Monday, November 28, 2005


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Okay. I just typed my entry. And for some weird reason I pressed escape...out of impulsed...I pressed it again after seeing my entry chomped away (that impulse was out of disbelief...) and ayun...i pressed ESC until all my entry was gone. Damn!

anyway...shorten ko nalang tong entry na to.

1) I woke up late. 12nn. Prepared for class at around 220. Make up class started 245. Got there 255. Okay

2) At AS, I bought buko juice...palipas oras. JULIA CLARETE parked her Black Altis ZBB ### 3m away from 
my car. I was drinking buko juice then...i wanted to smoke pero may ubo pa ako and sipon ahem ahem

3) Went home and waited for the right time to go to SM NORTH to watch the exorcism of emily rose. My mom and sis were going to the parlor for some pampering...I didnt want to wait home alone yet again so I tagged along. There, I was reading my book Dark Carnival. My mom convinced me to have a footspa and so I agreed. wow sarap talaga eheheh...napagod kasi ako magjog kagabi sa UP...gabi kasi natapos na ako ng mga 6:15

Segue: Dark Carnival by James Moore
- I decided to buy this book so I could be "ready" mentally. I am not entirely sure pero feeling ko kasi my brain was/is stagnating as of late after letting a month or so pass without any serious academic brain processing. So...ayun...if i have the free time and leisure...I read through it. Hmm...grabe nakakapagod... for the past days basa ako ng basa ng mga libro ko. haay...but im starting to like physics103...yung eee23...what is there not to like? ehehhe.

4) Went to sm north at around 7pm and...bought my dinner at Mcdo and upgraded it to Kitchie's Combo...sarap talaga ng twister fries! Anyway...I watched the exorcism of emily rose

Segue: The Exorcism of Emily Rose
- I wasnt fully satisfied with the movie. I was expecting to get really frightened pero wala eh. I compare the movie experience sa Greenbelt3 when I watched Godsend. Dun talaga natakot ako eheheh...I recall that my feet raised themselves up out of reflex as in...tumaas talaga! eheheh natawa nga yung mga nasa likod ko eh. Why? It didnt happen once. Pero sa exorcism of emily rose wala eh...di ako masyado natakot or nagulat or what....Pero...pero! Maganda yung story niya. Satisfying...I was thinking I should have watched Chicken Little instead...

Haay...nakakapagod...I have to really make up for so much lost time. I have to like...really get some progress in my Mobot mini project. Promise. I'll consult Kuya alex tomorrow and get his opinion on this and that...oh yeah...kay kuya james din...nakakapagod na talaga! Pero...

Segue: Tipz Evaluation
- Promise ko talaga sa sarili ko that I will do better in my grades. GWA first! Yan ang campaign ko for myself this semester. I want to break the record of foul second sem grades. So...I'm doing my best to not let that happen...and to let IT happen (the increase in GWA). Haay...kaya sobrang sunog kilay ako sa kakabasa sa mga libro ko. Goal ko rin kasi ehehe maging ATE MAY ang style ng buhay! Achiever! I onced set that goal in highschool...I said gusto ko rin maging TOSM (Ten Outstanding Students of Makati) after I saw my fellow schoolmate attain that that I said to myself...if I get nominated gagawin ko lahat ng makakaya ko...and...ayun! Feeling ko talaga nung Awards night nung inawardan pa kami ni Jejomar Binay...I seriously felt like an angel na parang lumampas lang sa dark clouds na may heavy rain at lumabas sa part ng sphere na wala ng clouds and all clear eheheh...basta ang hirap i put into words...mas madali sa imagination eheheh...kaya mga repapips!

Study hard! Party Harder (after ng studies...)! eheheh

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