Sunday, October 29, 2006


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astig! so we pushed through with our plans to go white water rafting...and all i can say is that 1500 pesos was worth the experience!

hahaha. we even have i cd of pictures and some movies to go along with it...

ang saya lang talaga. plus we went docked at some waterfall and ang saya lang talaga nung scenery and etc.
correction: we went AND docked close na kami niyan nila meiling chester and charmaine uy hehehe.

then after nun dinner at space burger then 3 glasses of red horses. (nag pitcher kasi kami)...then listening to gary granada's music...hehehe then bo's coffee club after then...kapagod.

ang astig lang talaga nung white water rafting.

parang sa movies yung dating!

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