Saturday, February 23, 2013

CH155: Dust

To say the least, we have about reached our conclusions.
The world continues to move.
Time, the faithful assassin, creeps on.

Today, we went out with nothing in particular planned. We first went to West Coast Park thinking we could just go and cycle around the park. But, apparently, the place sucks and does not have any bicycle rentals. I suggested we just head off to Vivo City. That way I could buy new underwear, some socks, and a shirt and shorts I can use for today and tomorrow given that I didnt pack any overnight stuff.

We cycled leisurely around Sentosa - went to Sentosa Cove and enjoyed the scenery and the beautiful houses in what I would say is one of the most expensive places to live in. We even went and biked up a mountain path all the way to where people went down on zip lines. I would say that RPM lessons in Fitness First in a way did prepare me for that challenge. Nothing will compare though to the difficulty and challenge in the Pulau Ubin bicycle trails (CH151: Pulau Ubin Bike Challenge).

After cycling around, we decided to stop by and laze by the beach side in Azzura Beach Club - to get some sun and swim by the beach/pool. Almost through the day, we argued - and argued.

In conclusion and summary I write a haiku.

Emotions at high.
Amidst the billowing dust
We have walked away.

Friday, February 22, 2013

[Random] Calvin and Hobbes

Veering away from a sad post: CH154: Abrupt Endings, I happened upon an article from Gizmodo (Photoshopping Calvin and Hobbes into Real Life Makes Me Really Happy). To say the least, after viewing the article, I recalled the fond memories I had with reading the said comics. It's one of the few comics I've read that has made an impact in terms of humor and personal sensibilities.

All the works below belong to Nite4awk / Michael Den Beste from check more of his work through the link. I love the idea of how he incorporated the characters to real life photographs. It feels a bit surreal looking at how the comic characters blend in so well.

My favorite one
My next favorite

Happy Friday! Good vibes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CH154: Abrupt Endings

CH149: CoDependency

Should we continue on ignoring the fact that somewhere down the road, there is a bridge waiting to be crossed?
You have your fears and I'm afraid that if we continue to ignore the bridge down the road, that I'd end up crossing it only to realize you stayed behind.
"...I know it hurts to let go...But now it's the end | We will be with you | When you're leaving | We will be with you | When you go | We will be with you | And hold you till you're quiet | It hurts to let you go" - Gotye

In the dark room, tears tumbled down - while you're right there beside me, sleeping, quiet and at peace. There's a turmoil running through my mind. The thought that the ending is so near gripped my heart hard. Suffocated at the thought and the tears that everything will be over soon - too soon. An abrupt ending to a wonderful holiday out of town - our second together.

Contemplating how I am today compared to how I was before - before I met you I mean. I smile at the thought that once, before I met you, I had a hard time imagining a decrease in activity online - less presence in social media. Recalling as well my excessive tweeting, instagram-ing and facebook-ing. An abrupt ending to social media. An abrupt ending to social media on the web, mobile and "mobile apps."

I've downloaded several new high-res movies - Flight, Drive, Django Unchained, Cloud Atlas and even the new episode of the Amazing Race season 22. Last night, after our experimental (i.e. new routines) workout, you were to stay over. But when I narrated how I got several friends, colleagues and team mates inquiring about NZ, you became quiet. I didn't know you had all those fears bubbling inside you. In our discussion, you say in surrender that you're no longer planning to go to NZ. That it doesn't fill you up with excitement, only fear. The discussion goes on over a light after work-out meal. And then, it's time to go. We go our separate ways - you back to yours, and me a walk across from where we ate. An abrupt ending to what would have been a fun and lovely night.

"Because not everything is planned and not everything planned will turn out okay. Because things happen. Because that's just how it is. Because that's what we call living." - MkSurf8 
And after a stress-free togetherness since I got from my short NZ trip (to activate my visa), after last night's discussion, things feel a tad bit awkward. An abrupt ending to over a month of bliss and romance.

I'll let the tears fall once the bridge comes around the corner. For now, after the abrupt ending last night, I'm at the beginning of an impasse and state of confusion. What do I want then for us till the time comes for us to decide whether to cross the bridge or not?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

CH153: SG-KL-Melaka-KL-SG

As was mentioned in my last entry (CH152: New Kind of Fun), CP and I decided to go to Malaysia over the Chinese New Year. And man, was it hectic!

CP went over to my place around 8pm Friday evening as the bus company is just opposite my block. CP watched Argo on my laptop while I took a nap, I was still feeling bad from my cold. It was disorganized to say the least and the bus company was not prepared for the flood of people leaving. Lots of shouting, some delays, etc.

I thought it will be quick to get out of immigration of SG and MY. But I was wrong. The bus was in queue to get to immigration of MY for 1 hour 30 minutes. We were just sitting in the bus waiting for nothing and we haven't even left the Singapore border! It was also severely disorganized and messy at the MY side. We couldn't find our bus! We were able to find out eventually, that our bus left with other passengers (from same company) waiting after immigration. We were assigned to a different bus eventually (with Lazy boy seats - much better than the ones we were on).

Our itinerary was:
Feb 9 SG-KL-Hotel Hunting-Genting Highlands-Jalan Alor Food Street
Feb 10 Checkout-Hotel Hunting-Sunway Lagoon-Petronas Twin Tower-Chinatown (Petaling Street)
Feb 11 Checkout-Pubu Sentral-TBS-Melaka-Hotel Hunting-Tour
Feb 12 Tour-Checkout-TBS-SG

I won't go into the details of the experiences per itinerary, but of note, a backpack style was delayed on the first day as CP and I checked in to Concorde in KL - a 3/4 star hotel to off set the gruelling experience of immigration and bus ride.

We were duped as well in Melaka to go back to TBS (KL bus terminal). Apparently, all the tickets going to SG and Johor Bahru was sold out that day. The queue in TBS was also CRAAZZYYY! A lot of people were there sitting on the floor, and people were saying all the tickets going to JB and SG were sold out and the earliest you can leave is 10PM!!! We arrived from Melaka in TBS around 3:30pm. In a stroke of luck or an angel looking after me, despite a work colleague telling me that the e-kiosk for tickets was sold out for all, I found a ticket leaving for Singapore at 5PM! I got CP and I the last tickets in the bus and the earliest one to leave as well.

So, now, pictures galore!

I beat CP in Archery!
suggestive Cable car number we got on

Jalan Alor food street fireworks

More Pics in Melaka!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

CH152: New Kind of Fun

CP and I will be off to Malaysia over Chinese New Year, and here I am in the office trying to fight off a cold. Trip is not really planned out - no hotel reservations etc yet. The plan was to try and go at it ala backpack style. Just have the money ready and go at it! Rough idea on activities to do and places to visit will be: Genting Highlands, Sunway Lagoon, Petronas and drop by Melacca on our way back.

In other news, since we're on alcohol restriction (which is saving me a lot of money! like 300-400 sgd per month), we've been putting our energy to better use. Aside from going to the gym, our weekends have been spent going out for movies, shopping, going for a swim and playing billiards (and recently bowling). I never really liked playing pool before. I think growing up and seeing the crowd hanging around the places turned me off from trying to learn the sport. Add to that how my brother got into it, and growing up I didn't want to do activities where I will be foreshadowed.

So, I've been playing pool the past weekends with CP, and I think I'm hooked/addicted to it. There's so much to learn still though, I think I've only played 12 times so far (each weekend having 3/4 plays) and prior to us trying the sport, I've only played maybe 3/4 times before ever. 2 of those games were from highschool when a pool place opened near my school. I've been on a losing streak though. It's frustrating to lose but fun since it's with CP.

To put an end to losing - well, we tried out bowling last Sunday in Marina Square - and I won 2 rounds out of 3. And to make the win more of an official and not just a by chance thing - we summed up our scores and with the overall sum, I still won. It wasn't as much fun playing bowling though since we did it after we lifted weights and did our gym session with Body Pump.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Random] xkcd

And it says alot about you that when your friends jump off a bridge en masse, your first thought is apparently "my friends are all foolish and I won't be like them" and not "are my friends okay?"

Very witty. Why did I never think to argue this way before when my Mum presented the same conundrum?