uy matatouch si rose. hahaha...tungeks...happy birthday ang ibig sabihin ko at happy graduation friend! Sana wala si mr. pogi diaz sa ratsky's on the 24th of april it stands now...mabobore lang ako.