Thursday, February 19, 2009

CH26: Recession 2009

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It's been a long time since my last post.

A lot has happened - you can say... won't go through all of them though.
But, it's just enough to say that I've been pretty much busy with work and social life and ... r&r.

For one thing, the camera i bought (canon 450d) the week after we went to zambales (january 17 or was it 18) ... was defective. I had to bring it to their service center. two weeks of stress (mostly due to negative anticipation) - the replacement has been approved and now, the waiting begins for the replacement unit. It won't take too long I hope.

Good thing though with Canon. I was already getting frustrated with how long they process things. In this time of recession, one can get very conscious of his/her spending.

That canon camera may be my last ultra-spending ... hopefully for the first half of 2009.

I'm setting my sight on a 30++ inch lcd tv for my room. Hopefully, one that would come with a surround sound set... or a 40++ inch if i can afford.

Then after the tv ... i will need to match it with a ps3 of course!

But ... that's a long way to go...or not! =)

Like I said, with the presence of a recession - the cost cutting measures being taken up by **, It's a little demoralizing right now.
I'm getting quite tired of saying: "At least they havent let go of people." Because, the truth of the matter is - I feel underpaid! I wonder if it's just my sentiment or - if it's representative of the whole of UP alumni (my batch)? Hehehe.


I'm liking the format of American Idol. In that, they're letting 36 people get a chance up the stage to sing. At least, this early on, we can sift the weak ones from the strong ones. Hopefully - when the top 12 is in. It will be a real competition and not such a dead give away like the past seasons (where, 1 of the three I felt most deserving actually won).

Speaking of reality tv. I was shocked when Manuel from Fear Factor Philippines got booted out.

So, camera stress down ... several more to go.
I can't divulge too much about work...after all, I'm part of the Information Security Management System Core Team.

Oh, and I'm glad one of my goals - that is - to be immersed in humanitarian activities will be fulfilled this coming Saturday. I need more activities like this to stay grounded. (It's Habitat for Humanity House Builid Community Build)

That's it for now.
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