Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CH265: So What

After finishing the fourth series of Lisbeth Salander's adventures, I bought several books:

I wanted to mix up my choices - Finance, Autobiography (Philosophy), Human Nature / Sociology and Romance. They won't be my usual choice for reading - as I usually go for Fiction - thrillers, horrors, fantasy and YA. I haven't read a YA book in a long time so that's good!

I'm currently reading Andy Warhol. I'm surprised by the fact that a book on philosophy does not so much as influence me but rather reinforces my own.

During one of my commutes home, I was introspecting the idea that Indifference is a skill or even an art that needs practice. And then I read a passage in Warhol's book that discussed "So What."

You broke up with your partner. - So What

You're phone's battery is dead - So What

You're successful but alone - So What

You've got acne - So What

You don't have enough money to travel with friends - So What

You get the point. - So What (haha)

Relating Warhol's stance to the indifference k was talking about: life won't be as miserable if we just learn to say So What and believe it. If we become indifferent to our own problems, our problems will stop becoming bigger problems and we won't become miserable.

It's I suppose the evolution of the Thai phrase I blogged about before (Mai Pen Rai). But I believe that saying goes more to talk about external factors. So What pertains more to our reactions to the external factors and how we decide to cultivate our feelings towards them.

I actually enjoy reading Warhol's philosophies. There's so much insight. For the person who made Pop Art a thing (Business Art as he calls it), I'm actually surprised at the depth of wisdom he has shared in his book. I'm glad I'm transitioning well from reading fiction to something more substantial.