Sunday, October 29, 2006


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astig! so we pushed through with our plans to go white water rafting...and all i can say is that 1500 pesos was worth the experience!

hahaha. we even have i cd of pictures and some movies to go along with it...

ang saya lang talaga. plus we went docked at some waterfall and ang saya lang talaga nung scenery and etc.
correction: we went AND docked close na kami niyan nila meiling chester and charmaine uy hehehe.

then after nun dinner at space burger then 3 glasses of red horses. (nag pitcher kasi kami)...then listening to gary granada's music...hehehe then bo's coffee club after then...kapagod.

ang astig lang talaga nung white water rafting.

parang sa movies yung dating!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


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i love davao!

cant stay too long to be happy
but so far:
high lights of davao:
1) most of the places we went to for dinner were buffets! except for jack's ridge the tagaytay sort of davao and sir mike's house where they served slabs of meat and an awesome mashed potato entree and salad...

2) im starting not to hate the durian. hehehe

3) nature park. eden. indiana jones stories.

4) fulfilling seminar. astig! i think im starting to actually like teaching hehehe....

5) samal beach.astig. nangitim ako without knowing...then....BANANA BOAT!!! wheee!!! astig.

6) sobrang dami na naming memories.! 1.3 gigs worth of pictures and some videos.

7) most importantly, the quality time and fun spent with lab mates. ang astig. this is like the ultimate bonding experience! as in....close na kami ni caloy, ni sir marc ni sir bryan (hehehe) then yung iba naman kasing mga kasama ko ka close/friend ko na bago pa trip.

8) oh yeah, i almost forgot. the paintball challenge that we did...astig! hahaha.

--buti nalang tinapos ko na lahat ng mga kelangan ko tapusin. like yung papers etc. haay...ang astig talaga ng seminar na ginawa namin. fulfilling siya. =)

so...the next plan year naman daw sagada. pero...hmm...baka pwedeng mapagawan ng paraan para maging some other time. eh kasi ewan baka may seminar ulit? hahahah.

--haay...baka nga pala mag white water rafting pa kami hehehe

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

me? high profile?

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Okay, so i just finished talking with my dad over the phone....and most of the things we talked with regards to my trip to davao.

"Don't be high profile."

That's one of the lines that stuck to my mind. My dad told me that there are dangerous elements in davao so I should be careful...He also told me not to look for expensive stuffs (?)...He also told me to try and blend in with the people...

So...again, I was thinking (?)...does my dad think i'm an eyesore? I mean, I stand out? Hmm...I never really thought that people thought of me that way. We're not exactly rich rich. I belive my family lies more on the middle middle class to upper middle class. But not rich. NOPE.

Rich for me is being able to afford 100% of one's needs and 75% wants. So...that's not exactly where I lie...

Anyway, the underlying message, as I was able to decipher was that, "Be extra careful, baka may masamang mangyari sayo..." -> makikidnap ako sa davao kaya mag-ingat ako?

Haay...I don't know why people think of me that way...

Anyway, here's my thought regarding that ever so condescending issue.
I act the way I do...I mean my demeanor is the way it is because of kinder 1 and 2, grades 1 to 6 and high 1 to high 4 worth of years in a private school...Makati Hope Christian School...where sons and daughters of people who live in dasmarinas and forbes etc etc studied. So there. I am not saying that I dont act the way I do, because quite frankly, how I act is really who I am...after many years of exposure to such environment.

And with regards to looking for expensive stuff...well, siyempre naman I look for those things at the right places. I wont do something just so that I could stand out....But I do have to admit, I have a taste for the expensive...Hmm...siguro dahil pag mas mahal, ibig sabihin mas onti kung onti mas makakabili, mas onti ang may pag mas onti ang kapareha, mas rare and chance na may makapareha ka sa daan ng suot or something...but I dont do that to stand out. It's more of a question of identity.

And...blending in with people? Hmm...I can do that! Eh sinasabihan na nga ako ng mom ko and some friends na paminsan pag pumapasok ako sa school naka pambahay daw ako dahil sa nakatsinelas and naka shorts. hehehe. But I dont make any effort to wear those stuff. So, I guess I blend in.

Haay...hehehe, naput on the defensive side tuloy ako regarding issues that concern me.
-hmm...hindi naman siguro denial of the obvious to...kasi hindi naman siguro lahat ng tao iniisip kidnapable ako.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gloat entry

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be warned hehehe. Gusto ko magyabang sa blog ko.
Yey! Tapos na rin at last ang ece 121 project namin. what's left is the documentation, the paper for ece conference and the full way presentation.
Haay, after I post this entry, I shall be going to the ps2 and start playing xenosaga. Ps2! I missed you! time to gloat.
Yey! I got 1.5 in EEE107!!! Yes! I love it!
And so, me, the ever competitive person that I am decided to check my standing.
I AM THE SIXTH IN CLASS! Yey! Not too bad considering that's like hmm...50 students? 50+ students?
And so, not being satisfied, I checked the other class result. whoa may nakita akong nakakuha ng 101 yung average...geek! Hehehe, pero kilala ko yata kung sino yun hehehhe.
Anyway, when I checked the other class, I found out that I was 14th in standing overall! Hehehe...So that's like the 14th best out of two sections of about 90++ students. 

yes! Di ako makaniwala kaya ako nagyayabang. Hehehe. I thought I did poorly in that subject especially when I got my third exam. Haay...kinda think of it, di naman sobrang effort binigay ko sa class na to unlike sa 41...haay...41 lang talaga na compromise kong subjects ngayon.

Bio 1, I got 1.75! Yes! Hehehe, considering that I think I have maxed out the absences. Tapos 2 lectures na worth about 100 slides na miss out ko dahil consecutive absences. Hehhee, ang aga kasi ng 830 eh. I do better pag afternoon classes.

Anyway, more gloat on the way. I hope I get at least 90 in the eee 43 exam! Hehehe, Noel and I had the same answers, and pag may nakapareha ka sa exam na mga sagot, most likely tama ka especially kung sa tingin mo naman tama ginawa mo...and sabi pa ni noel todo aral siya. as in kahit last year problems nireview niya maka 1.5 man lang ako or 1.25. hehehe.

Siyempre di pa ako satisfied with just seeing my grades, i decided to compute my gwa! Hehehe, worst case condition was...2.5 lang ako sa 41 which will most probably be the case...tapos etc etc. pero still cs standing parin...Sad nga lang kasi hindi malakas hatak niya sa overall gwa ko which will be 1.78 kelangan ko nga 1.75 diba.

Haay...promise pag natapos na tong year na to with being the fincom head hehehe and other responsibilites...I shall do better! Kaya ko toh! Cum Laude please do not be so elusive....

Haay...Ayan, na labas ko na rin yung gloat feeling na kanina pa nag brebrew...haay...sana pala dapat maka 1 ako sa ece 121... para talagang mas mahatak pa yung overall gwa ko.

Haay...Thank God.

Sa bio 1 dapat bibilangin ko kung pangilan ako sa class hehehe pero sabi ko wag nalang. puro freshies lang naman kacompetensya ko run. Not even worth it i compare kasi iba na ang load ko hehehe. hehehe...hehehehe...hehehehe.

Sorry. This entry was more of like boosting my grade esteem. =p

Enjoy the vacation everyone!

Friday, October 6, 2006

some things.

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I never knew for almost 1 month of using our new desktop that it had so much free space in it.
the main drive has 186Gb worth of space. it currently has 169Gb free space.
the backup drive where documents etc are has a total of 149Gb free space. it currently still has 109 Gb free.

No wonder I started downloading anime series. I currently have about 23Gb worth of downloads. that's 5anime series.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. Or more actually hehehe....nevermind.

Some things:
1) Ang weird talaga. Sinabihan ako ni virna na madaldal ehhehe. Well, napaisip ako kung bakit nga ba ako madaldal? Tapos na isip ko kung gaano ba ako kabilis mag type related sa pagiging madaldal ko? Then inisip ko, pwede nga kasi. Yung pag type ko namamatch niya to some extent yung kadaldalan ko so like, parang nagsasalita ako ngayon pero through the fingers eheheh. Ayun lang. Dumadaldal daw ako. Pero...wala namang masama siguro run. Part naman yun ng personality ko. Hehehe.

2) Yey! Tuloy na magextend yung davao trip. Buti nalang namove exam nung mga kasama ko dapat na mag extend. Haay. Sobrang dami pang mga requirements na nakaline up. Promise ko talaga after this coming week, ayusin ko yung dapat na gawin ko for davao. Which reminds me that I should contact Rudolf about it.

3) Eto ang isa sa mga sinabi ko sa kaibigan ko kanina lang. "Realizations without actions mean nothing." Kasi nainis lang ako at some point na marami nga siyang realizations pero wala naman siyang ginagawa para marealize yun. Nasabi ko na nga lang, parang ganito "Ngayon tingnan mo, nagbabackbite ka sa tao which is even worse than kung i confront mo nalang siya at sabi ang nararamadaman mo. Kung galit yun at magsigawan kayo then okay lang yun. it's better than backbiting." Then naisip ko yung drama sa PDAacademy. Sabi ni michelle ata yun basta yung foreigner. "Everybody talks shit about everybody." WEll, that is true. We just dont realize it sometimes.

4) Yey! Napagana namin yung 42 kanina. So, bale, ayun. Maayos na siya at nakakatakot naman yung si sir pj co mag inspect hehehe. Baka kasi ako yung unang nagtapang na tawagin siya sa faculty para sabihin na pwede na po ba kaming mag pa check hehehe. Go Risha! Salamat sa pag defend!! Nafeel ko na tense ka. Salamat! And nikki ehhehe. tapos na 42! Kung nagtataray ako sa inyo minsan ehhehe I apologize. Di niyo naman siguro ininternalize yun. hehehe

5) hectic sobra next week! grabe. Maraming requirements pa tapos yung 121 biglang naging heavy yung requirement hehehe. Ang haba kasi ng experiment 7 and we still have to procure the materials. Pero anyway, kaya yan. I know wivel group will be able to pull it together.

6) Nasabi ko kanina sa tambayan "wala akong sinasamba." Pero I hope the people who heard it dont generalize the situation. When I said it, I was referring to some issues that were recently brought up. Siyempre may takot ako kay Lord. Hehehe. I dont know, the circumstance which lead to me saying it just fit perfectly.

7) What else was I going to say? Oh yes. Di ko pala napost last tuesday was the first day that I managed to skim through the whole length of a Inquirer. Wait. The whole length of a newspaper. I mean I scanned the articles and actually read the materials that were of interest or of general concern. Geez. I learned a lot. Maybe pag next year at raracket na ako para kumita ng pera, I can find the time to regularly read the newspaper.

8) I hope things work out well.

9) Hmm...FR ng circuit dahil namove yung finals ng 43...maging Oct21-22 tuloy. Saturday to sunday yun. Malaking part ng sarili ko nagsasabi na hindi nalang ako pupunta kung gagawin sa laguna. Eh kamusta naman. 3pm yung flight to davao. Ayaw ko naman maging cause ng hysteria ng mga labmate ko kung malate ako. Well, that will be the case kung sa laguna siya gagawin. Kung sa antipolo or something kaya pa siguro kasi manageable lang naman yung layo ng antipolo. Or another alternative is ako na mismo mag approach kay maam gilba and tanungin kung pwedeng friday nalang. Hehehe, siyempre confident akong sabihin na sabihin yun kay maam gilba kasi I aim to be exempted and luckily enough, the chances of that happening is high. Well, I do hope so. 41 lang talaga yung aminado akong nagkulang ako...unnecessary compromise.

10) Tsaran. Tapos na. Ay wait, last nalang. Ewan ko ba talaga. May nagtetext kasi sa akin ngayon na dati ko pa kilala pero nawala ko kasi phone ko so di ko na natetext. hehehe. ewan ko ba talaga ano ginagawa ng mga mems sa phonebook na ginawa ni raffy (Thank you for that project raffy hehehe kahit di ko masyado nagagamit at nakalagay lang sa wallet ko) kasi yung nagtext sa akin, dun nakuha yung number kong bago. Paano nalang yun kung kinakalat nalang ng isang mem. Eh di yung email ad ng mga tao pati number pakalat kalat. Naisip ko tuloy gusto ko pa naman na meron dung full name. Pero I thought to myself...naku mahirap ata yun.

11) For the past days. I've been going home mga 9pm kasi napapatagal ako magstay sa UP conversing with friends. hehehe. a sign na madaldal nga talaga ako. Hehehe. Ewan ko, I noticed that at some points I was the one carrying the conversation. Popular na introduction ko para magsimulang mag loosen up mga tao. Kasi interested akong malaman. Kasi napansin ko marami palang nagcocause ng ngilo sa ibat ibang mga tao. Ako ang ngilo ko kapag sa isang ref may frost sa freezer diba...pag kunwari kukuha ako ng icecream tapos mascrape yung icy surface na parang ewan di siya ngilo sa ngipin pero parang kilig na may dumaan sa spine something like that. Di ako nangingilo sa pag scrape mo kunwari ng fork sa plate or something. Hehehe. Basta. Buti nalang no frost na ref namin ngayon kaya I dont experience that sort of ngilo anymore...Naisip ko rin na...baka genetic manifestations yun eheheh. or baka sa pagbring up. Kasi usually naman yung the way you were brought up yung isa sa mga big factors of why you may react differently from others given certain circumstances. Pero...hehehe...unique ako kasi wala pa akong nakikitang kapareha na nangingilo sa pag naririnig na may nagscrape sa isang icy surface...ay si meiling din wala...yung tunog ng walis tingting on the ground. hehehe.

12) "go ahead be gone with it." heheh ganda ng bagong album ni justin timberlake. yung kay christina aguilera rin matino.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

as eee 21 has thought me...

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the dont care condition.
for some weird reason, i dont really seem to care much about what happened with the storm and all. I just dont know. I cant seem to find a reason to be concerned. But, heck, yes, I guess compassion for the sake of other people who may have been affected by the raging tempest should be a reason...but...nope. I just dont feel it.

For the times when the wind was really strong and most of the people have been texting me about what had happened to UP, I just stayed at home...playing computer...till...the blackout came. And so it did...I just wandered around the house, doing nothing and anticipating the time when the electricity came back. Of course, I recall right now how amazing KFC is...hehehe...we had our food delivered. Can't really recall what time we had it delivered...but I assume it was during the time when the wind was not as strong as most people say it was.

Anyway...spent the day without electricity and was just boring myself out....I had snake 3d to accompany me. but i finished it so it was a bit dragging. I tried reading the magazine i bought. the one entitled success secrets of the country's top 50 entrepreneurs...hehehe...I wasted 2 AAA batteries for that. I was reading through a flashlight. Hehehe. Of course, there's not timeline to this entry unlike a friend's entry hahaha.

Anyway...electricity came back at about 500am friday. So...I went back to playing ps2! hahaha. I was trying to finish the game. Which, by now I finished.
Friday, was just relaxation...

Went to kapuluan study center because sir mike texted me and said that there was something he needed to talk to me about. I appreciate the forum that they held. I learned a lot. And for some weird twist, I had this notion that most of everything that I may want in the future orbits around "business." It still bugs me how they were able to invite Mr. Cruz...a very convincing speaker and talk about rich.

Then, after the forum at kaps, I headed straight to glorietta...then...again, talk about the feeling of dont care....As I was driving through places were dark. especially along the mandaluyong and makati area...there were a lot of road constructions and detours along the way was kind of fun heheheh to say the least. And then...I just dont know. I hope no calamity strikes our home....just so that I can learn to care.

Wait. Maybe its not that I dont care. Maybe its more like. I have my own life to live. I dont have anyone I should reach out to so...

there. So, if there's someone out there who needs reaching out to like if you got your house crushed by some acacia tree or something...tell me. I am sure I can help you out one way or another.

anyway, getting on with the entry.
I went to glorietta to meet up with friends.
There. I learned that most of them are graduating, and some have already graduated. I am talking about highschool friends. turn will come soon enough...soon enough.
And...another thing I noticed. it just feels different when I am with my high school friends. Maybe because my UP berckts and my highschool friends are just so apart. but...that's what I love about both side of friends. hehehe. Di mabilis magsawa kasi both groups offer different company.

Anyway anyway...ano na kaya ang mangyayari sa mga susunod na araw...

Palapit na ng palapit ang oras na malalaman ko kung ang sapat na ba ang pagod at mga puyat na dinanas ko para lang maging isang college scholar. I really really really really hope and pray that I reach that GWA for this sem...
That's in order to pull up my GWA higher.
I know, grades are not everything. But, one thing I learned from the forum I went to was that. Yes, people may say that grades dont really matter. But, grades are proof of one's excellence and discipline. There you go. So please forgive me if you think i am overly GC.

Hmmm...there's something I am supposed to type down but it seems to have slipped my mind.
think think think.
-> is there some particular peculiarity with my haird? people have been going out of their way to comment on it. An orgmate commented on it in a positive light, and some of my highschool friends commented on it in a positive light (I assume) mixed with hints of taunting.

wait, that's not exactly what I was supposed to type down.
->I have started incorporating yoghurt, tea and dutchmill in my food and drink consumption. Hahaha. It helps. I just realized. But, one thing I still havent gotten over, the nestle yoghurt costs 33 pesos! And...I was thinking...isnt that like...a meal for one family...? and then i recalled ate may telling me why it's justifiable for her to have her hair rebonded for a price of 3000 something when there are people going hungry heheheh...
->It made me realize that, yes, there are people suffering in this world. But but but, yes, people may sympathize, people may offer their company to ease the grievances...but one thing people (sorry if i am generalizing this) shouldn't do is to make other people's suffering their own....because if people do that, then they lose sight of what their life should be about. Again, I stress the point that I am generalizing hehehe. I didnt want to put the statement with people = I, It is through the suffering that people experience that they grow better people. If they are put in that circumstance, then it is up to them to rise up and overcome it. That's the wheel of fate. The wheel of course will not move unless you do something to move it.

And...since i cant seem to remember at all what I was supposed to write down...
- CONGRATULATIONS EMIL AND DYAN! Salamat sa pagiging mga miyembro ng UP CIRCUIT. Thank you for bringing pride to the organization!