Monday, November 28, 2005


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Okay. I just typed my entry. And for some weird reason I pressed escape...out of impulsed...I pressed it again after seeing my entry chomped away (that impulse was out of disbelief...) and ayun...i pressed ESC until all my entry was gone. Damn!

anyway...shorten ko nalang tong entry na to.

1) I woke up late. 12nn. Prepared for class at around 220. Make up class started 245. Got there 255. Okay

2) At AS, I bought buko juice...palipas oras. JULIA CLARETE parked her Black Altis ZBB ### 3m away from 
my car. I was drinking buko juice then...i wanted to smoke pero may ubo pa ako and sipon ahem ahem

3) Went home and waited for the right time to go to SM NORTH to watch the exorcism of emily rose. My mom and sis were going to the parlor for some pampering...I didnt want to wait home alone yet again so I tagged along. There, I was reading my book Dark Carnival. My mom convinced me to have a footspa and so I agreed. wow sarap talaga eheheh...napagod kasi ako magjog kagabi sa UP...gabi kasi natapos na ako ng mga 6:15

Segue: Dark Carnival by James Moore
- I decided to buy this book so I could be "ready" mentally. I am not entirely sure pero feeling ko kasi my brain was/is stagnating as of late after letting a month or so pass without any serious academic brain processing. So...ayun...if i have the free time and leisure...I read through it. Hmm...grabe nakakapagod... for the past days basa ako ng basa ng mga libro ko. haay...but im starting to like physics103...yung eee23...what is there not to like? ehehhe.

4) Went to sm north at around 7pm and...bought my dinner at Mcdo and upgraded it to Kitchie's Combo...sarap talaga ng twister fries! Anyway...I watched the exorcism of emily rose

Segue: The Exorcism of Emily Rose
- I wasnt fully satisfied with the movie. I was expecting to get really frightened pero wala eh. I compare the movie experience sa Greenbelt3 when I watched Godsend. Dun talaga natakot ako eheheh...I recall that my feet raised themselves up out of reflex as in...tumaas talaga! eheheh natawa nga yung mga nasa likod ko eh. Why? It didnt happen once. Pero sa exorcism of emily rose wala eh...di ako masyado natakot or nagulat or what....Pero...pero! Maganda yung story niya. Satisfying...I was thinking I should have watched Chicken Little instead...

Haay...nakakapagod...I have to really make up for so much lost time. I have to like...really get some progress in my Mobot mini project. Promise. I'll consult Kuya alex tomorrow and get his opinion on this and that...oh yeah...kay kuya james din...nakakapagod na talaga! Pero...

Segue: Tipz Evaluation
- Promise ko talaga sa sarili ko that I will do better in my grades. GWA first! Yan ang campaign ko for myself this semester. I want to break the record of foul second sem grades. So...I'm doing my best to not let that happen...and to let IT happen (the increase in GWA). Haay...kaya sobrang sunog kilay ako sa kakabasa sa mga libro ko. Goal ko rin kasi ehehe maging ATE MAY ang style ng buhay! Achiever! I onced set that goal in highschool...I said gusto ko rin maging TOSM (Ten Outstanding Students of Makati) after I saw my fellow schoolmate attain that that I said to myself...if I get nominated gagawin ko lahat ng makakaya ko...and...ayun! Feeling ko talaga nung Awards night nung inawardan pa kami ni Jejomar Binay...I seriously felt like an angel na parang lumampas lang sa dark clouds na may heavy rain at lumabas sa part ng sphere na wala ng clouds and all clear eheheh...basta ang hirap i put into words...mas madali sa imagination eheheh...kaya mga repapips!

Study hard! Party Harder (after ng studies...)! eheheh

Sunday, November 27, 2005

spending my days...

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got sick last wednesday, got worse on thursday and was starting to recover by friday...saturday...sunday...monday...cough more fever though.

at first i just kept sneezing and sneezing which i thought was probably some sort of allergic reaction to something or someone but then it turned from worse to worst. i am really starting to think that the hot, not luke water from the tub caused my ailment to get worse...and in quick time. by thursday i became really sick and i felt quite BLOATED by then from the large amount of water ive consumed. eheheh a great excuse for looking fat. =p then my ailment grew worse.

some stuff last thursday:
1) issa's car's clutch fluid got drained. eheheh she borrowed some from me. hehe i didnt even know i had some to start with. but...lucky her.
2) pinoy little sister for comm 3. wow! that went bad! ehehehe... i had to play jason and i wasnt really comfortable that day...duh...i was sick...bad performance. bad bad bad...some of my groupmates did good though...
3) met my comm 3 prof at the tiangge near the chapel. ehehhe...she hinted me what to get for the kris kringle c/o berCkts. by this fever was getting whew! feverish.
4) woke up by about 8 after sleeping at 6 feeling extremely cold! i had the fun turned on at 1 yet i was shivering! and no one was home! my mom and sis arrived about 20 minutes later with great food! dinner in bed! sarap din nung soup from red ribbon ah.

1) was feeling a bit better, but not entirely. for the first time, i was early for my eee 23 class...and i was still feeling sick! eheheh...what motivation...anyway, i sat up front and i enjoyed the class...dr. marciano is just so good! i like the way he speaks english.
2) eee 103. went home early, my mom is to be admitted at lourdes hospital for an operation...something about wait...i hope i remembered this right...fibrocystic breast disease...yep...i think i got that right. 
3) friday, i was home alone by night. even though i was sick...i worked out...did some sit ups and some cardio stuff...then took another hot bath. read through some physics book

1) woke up by 1130 ate the maki and sushi that my mom bought in advance in anticipation of her admittance in the hospital.
2) did nothing but eat, sleep, drink, watched tv and that cycle till night where i started to read my eee 103 book. finished the first chapter and slept.
3) oh yeah...i did some more situps and some cardio stuff before taking a bath then reading then sleeping.
4) oh yeah again...i watched pbb and enjoyed it eheheh...very dramatic...watched it while i was in the tub enjoying the hot water...haay...home alone...

1) woke up. read my physics mom and sis arrived ...
2) i decided to jog around UP after finishing another section of my physics book. (by now tapos ko na siya basahin! yey! eee 23 naman next)
3) pagod sa kakajog sa oval eheheh...
4) naku! very uninspiring naman tong entry na to...very boring eheheh sorry kakagaling ko lang mag basa ng physics na book eh. ano gusto niyo? pag usapan natin ang musical instruments and kung paano nagfunction yung waves etc etc...eheheh...

--random stuffs:
1) will do more situps later after i finish typing this...then take a bath and then read more eee 23.
2) in between all of the events that happened, i have been frantic and worried sick with regards to my mini project for mobot. i have finally decided! i will use kuya alex's module he used for GABAY for my mini project. yung uC din naman pala kasi yung gagamitin para magawan ng PWM yung module para maging analog na yung module...nerd nerd nerd
3) also, in between all that entry...i have been...ehem ehem...making my presence felt sa lahat ng mga globe diyan! spammer talaga ako!! ahahah kahit may sakit humahataw!

---Sorry!!! I forgot to mention stuff about SEPHARAD: Voces de Exilio! (basta tama yung sepharad pero yung sa latter part nung title di ko na sure...) Astig talaga tong theater play na to!!!! Manuod din kayo!!! Promise. You guys/gals wont be disappointed! Naastigan ako sobra! Heheheh...ang dami kong naenjoy na scenes pati yung call center part nila sobrang astig din dahil sobrang nacapture nila eh...PLUS PLUS! there are so much more scenes to look out for! Maraming dramatic sobra na yung dating pero sobrang saya parin. The experience was great! I have to say...Mas maganda siya sa TATARIN na dulaang up din ang gumawa...PLUS PLUS PLUS! When I was told na R18 talaga tong play na to...TOTOO nGA! ehehhe...marami ring kissing scenes...teka nga...hindi naman sobrang dami siguro mga 7-10 scenes ata or something tapos may mga 3 atang bed scenes....basta! ang ganda talaga! tama si maam de luna! astig astig astig! Manunuod na talaga ako ng mga plays sa UP! also...nung natapos yung show...saw some familiar maam gumba! tumaba ng husto! eheheh...and also meron ding free food and drinks dun...kaya...yey ang saya! pero pagdating ko ng house...nyek...walang tao! duh.

ayun lang muna mga kids! dito ko na muna ttapusin ang aking entry.
oh yeah...
meron na akong isa pang favorite cartoon...the grim adventures of billy and mandy! ahahahhaha! nakakatawa talaga.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A critical discovery

I learned. I learned that I seriously am afraid of commitments. Hmm, with regards to that thought, I am not entirely sure if it's more of being afraid or more likely hate. I just realized after pondering upon it these past few days (when I have nothing else better to do other than read books and stare at cars speeding along the Mindanao avenue - I like the view of it from my room) that seriously, I have issues with commitment.

1) relationships (i.e. girlfriend(s)) - I don't want to get into such relationships (after careful consideration of this and that) knowing that I have other things I am already committed to. Things like my acads and erm...extracurricular activities. Actually, I justified this issue by saying to myself, "ayaw ko ngang magkagirlfriend tapos ang gagamitin kong pera pang gasta sa amin pera ng mommy ko." I mean, it would be so ironic if I ended up like that. My parents don't want me to be involved in any serious relationship while i'm still at school then it turns out that meron na pala ako and ginagamit ko pera nila. I don't know, the situation just seems so screwed up.

2) "Leading" - Eto pang isa. Dito lang talaga sa college ako ayaw mag commit maging leader ng group etc etc. Like sa comm 3, since walang masyadong nag act as like the head of the group, I "stepped up" and acted as the leader. Haay...ang hirap i explain. But, my theory with regards to this is that...nagsawa lang siguro ako dahil sa highschool laging ako ako ako ako ako ako ako ako ang isa sa mga leader ng mga group(s). Nagsawa na nga lang siguro ako. haay

3) Etc. Like this engg week, di ako makapag commit sa mga events especially sa mga major events dahil ayaw ko naman i put to compromise yung acads ko...knowing well enough that i have major exams during the said week. there we go, Two things that I am seriously afraid/spiteful of...commitments and compromise.

oh yeah, today, kaninang mga late afternoon till early evening. My mom and I were once again in Sm north. Naku! halos araw araw nalang ata eh nandun kami. Walang schaum's outline na talaga for electromagnetics sa sm north...goodwill wala...national wala...sarap ng drinks sa DEC yung mga fruitshake...I like the avocado and kiwi...lately...ang gastos ko sobra...pero di ko pera ginagamit mommy ko. (^^;

Haay...may class pa nga pala ako bukas...dc class with sir lucas. 
random thoughts:
1) should i continue reading eee 23? I stopped somewhere erm...was it cross product...hmm...i think it is...
2) I will take a bath right after I finish this entry.
3) I will charge my phone right after the bath
4) I will read and finish the first chapter of the book for eee 23 and possibly read on to chapter 2.
5) I have to text jha once again to remind her to bring my toolbox.
6) I should get the parts list for the circuit i should be making for the mini project.
7) I should procure notes for my different subjects asap
8) Ang sarap nung kare kare na may buntot ng baka sa mangan. Ngayon...napansin ko...favorite ko yung kare kare na meal not because of the contents but more of dahil sa soup and sa bagoong. ehehehe run nanggagaling yung sarap...
9) Masarap nga pala talaga run sa Mangan...filipino dishes...ehehehe at muli...2nd time kong kumain ng lengua...and...I didnt think it was that fact, i really liked it. Baka pwede ko ng matanggal siya sa list ng mga ayaw kong food na kainin
10) speaking of which...yung mga ayaw ko...marshmallows. palang
11) parang najejebs na ako eheheheh
12) baka pwede ko ng arborin yung mp3 player ng kapatid ko.
13) speaking of which, naku sa january next year baka kami nalang ng mommy ko rito sa house. my sister would be leaving for guam. haay...our house would be so lonesome...
14) speaking of which...nuon ko pa gusto bumili ng alagang aso pero parang ang hassle eheheh...or baka tamad lang ako.
15) ay...shet...kris kringle nga pala sa friday.
16) friday...that day ba ako manuod nung play for our comm 3 class? or mag saturday nalang ako.

17) I really hope hindi cancerous yun.
18) Fibrocystic breast disease? naku! mommy...I remember the New Year I/We had when you had the operation.

haay...memories...damn brain.

Sometimes, it just doesn't work the way you want it to when you need it the most.
Lately, it's just cold. damn cold.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I've been sleeping for...14 hours! I don't know what happened pero sobrang pagod pala ako eheheheh...
A few updates:
1) Did more shopping. there's nothing else to do. Pero this time around...puro sa akin yata ang pinagbibili namin...the other day kasi furniture for the albums (picture albums) and encyclopedia...Ano ba ang pinagbibili ko?
  • 3 flip-flops. eheheh...this time around i stuck with the cheaper ones...anong quicksilver na naman diyan?! low ang budget nating ngayon tol. ahhahah. imagine...50% lang ng price nung dati kong binili yung cost nung 3 na nabili ko's just amazing!
  • 1 t-shirt. lumambot din mom ko sa mga parinig ko sa kanyang ang tagal ko ng walang bagong damit eheheheh...
  • 1 jacket. yes. meron na rin ako nung jacket na nuon ko pa gusto magkaroon...kasi yung mga jacket ko nun yung mga pang heavy lamig and ulan...ngayon meron ng erm...basta ganun...mahirap maexplain.
2) After shopping we ate at Cabalen. Eat all you can! Nakakapagod kumain...sobra. Di ganun ka sarap yung kare kare nila...mas masarap yung sa max's or even sa goldilocks eheheh...naghahanap ako nung tinatawag nilang tuwalya pero wala eh...sayang...pero sulit na rin...249 php...baka kaya ako ngayon lang nagising dahil sa dami ng kinain ko eheheheh...
3) wala na...kelangan ko na gumawa ng mini project ko talaga for mobot...Nagkausap kami ni kuya mends kahapon and...ang dami kong nalamang bago eheheh...napaka controversial talaga ng mobot! shucks...sana di sa akin mangyari yung ganun...

sige gawin ko na mini project namin


I forgot to mention some of these things:

1) I asked my mom last night while we were eating at Cabalen if "I" was being 10 and 9 years younger from my sister and brother respectively...and do you guys know what my mom told me? She told me that no...i wasnt planned! ahahahah...nag stop na raw kasi siya mag topic.

tsk tsk...oh least ako nalang nag-aaral ngayon...may mapagkakagastusan silang lahat. mwahahahhaha...joke.

2) Argh! Gutom na ako!!! di pa rin umuuwi ang aking ina at kapatid. Nagpachiro (ehehe tama naman spelling diba?) pa kasi sila eh...gusto ko lang i share, kung saan sila nag pachiro, sa may anapolis ata yung clinic nung doctor or something, marami ring mga abs cbn stars na dun nagpapatunog tunog ng buto. Isa sa mga sinasabi ko ay si carlos agassi...eheheh...di ko alam kung yung doctor ba nagsabi or something, pero parang bading daw ata yung si carlos. kasi umiiling iling na parang babae pag pinapatunog na yung buto niya or something. LOL. yan yung kwento sa akin ng mom ko pati kapatid...baka dinig dinig lang nila ewan.

3) Yey! Si Franzen na talaga ang matatanggal. Seriously folks, napapamura ako as in yung sobrang malutong kapag nakikita ko siya sa PBB lately sa mga primetime. May topak na talaga yung taong yun eh. Pinasukan na rin ng hangin sa utak. Kaya, nararapat lang talaga na siya ang matanggal! Ops. walang kokontra least, marami parin sa mga gusto ko ang natitira...

4) Bumili ako ng resistor pillow! And, i just want to say to allan ostrea, hindi ko talaga magets paano naging phallic symbol yung resistor pillow na yun. Di ko talaga maimagine...and, my mom didnt react that way when she saw it eheheh..napakatypical reaction...nyek sayang pera mo, di malambot etc etc. haay... mahirap talaga nila maintindihan kung bakit nakakatuwa mag karoon ng resistor pillow eheheh...novelty item ko nalang yun. saan ka ba makakakita ng ganun

5) Ang galing din pala ni doc marciano talaga magturo. pag tf talaga aagahan ko na pumasok para di ako sa likod napapapwesto! promise.

ayan na sila! yey! dumating na rin ang food ko sige sige...kain na muna ako

Friday, November 18, 2005

Christmas! Merry!

Okay, so for the past days, naku! di na ako masyado nakakaral...i was planning to advance read some of the books that I bought, but sadly, no progress masyado...because...

we've been christmas shopping! last night...bili pa kami ng ilang lights pati chinese lantern na hindi ganun ka traditional napabili kami eheheh...ang saya...nafifeel ko na ang christmas kahit na marami pa pala akong kailangang matapos at pag daanan...namely:

1) MOBOT mini project. (I really must at least type some things for the module)
2) Finish Reading EEE 23 stuff for the first exam.
3) Finish Reading Physics 103 stuff for the first exam.
4) Engg Week (lahat na ng events! eheheh...)
5) Lantern Parade!
6) Hopefully I could plan another lakwatsa...similar to puerto but not quite.
7) eheheh tama na sa six! parang gusto ko pa pahirapan sarili ko no ahahha...

anyway, some interesting stuff that happened:
1) I met Anna Matienzo after my Physics 103. I had class in comm 3 kaya sinulit ko na yung break para mag...eheheh alam niyo na...YBreak. Tapos bili ako kay ate na suki malapit na yun sa then kasama ko na si anna na naglakad papunta run with some of her friends...then...shocked ako ng bumili siya ng menthol eheheh (menthol kasi yuck...kadiri...WLights talaga mas okay) hindi... shocked din ako dahil nag smoke rin siya...imagine...may dalawa na kaming kilala kong TOSM (Ten Outstanding Students of Makati) na nag hindi naman pala ganun kasama. Feeling ko nun...sira na yung good boy image ko...pero it's just a matter of perspective talaga. Reason din nga pala niya kaya siya nag start is stress.

2) Ayun na nga...Christmas shopping kaya di na ako masyado rin nakakaupdate kasi nakakauwi kami mga 9 pm or 9 something.

3) Sabi ng Comm 3 prof ko..."bakit ba maraming nagkakagusto sa mga 'Koreano' eh mukha namang Monggoloid?" <- This statement was spurred by the matter she herself brought up...that Korean Guys smell like feet. Hehehe..ang sama noh...pero no offense naman...I was thinking...thank God i'm half chinese. Sinabi rin kasi niya na mas gwapo ang F4 eheheh...

4) Napanood ko na pala Harry Potter! eehehehe bakit ko nalimot sabihin yun?!!?!? Ang ganda talaga! Astig. Kaya manuod din kayo! Mas masarap manuod kung kasama mo friends mo sa mga ganung .movie...Can't way for the DVD to come out! yes! Onti onti ng nakukumpleto ang collection ko

Sige rito muna...mag research muna ako for mobot...then...kain sa baba...then ligo...then pasok ng eee 23!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Inahle. Exhale

okay, so what have been the highlights of the 5 days since the start of classes?
1) CS!! College Scholar ako! eheheh Well, of course, alam ko na GWA ko for last some people may know...gc ako ehehe grade conscious! Well, so what's the fun with this achievement? Well, this would be the first time that my name got put up in the list...yung first year first sem...second year first sem...kahit na US ako and CS respectively di man lang naindicate...bumaba tuloy self-esteem ko and naging sobrang anxious pa ako kung delirious lang ba ako sa mga computation ko eheheh...anyway...eto yung sobrang saya eheheh feeling ko may 'k' - karapatan na akong humingi sa mom ko ng ehehe bagong mp3 player! ehehehe I "name dropped/gave hints" of what my Christmas wish was...for one thing...I wished that my laptop would arrive by Christmas...pero uncertain pa...and then...eheheh Ipod nano naman po diyan ^_^ okay na naman sa akin yung zen creative na mp3 na bigay ng suitor ng kapatid ko sa kanya....pero...eheheh sa kanya raw yun eh...kasalanan ko rin naman kung bakit nawala yung mp3 player ko and...haay...cellphone... (N6600 na rin phone ni Issa!!! eheheh)
2) Fincorp overnight. Yes, yesterday, the finance committee had its planning sem. ayus naman masaya...i was planning to drink some liquor pero hesistant ako sa lasa...marami na sa kanilang uminom pero puro sabi yuck daw...i tried pero lasang gamot...yeech...but i do recall brandy tasting way better...I think it was at pauee's place back then...fundador ata yun...ewan...or...baka dahil inexpect ko na parang X.O hennesy yun or something...anyway...hindi eto yung highlight ng event. Let's just say na nagkaroon ng Puerto kwentuhan hmm...mga kaninang madaling araw...kaya tuloy di na kami natulog nila Gabo and Gepol...Okay...very interesting...pero para kay Gabo and Gepol eheheh sorry magulo yung kinuwento ko...mahirap alalahanin ang bagay na sadya mong nililimot...well, siguro may effect din na dahil wala pa akong tama dahil di naman ako sa ibang bisyo till the morning habang kwentuhan...eheheh again sorry Gepol...I wasnt up to par with your share of story telling. Kaya pala kanina eheheh sobrang pagod ng feeling. Since di kami nakatulog...diretso uwi then kumain pa sa Mcdo...ang haba rin ng nilakad namin on an empty stomach...kaya pagdating ko ng bahay...hubad...suot ng pantulog shorts. higa. tulog. nagising ng 3:30pm eheheheh.
3) Miscellaneous events.
  • Mobot cleaning...eheheh di natuloy. Namove pala siya kaya kami nila Allan, Gabo and Gepol waited...but buti nalang nagreply na rin yung isa sa mga S.A. Thanks kuya Miko! You spared us hours of waiting...eheheh buti nalang dumating din sila Lew and nag joke joke nalang kami run.
  • Wala pa kaming mga classes. Kakainis. Sa comm 3 lang yata ako may class...and...eheheh to tell you honestly buti nalang nakuha ko siya sa CRS. 

Monday, November 7, 2005

Puerto Galera trip: A BLAST!

Mahabahaba ang entry na i segmented the whole entry
okay. so how do i start this...let's timeline the events...

2:30am: - I woke up. Barely having 2 hours of sleep because of so many thoughts popping up here and there, I wasn't feeling as tired as I had expected. Wonderful!! Took a bath. Then Went down to wait for the cab that my sister called for me. (For those interested. You can call a cab company or whatever you want to call it for their service. They'll go to your place then flag down the fare meter. But whatever the total, an extra charge of 50 pesos will be charged for the extra service.)

3:20am - The cab arrived and we went off to Philcoa Jollibee. I was supposed to meet up with Kiko, Nikki and Gabo there. But, let me just share this realization along the way. When we were at the QC circle right at the bank near the QC hall, I saw someone standing there. Erm, which I first thought was odd because where could he be going at this time...and then...some distance from where he was standing biglang dami na yung mga tumatayo and then I realized that...oo nga pala. Sa Q. Ave yung mga babae and QC circle is known to cater call boys. Ayun lang...Sobrang obvious yung situation pero walang ginagawang aksyon. Duh. Katapat lang ng QC hall...

4:00-6:30am - We arrived at the bus terminal, got on the bus that leaves at 4am for the Batangas port. Wow. Ang aga diba. An uneventful yet stressful bus ride came after. The music that they were playing was not soothing at all for restless travellers. The station that they were tuned into was loud and damn senseless. I think Kiko mentioned the station to be 91.5 or something...ah yun...basta yung Yes FM! Argh...Not my taste...not at all. Anyway, we arrived at the port and then...ayun...

7:00-8:50am - We rode on the boat (Si-Kat) heading for Puerto Galera...masaya yung ride somehow kasi parang welcome lobby ng mga start feeling the excitement that the experiences at puerto could bring. astig...kahit nagstop over pa kami someplace dahil parang stop over dating...okay lang...masaya!!!

9:30am - We arrived at Puerto Galera!!!! WOHOOOO!!! Pero siyempre wala pa kaming place na may lumapit na sa amin offering to help us find a room to stay in...yes game kami because the help was needed na rin naman...there...yung first room na nakita namin...ang baba ng rate na inoffer...we opted for the fan room because we didnt need the aircon one. We wouldnt be staying cooped up in the room anyway...So...after going to 2 places...we chose the first one and got it for a measly price of 700pesos!!! WOW diba...ang mura lang...pero kapag peak season nasa mga 1500 na yan...astig talaga! ehhehe buti nalang sunday kami napadpad...and buti nalang yung mga factors that caused the delay of the trip baka form of blessing na rin yun.. for the experience that we had.
During the trip...I'll stop the timeline thingie now...ehehehe I didnt have a watch with me...all I could say was that, it was a good thing na alam ko basahin yung oras using the sun's position in the sky ehehhe...
anyway...what happened in puerto?

First off, when we arrived, we searched the place erm sort of familiarization of where this and that is. So we basically made ourselves comfortable with the place. With that over with, ayun na! start sun bathing! We walked the distance sa may less crowded part ng stretch ng beach kasi we wanted naman din to keep to our privacy and give them theirs. (Ang laki laki ng beach and off peak so hindi sobrang daming tao and makikisiksik ka diba...duh...) Damn. Ang sarap nung feeling ng water. Sobrang relaxing! And the sun kahit patago tago paminsan ang sarap din humiga sa sikat niya eheheheh...sabi ko nga kay nikki, ang sarap i enjoy kasi dito mo lang talaga menjoy yung araw na ganyan...kung asa UP kami napapamura nalang erm...sila (ehehe napaisip ako kung napamura na ba ako...) dahil sa sobrang init. (BRB. kain dinner.), ehehehe nalimot ko na ikwento ko. sunbathing sobrang saya...pero kakapagod din pala magrelax...It was just the best feeling. All your troubles seem so far away...Actually, wala akong iniisip na problema during those times that I was enjoying the sun...problems...were to be discussed later on...under the stars naman...hehehe padrama effect.
So, getting to the issue of food. We really saved a lot of money!!! We brought canned goods kaya order nalang kami ng race sa isang establishment/resto/bar. Heheheh, at first nakakahiya pa kasi naglakad pa kami papunta run malapit lapit din naman...hehehe pero for those sa mga hindi sa akin nakakakilala...bringing mga delata and walking on the beach...erm...there was just something wrong. But I got over it when I learned that marami rin naman pala ang gumagawa nun...IN FACT, may nakatabi kami na ganun din ang ginawa ehehehhe...
So, as you may have already noticed...Nahihirapan na ako to put the events into words. Sabog sabog na at wala ng consolidation yung flow of thought ehehhe..pero..ayun na nga lang. nag swimming nag sun bathe at nang dumating ang time na pagod na kami and we want to head back...actually, we were supposed to eat halo halo...I was one of the people who took a shower kasi prepare na rin for the events that we were hoping to experience sa gabi na...pero...instead of making it to the halo halo retailers (ehehhe sorry for the term) napahiga ako sa kama and nakatulog!!!!

pero segue ko muna to for those interested:

During yung time na nakatulog ako...I was in COMMANDO MODE!!! F*ck talaga yung initial reaction ko when I realized after taking a shower that...Yung nakalagay sa bag ko na isa pang extra underwear...Ginamit ko last week kasi isa yun sa mga fave undies ko ehehehhe...(walang sense pero kasi pag sa bench body ka bumibili ng undies and yung iba may design and iba iba yung feel, magkakafave ka talaga...ahahahha <-siyempre kinuwento ko pa.) kaya ayun!!! ISA LANG BAON KONG UNDERWEAR! ang since kakagaling lang namin sa swimming sa beach...basa na yung isa kong the resolution. I was able to pull myself together. ehhehe...buti nalang yung isa kong shorts na baon na sana pangswimming, may inline na sort of whatever material it was pero parang cotton sa parang built in brief datin niya for those who can't quite realize. eheheh...So for the rest of the stay in Puero...I was in commando. Pag-alis nalang namin ginamit ko yung brief na baon. hahahaha.
When I woke up...naku! tapos na yung sunset!!! nyek...kainis naman kasi eh...lahat sila nagsitulugan na rin. Guys sorry talaga ehehhe nahawa kayo sa aking pagod and antok na nafeel ko lang when I decided to lie down and wait for everyone to finish preparing...haay...sarap ng siesta...pero yung sunset din sayang...oh well...I've been to puerto naman before and got to see the sunset...sunrise lang hindi pa.

Anyway, after na nga nun and bumangon na ang mga patay sa pagod...Ayan na...nagkayayaan na lumabas...Prepare to eat dinner na kami...pero siyempre...bago rin pala tong mga nangyari na ito...nag shot na rin kami bago kami nag swimming...TANDUAY WHITE mixed with something limey and nga...bago kami kain ng dinner by then...nag shot muna yung ilan sa amin...and binaon na ang mga delata sa plastic and sinama yung tanduay white mix...pag dating kina BRIAN (yun din yung place saan kami nag lunch...<-bait ni Ate Rose talaga. May appeal pa...maganda eh...pero...ehehhe maganda pero di ko type...) bukas na kami ng mga delata at kumain na...then siyempre...dahil gusto rin namin maghalo halo...ayun order naman ang sarap. eheheh I used the halo halo as chaser. Mas tumapang yung flavor and ang init ng pagdaan sa lalamunan ehhehe baka dahil fresh mix palang yung mga unang shots ayun...ang sarap...then after we ate...we headed for the sands to lie down and stargaze...haay...and dun...CONVERSATION.PRIVATE.
basta...for my case nalang ang sabihin ko pero pahapyaw lang...I can finally say that I can conclude that I will or possibly have been able to move on already. It's easier to move on once you've opened up. Grabe. Ang hirap ilabas nung mga yun ah...pero ngayong nailabas na and wala ng lalabas pa sa mga hindi nakasama...thank God...Confessions of somebody who wants to be or rather doesnt want to be. (<- sorry sa mga hindi makakagets. personal. private. sa amin amin lang...)
after talking...we decided to go to a bar and continue the party!!! wooohoo!! inubos kasi ni Gabo yung Tanduay White mix na rhum...haay...By now siguro nakaka 12 or mga basta 10-15 shots palang ako...and...yung pagiging tipsy ko...wala order kami ng specialty ng Mikko's bar...sabi Mindoro Sling! Wow!!! Putek. Ang sarap! Fruity pero may sort of flash ng lasa ng alcohol....eheheh may apple rin dun...akala ko una chaser...presentation lang pala...ehhehe...ayun...maganda na music by then...pero di pa kami order kami...tawag namin yung transvestite (sorry...for a lack of better term...<-walang discrimination whatsoever yan....) waitress...order kami ng LONG ISLAND ICED TEA!! Shit! Pangalawang sip ko palang...may tama agad. hehehe...ang lakas nga ng tama! Pero masarap... from mga 11-1 sayaw sayaw kaming apat. Grabe! enjoy sobra!! May tatlo akong type na nakita! Shit pero taken yung isa ng foreigner yung isa mukhang taken din yung isa...halatang taken pda palang eh...Shit sayaw sayaw! Ang astig nung isa sa mga type ko magpandanggo (hmm...eto yung sabi ni gabo na tawag dun eh). Nakaskirt pa na almost mini na erm...ano ba tawag dun...ruffles (tama ba spelling...kasi parang food yan yung isip ko eh.) ang astig talaga...whew! kapagod. sobrang napawisan ako run sa kakasayaw na yun. Shit talaga...Club december nga...after ng engg week eh...baka magplan din ako ehehhehe...sana mas maraming game. mga 1 pm...sila gabo and kiko...pagod na kaya nauna na sila...pinaiwan nalang namin na bukas yung door...kami nila nikki, sayaw sayaw pa...hanggang mga 2...Shit talaga! Ang lakas ng tama nung gabi/umaga na yun! The best yung Long Island Iced Tea (cocktail drink pala rin to eheheh...dapat sana magvodka ice/cruiser kami pero...mas malakas daw tama nung long island iced tea di ayun na eheheh)...
hmm...marami akong hindi na nakwento pero ehhehe ayun na...that's the most exciting part of my puerto experience...hmm...Shit.narealize ko lang...sana di ko hanap hanapin yun sa second sem, clubbing/party...for one thing...wala na akong dinadalang emotional baggage eh...kaya...(speech: "putek ka boy. saan ka pupulutin ngayon?!" ahahahha. personal joke.) dapat masira na ang trend na pangit mga second sem ko.
Ayun nga rin pala...when I awoke...whew...wala akong hangover! naastigan talaga ako and nabilib...pero medyo may rash sa leeg kasi hmmm...ganun talaga effect ng alcohol eh...not totally used to pa yung body suot ko rin kasi yung necklace or whatever para madala ko yung wallet ko. so hmm...ayun na...we stayed there bili ng mga souveneir...sorry di lahat kayo mabibigyan ko...looooow budget. gusto ko lang kasi talaga mag save for the december ehehehhe i anticipate.

  1. I had about 10-15 shots of Tanduay White premium rhum mix (citrus/lime). Nikki and I shared Mindoro Sling as well as the Long Island Iced Tea.
  2. Spent about 1400 for the whole trip. Oh...diba...sulit...kaya next time...sumama na kayo! off peak tayo punta then mas masaya kasi enjoy tayong lahat.
  3. I really had the best time. More so because I shared the emotional baggage that I have been talking about since.
  4. I am ready for the second fact...right now...there's a tingle of excitement inside me...gusto ko na mag reg bukas.
  5. Siyempre...di ko na kailangan i kwento pero of course...I indulge myself with one of my vices during the whole stay would mean...hmm...kung sinabi ko gaano karami yung nainom ko...let's say...mga 21sticks +/- 3. eheheh so that would be 18/24.
  6. Ano pa bang pwedeng maisip na ilagay rito sa summary...
  7. The experience was very enriching...I learned a lot from the people I was with. I really hope na yung iba ko pang gustong kasama makasama...
  8. I officially don't prefer drinking beer. I'd prepare cocktail drinks or mga shot shot thanks. Why? Pag beer kasi sa akin..parang...yuck...ayun lang...kasi parang mabigat din sa tiyan yung feeling...i know mas mura yung beer...siguro yun nalang yung last resort...pero I'd still prefer shots tsaka cocktail drinks.
  9. siguro by the next time I drink...okay na ehehe walang after effects. Pero, let me clarify that I drank those things not because I had problems na sobrang bigat kasi wala during those times...I drank because I wanted to. I wanted to have fun. ehehehe...

haay...kapagod yung boy signing off eheheheh...
joke lang yung party boy. pangit yung connotation. ehehe parang yung sa JackAss na stint boy eehehhehe...
sige...pahinga na ako...may Physics103 pa nakailangan asikasuhin tomorrow....damn naman kasi eh...wala pa sa CRS