Saturday, April 29, 2006

Under the bridge.

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This week has honestly been a week of fucked up time management. But there's a sense of achievement because everything pulled through somehow  because I did my best for it to be so.

1) Physics 104 exam
       Man oh man! That Physics 104 is a real bitch...well, that was what I thought when frustrations arose when I realized I didnt have enough time (more on time later) to finish reading through the last chapter for the exam coverage. Well, for Physics 104, the topics being discussed are interesting but because of the difficulty of the topic, it's just hard to predict. =) For the 1st exam we had yesterday, I feel confident enough to say that I will get a grade greater than 80. So, that will be 1.5 in the College of Science grading system. Not bad for a first exam. =) I pulled through Physics 104 because I was able to review enough sample exams multiple choice questions as well as because I understood how and when most of the equations should be used. I am just so happy! Even though I have been so busy doing stuff for FOPC for CIRCUIT, I managed to pull through.
    Physics 104 target grade: 1.75 minimum

       Now, being the Finance officer as well as handling the white papers for the organization is really really tough (and this is just the start of the sem). As if the load is not hard enough, I even volunteer myself to do more things. Like for one thing, Lawrence and I went through _________ scavenging for PET bottles sources (Sorry, I don't want to disclose the place. hehehe, this is after all, not a safe channel. "may erg ba na nag lj?") Anyway, I have been just so busy for this week when it comes to FOPC that my "rest time/sleeping hours" was compromised. Wait, don't think that it was all purely FOPC. Argh let me epxplain better, you see, I tend to sacrifice my sleep when I want to get more finished (though, it's proven to be less productive). So, after working my ass off during the day, I try to relax myself by watching TV...and hehehe...I get hooked and there you have it, lack of time management. hahaha. I only started studying seriously for Physics 2 days before the which I devoted most of ....nevermind, im babbling again.

3) PBB segue muna.
       Shit. Naiinis talaga ako run sa Aldred na yun. Sa sobrang naiinis ako all through out nung finifeature yun, napapamura nalang akong puta puta puta puta ehhehe, sorry bad words. Eh kasi naman, sinasabi na valedictorian siya eh napakakitid ng utak. Tama nga naman yung si mikki (tama ba spelling?) na parang gusto pa nung Aldred na yun na marinig sa lahat ng mga housemates niya na di siya pabigat. Eh the mere fact na pinapalala niya yung issue na sa sarili lang niya nafifeel eh....bobo pala siya eh. Shit. I was just so pissed off at him. Why am I this affected? It's because I thought he was the most capable to win. Valedictorian siya so I had so much expectation. But...frankly he was so lame. So so lame. I don't think I was like that when I was of his age. Grabe. Sobrang self-centered talaga nung putang Aldred na yun. Parang sobrang daming segment ng PBB na inallocate sa pag comfort sa kanya ni bigbrother pati ng mga housemates. Shet. Wag naman siguro nilang sabihin na dahil sa "valedictorian" siya and "matalino" kaya di stable yung pag-iisip niya. HMMMMM....HAHAHAH! I THINK I KNOW SOMEBODY THAT MAY BE LIKE ALDRED. Ay shet. Ayaw ko ng isipin tong bagay na to. lalo lang akong napupurga diyan kay Aldred.

4) Social Life.
       Hmmm, I missed the Batangas trip my hs friends had. I think I just might start organizing the Puerto Galera trip. I am not sure though who I will try to invite. I realized just a few hours ago that for the Puerto Galera trip, I won't be inviting just anyone (sorry, i think im becoming snotty here). I mean...hmm...(change language ng pag-iisip) Kasi naisip ko na kasi yung ibang mga tao na baka maaya eh di naman kaparehas ng trip ko pagnagpunta pa ako ng puerto. Eh since ako nagorganize, and yung typical me, pag ako ang nagorganize ng isang lakwatsa, gusto ko lahat "nakasakay sa biyahe" walang ma-o-p. Eh hehehe, may ibang mga tao na nagyaya na feeling ko di kami parehas ng trip kaya baka...ayun nalang. The kind of trip i was talking about...hahaha are the ones similar to what we did last puerto trip. I dont think everyone appreciates that. Some people would prefer to do other things. And frankly, I dont have the luxury of time to worry.

5) Stressed.
       Hahaha, I dont even know the fluency of the english I used here. My mind is just floating. My mind is exhausted though my body still has enough. Hahaha. Sorry if there are errors in my grammar.

6) My favorite song so far.

...I never worry
Now that is a lie
I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way
It's hard to believe
That there's nobody out there
It's hard to believe
That I'm all alone ...
I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all that way

Under the bridge downtown
Is where I drew some blood
Under the bridge downtown
I could not get enough
Under the bridge downtown
Forgot about my love
Under the bridge downtown
I gave my life away

7) I think I just might ask my mom to treat me to a movie tomorrow. Silent Hill! 
So exhausted. Good night!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Been a while.

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Haven't updated for quite a while now.

Grabe. I forgot what happened! Hehehe, you see, I am also keeping an offline blog. Since there are two computers available, I get to spend my available time offline (sa laptop) kaya run na rin ako nag update.

Heheh, I call that blog, Prattles of Exhaustion. Hahaha, it's only because I get to update it a few minutes before I sleep.

Anyway, I havent been able to post my plasticism post as well as expectations. The third installment for the Moving on series. hahaha.

Anyway, what has happened to me so far?
1) PET bottles! Whoa! I didnt expect it would have taken me that quick to stomp on all the PET bottles I have here at home. They were so plenty! Two garbage bags na large were filled up full! And it only took me about 30-45 minutes or even less. The time includes me taking of the cap, washing the unwashed bottle and of course, stomping on them.

2) Adamson visit! Last friday, Rose and I went to Adamson. Grabe! I was extremely exhausted yet the feeling was rewarding. I got the 1800 pesos in cash! Yey! It was exhausting because...erm...imagine standing for the whole trip of the MRT and LRT ride as well as walking quite some distance to get to Adamson plus add to that the roaming around the campus to find the ECE dept which was quite secluded for those who are unaware of how people should go about Adamson! But it was fun, Rose and I got to eat at Jumbo Japs over at Gateway. Man! I was hungry!

3) Physics 104! Man! TO set your mind in the "Relativistic" way of thinking is quite the challenge. I am just so happy that I took this over the summer. Grabe! Ang hirap i situate ng mind mo to think that time dilation, length contraction and relative simultaneity really do exist! Man oh man! I just cant imagine taking this up with the EEE41, which has a physics component as well. Thank God it is Sir Tumlos. I just hope sample exams do well and studying really hard does even better.

4) Jogging! YEs! I can manage 2 rounds straight around the oval!!! Wheee! I cant believe it. I can actually make it to 2.5 rounds next week. It just requires proper conditioning and discipline. When you think you can no longer run, force yourself further. It's kind of like mind over matter.

5) Missed the Batangas trip with my highschool class mates. But it was kind of okay for me. I slept for about 16 hours but not exactly straight through. FIrst, 12 hours, then afternoon naps. Hahah. The trip was free though. Abigail Ko had her family's rest house over at Batangas. Man oh man! They had Baileys there waiting to be drank! I cant vouch for the San Mig LIghts though. I don't really like drinking beer. Shots are way cooler.

6) Expectations. I just realized that the only expectation that I really really really really really cant let go of is Academic expectations. I realized that I cant quite let go of that just yet. Perhaps because the biggest bulk of that expectation comes from me.

7) PBB teens! Hahaha! Nakita ko yung isa sa mga housemate sa Eastwood nun ah! That was when Circuit had it's so-called "Alumni HOmecoming." Hahaha. NAg yosi rin yun eh! He was with his friends though. Kaya ngayon ko lang narealize. I realized then because they were talking about him making it through the audition. They ate at Something fishy as well. I think I'd like to watch this season of PBB. Hahah. I didnt like the celebrity edition. Puro iyakan nalang eh. I just hope it doesnt become some sort of distraction.

8) ENd.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Marami palang nangyari kahapon.

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I slept at about 4:00 - 4:30 am yesterday. It wasn't hot or anything. I just had so many things in my mind that I wanted to happen that I couldn't sleep because I wanted to get them done as soon as possible.

Woke up feeling great! This happens almost always on first day of classes. I mean, I had so little sleep, I woke at about 6:30am, yet I already had a lot of energy to just jump off the bed and head downstairs supposedly eat breakfast but I realized I had no appetite so I just tasted the rice and hotdog. Hahaha. Taste.

1st stop: LTO MAIN BRANCH!
Fuck! I wasted quite a considerable amount of gas in trying to find that LTO Main Branch! I was already in city hall and I traveled 6 times the distance needed to actually get to LTO from QC Hall. My mom gave me instructions to enter through the back entrance by going through (V.Luna?). Like duh, I came out of EDSA! There was no sign of any back entrance! But I was kind of glad I exited at EDSA. I drove to EAST AVE again and found LTO!

Then I parked and then I was escorted to the drug testing center (man! It was almost like a market there! Glad there wasn't any stench of urine hanging in the air) then I completed the forms then I peed (Hahah! No details here. But I'd like to tease and say as much as, the bottle had little capacity. Hahahah!) Then I finished there and I went for some eye test bullshit. People could have just memorized it. Like what I did for F and P for the 10th scale. 4 people were ahead of me and I analyzed what was asked for them to read, it turned out it was either 9 or 10. Anyway, no biggie. I have 20 20 vision.

Then I went to the renewal section. Damn! I spent 2 hours there waiting and waiting and waiting.

And when I was done, I only had 70 pesos in my wallet! My mom said I would only have needed to spend less than 200. DUH! Hahah. It cost me 593.something pesos. Thank God my mom works in QC RTC. Hehehe, may source parin somehow.

2nd stop: Physics 104!
Sir Tumlos!!! Err...Hide. Hahaha. I was quite shocked with what I learned from Sir Tumlos c/o Snap. The introductory blah blah blah of Sir Tumlos was something like "mahal na mahal niyo ako ah. Ay hindi pala, nagbabasa ako ng blog." And he described the person who wrote that blog. He mentioned things like semikal haircut and "siguro by now may buhok buhok na rin yun" which narrowed the person to non other than Kel! Well, that was in Snap's point of view. I was late so I asked sir who owned the blog when I took my class card from him. He told me it was from someone named KEMIKULZ. Hahahah! Siguro sign nga na siya yung prof and nag ME ka kel!

3rd stop: Gift for cousin.
^_^ Stopped over at vinzons to give my cousin his graduation gift. =)

4th stop: BPI TOWER part 2! (where a lot of armored cars and ARMED men were hanging around)
talked with Ayala Foundation. bleep bleep. NO more details. hehehe baka may gumaya pa.

5th stop: EEE building for EXecom meeting.
Haay...Finance Committee has the most challenging undertaking. And...What the fuck! We have the least number of members (next to sec gen). Man oh man. I need more members! I have to consult the other execom regarding this.

Next issue:
PLASTICISM. Let's be plastic.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bad to the Bones (part: moving on)

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It's quite amazing actually...being evil...well maybe in your eyes it might not be evil...but in my eyes, they are.

I have developed this incredible knack of dettaching myself from something if I deem that something to be some sort of "threat." What kind of threat am I talking about? Well, you can call stuff or people who may interfere with my goals of being a College Scholar for the remaining four semesters of my academic life a threat. With regards to people, they could be people that may induce emotional turmoil or whatever. Just...things that could disrupt my concentration...or things that could introduce some kind of confusion. And, I seem to have actually done something that I never have done nor even thought about doing before. That something is detacching myself to something or someone I already became attached to.

Well, of course, distance and time always provide some comfort and moving on factor...But I have always adviced a friend of mine that the best way to move on is to create and harbor hatred against somebody or something. Heheh, ang EVIL ng dating diba? Well, my philosophy behind this is that, instead of feeling love and desire for something (that potentially could ruin your goals) why not get used to feeling spite against that something or someone until the time wherein spite has turned to hatred then to wrath. =) And before you know it, nag move on ka na.

Moving on...Yes, it is hard. I have gone through it...several times now actually. Haay. Nevermind. I am just babbling...and confessing my sins to you people.

So this has been a friendly reminder to you people. If you want to move on...why spend your time mourning and wallowing in tears when can harbor hate against something and actually tell yourself you have moved on...even though you havent because you still harbor that hate...well...time can make you forget that hate...

^_^ the one winged devil. hehehe
im so evil.

Oh yeah, maybe next issue, we can discuss "plastic" or hypocrites.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Unlike me.

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I spent the night of April 13, doing what Catholics call "Bisita Iglesia."

A friend, Andrew invited me to it, and so I decided to tag along. I told myself, "it's kinda boring staying home, this can be a great Cultural Experience!" And...quite frankly it was. I had no regrets at all, parang naging joy ride na nga ata yun eh.

First stop: 
Sto. Domingo Church. (This is the place where FPJ was displayed for the Public.) My comment regarding the church was that their stained glasses were so cool! hahaha! Well, trust me, they are cool.

UST Church. Boring! Heheh, well, I speak of the church interiors. It didnt even look like a church outside. I thought the admin buliding was the church. It was so crowded. I was shocked when I saw people walking in without any footwear on. Grabe. Nagulat ako. Pero of course wala namang prejudice, more like sympathy.

Manila Cathedral. Whoa! This church looked so cool! I mean, the place itself! On regular days it's airconditioned! It's centralized airconditioning!!!! And, the architecture! Woah! Sobrang astig!

San Agustin. Hehehe, walking distance from Manila Cathedral...I thought the interior was mediocre. Heheh, that's in the sense na pintura yung design trying to create the illusion that it was engraved/carved out of the cement. But one thing that caught my eye...err...there were so many chandeliers! And they hung low compared to the typical ones you see in English manors or something.

Shrine of Jesus, beside SM MALL OF ASIA. Wow! Kumikinang sa liwanag! The outline of the church had lights along it! I mean, if you have been to rockwell and seen the buildings with outlines lit up, you'd know what I mean. Grabe ang ganda rin sa loob. Sobrang modern yung dating. =)

UA&P Church/altar. Hmm, pagpasok ko palang sa loob sabi ko...huh ano yun andrew incense? Sabi niya, flowers daw...err...Ang ganda rin ng chapel ehhehe pero di ko napansin exactly san dun yung gold plated part. heheh...pero ang ganda rin. Opus Dei naman daw pala kasi.

Last Stop:
Hahah, yung sa Samar Street na Opus Dei retreat house. Very near ABS compound. Nakita ko si SIR TOLENTINO!!! AHHHH!!! Kaya naman pala niya ako nagreet ng happy birthday last April 11 dahil kay Andrew! Hahah. Ayun. Nakita ko si sir na nakapantulog. May nakilala rin akong akala ko Chinese, Filipino pala na lumaki sa HongKong at may british accent. Si Leon. Anyway, dun yung last stop kasi I was promised 7 churches to visit.

So what did I pray about? Well, I won't elaborate pero out of the 7 stops we had, I juggled the order of my prayer between ORG, ACAD, FAMILY, FRIENDS and SELF. =)

Medyo fulfilling din yung experience. I think I just might do it again next year. Pero gusto ko ivisit yung mga hindi ko pa navisit before. To say the least, the experience reinforced my faith...

And so, prior to going to this, I watched Battle Royale II! Hahah. Massacre extreme! Walang censor censor. Pero sadly, part II na siya. Maghahanap nga rin ako nung part I. Mas okay yata yung extremity.

Haay...Finally rin meron na akong text nonstop!!! Naactivate ko siya sa UST are na banda! Nung sa Sto. Domingo wala pa eh.

Anyway, siyempre nagusap usap din kami nung kaibigan kong yun. Heheh, catching up catching up. Heheh, since di ko siya nayaya sa birthday celebration ko nasabi ko nalang na, eh nagpapakaHOLY ka kasi masyado and since Holy Week isip ko di na kita yayain. Hahaha...

buti pa siya naipit lang sa cum laude and magna yung position ako cum laude or miss the opportunity. Haay...

Grabe. Ang dami ko pang gagawin!
IRC mini project
IRC project (for Chem Engg). Prereq: IRC mini project
many more!

Haay...ang masasabi ko lang, KUNG hindi lang nagiwan ng napakalaking utang si ROse sa akin...Masaya pa siguro ako ngayon at nakakahinga na mabuti.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

20th bday celebration

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first and foremost, i dont know but, I just didnt want to be greeted on the day of my birthday.

I just felt so distant when I was greeted, a feint thank you and the cute smile was all I offered. Haay...I dont think I've reached the point where people don't really dare say their sage. 20 is 20 as I thought, but 21 just seems like more fun. The day was a bit of a drag...grabe nakakapagod kasi! here's why:

* There was a fuck*ng bitch over at the Physics Pav. You see, I left my classcard at my house. Yes I know, it's my bad. So she insisted that I won't be able to enlist not unless I can show my classcard. I asked if CRS grades printed out will be okay, she said, yes. Then...that was the first thing I tried doing. I decided to leave the car at the Kamia Parking lot and just walk to EEE. Balik ko rin naman kasi sa PAV...then I learned down ang CRS that time! Damn! Diretso na ako sa Kamia (rode Ikot though) para umuwi! Kuha ako ng classcard sa bahay totally pissed off. Then nung nakuha ko na and nakabalik na ako sa UP (Physics Pav), biglang tumatanggap naman pala ng form 5! Putang Ina! Pero okay na yun. That bitch! =) (pero okay na talaga ehehhe nilunod na ng alak ang mukha niya)

With regards to the party...Ayun inuman. hahaha. danced danced.
Then...haay...ayaw ko na mag type in ng details. too exhausting. memories nalang eheheh.

Then...katipunan raid. WE were the ones who raided it. hehehe kami nalang yata natirang customer sa mcdo then lipat 7-11 when it got sweltering hot sa mcdo due to the aircon being turned off.

then im home!

oh yeah, tapos ko na rin pala yung enlistment.
Had so much fun when the alcohol started kicking in.

YEY for alcohol! But of course, don't over do it!
Never drink and drive. kaya nga iniwan ko yung kotse sa bahay!

Monday, April 10, 2006

20 just feels like a bore.

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Haay...finally, I am close to saying goodbye to my teenager years.

I dont know why...but it just feels like a bore. I don't know. Maybe I am just not in the mood to celebrate just yet. Maybe I am exhausted. I don't know.

Or maybe, it's because I received my laptop and Tommy Hilfiger Watch 5-6 days earlier that there just seems to be no thrill to celebrate anymore.

Haay...I am bickering again, I am so sorry.

Anyway, just to share some updates.

1) I love being so extroverted. Hahaha! Before I went home this day, I talked with the "manininda" that I was a "suki" of. Hahah. I asked details about when they were going to transfer, exactly how much should they pay for the rent, blah blah blah. It was a great talk! Hahah! It just felt natural. Hmm...untapped potential. =)

2) I went to the office that handles scholarship over at vinzon's...and I am qualified for both. Actually, there could have been more but I restricted myself to two. And as of now, I am already eyeing on one. Peter Valdes. Hmm...sounds good. But wait, some of you may say, why do I need to get a scholarship? Why don't I let others have the opportunity instead? Here are my reasons:

  • Why should I let our financial stability ensnare me from receiving equal treatment? Well, for this case, getting a scholarship?
  • In life, it's either you take the initiative or not. I decided to. Others didnt. Simple as that.
  • The Peter Valdes scholarship has not been applied for, for almost a year. Sir Byran Lucas was the last recipient. =)
  • I want to be independent. I am already 20, and I think that it's the right age for me to stop depending too much on my parents and siblings. Yes, they can provide the cash...but for my siblings, it's almost about time for them to start their family. And for my parents...I think that they deserve the break.
  • I am grabbing this opportunity so that I can impose upon myself a greater expectation. Hmm...If I do get that scholarship, it will be pretty hard (wait, i am talking about the Peter Valdes scholarship.) I will need a GWA that's greater than 2. Now, that will be like hitting two birds with one stone. Since my goal for the remaining four sems of my academic life is to become a consistent CS. But I were to get the Presidential leadership grant, the average I will need should at least be 2.75.
  • This opportunity will make me realize my worth.
  • Though, I may say that I am in it for the money, actually I am not. Hahah! Fooled you guys! Well, to be honest, it's NOT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. I have mentioned my reasons above. =)
3) I spent like 20 hours straight reading a japanese comics (manga!) hahaha. Black Cat is so cool. For those of you who havent read it. DO SO! HMm...I accidentally got it though. I was looking for Reservoir Chronicles (Chronicle of the Wings) and Alice Academy (Gakuen Alice) but sadly...they're just so hard to find. Maybe it's because they have been licensed that's why scanlations were put to stop.

4) I guess that's just it so far.

Wish me luck!
I really want that scholarship.

DREW'S bukas! Kita kits! Libre ko ang inuman eheheh. 
Bakit inuman?
Well, simply because...mas matipid siya and mas less asikaso.
I've considered manlibre sa MAX's...too much hassle. Nakakapagod asikasuhin pa yung reservations etc etc. And...mas mahal eheheh yung rice orders nila hindi sapat.
I've considered Oodeys pero mahirap din. The place is too small...mahirap eh.
I've considered Catering sa Tambayan...well kasi meron kaming alam sa Thomas Morato na nagdedeliver ng food. 5 ulam orders then libre na delivery. Okay sana pero asikasuhin ko pa yung utensils and plates...too much hassle.

So...Drew's nalang.

Sorry sa mga hindi umiinom. =p

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Acer Travelmate 4200

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Yey to my first laptop!
I still can't believe it. I have my own laptop! hahah. wait. weird thing, after typing that statement, I was reminded that I have a new watch! ahahaha. I totally forgot about that tommy hilfiger watch!

Man oh man. Thank you sis, thank you bro and thank you dad and mom! This has got to be the most extravagant gifts that I got for my birthday! 

Anyway, Yey!

Right now, I already managed to set up my dsl connection for this laptop. Well of course, that is, provided it is connected to the Zyxel modem that the Pldt dsl uses.

whew! So many things accomplished in just over a night.
1) I've installed adobe photoshop, imageready and cracked both softwares as well
2) installed winrar
3) installed winamp
4) transferred important documents
5) transferred all my current music playlist
6) installed yahoo messenger
7) installed firefox
8) installed post-it software
9) installed eagle
10) finished typing the things i need to present to my co-execom! Whee! Responsibilities have never seemed sweeter with this laptop. =) Bring them on!
11) Managed to learn the basics of photoshop

Haay..I feel so accomplished.

I'm still thinking though, should I use bittorent for this laptop or limewire? I really feel the urge to use limewire, but some part of me tells me to go for bittorent instead.

Anyway, for later:
1) Check on petition list of Physics 104
2) Check grade for physics 103
3) Talk with Rose and get all the important finance committee stuff. marketing contacts etc etc.
4) Eat out over at chocokiss
5) Planning sem over at lew's or you can say, planning sem over at 10 steps from our gate! hehehe.

Haay..I so love typing in this laptop. It's the softness I really love in keyboard. Man! Buti nalang magaling ako magtype. Yung tipong hindi nakatingin sa mga daliri pagnagtatype. Hahaha. Meron akong certain discrimination against those who type looking down. Hehehe, well, it's not really the typical discrimination pero hehehe pinagtatawanan ko sila minsan, like my sister! She is still not that proficient in typing. Oh really, thank you to my computer professor back in highschool, and mind you, she was one hot prof....well, of course, this perspective and opinion was formulated at the age of 18. Hahaha! I wasnt as fornicated back in gradeschool and early highschool compared to the current state i am in now.

haay...Comm 3 grade = 1.25. My expectation was not lived up to. Sayang! this could have been my seventh 1.00 subject. But I guess, my collection of 1.25s will now 5th?! Oh damn! I thought I had more just saw through my Grades...and damn damn...I wish I was cum laude standing now...1.83...1.75...hopefully.


Boredom can bring good things

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Okay, so i was bored. What is there to be ashamed about?!

Hahaha...well, let me tell you one thing that I should be ashamed of.

I spent like 45 minutes of my time creating an excel file documenting my whole academic standing!

Hahahah!!! yes, i added, multiplied and divided etc etc the cells!!!'s what I learned.
before this sem started, I had a GWA of about 1.8267

And, after this sem, of course, I assumed a grade of 1.75 for Physics 103 and 1.25 for EEE 103 (grades which I hopefully get...and the grades that I do get based on the computations I made)

erm...oh yes, after this sem, my GWA will be 1.8072

mukhang dapat ata puro CS CS CS CS CS CS standing ko for the summer and the rest of the 4 semesters left of my college life!
Hmm...not entirely impossible...the term would be...manageable.

Good luck to me!
Man, I don't think that being a cum laude will be unattainable! I know that if I so wish it to happen, I mean if I do my best and be the most determined I can be and also have enough faith in myself that I can do it and have enough faith in God that he will guide me to accomplish it, then I can!!!

=) No more burdens. Start moving on. Oh wait, I have finally moved on! Hahah! The little pieces that I needed some answers to have finally been answered! So, lesson learned, know the people you associate yourself with! Erm, hahaha! =p

Peace sa tatamaang mga bad influence! bad yun!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Extremely exhausted...but nevertheless.

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Damn. I am just so fucking exhausted. If you calculate the number of hours I slept for the past 2 God...It just won't suffice for my regular sleeping habit.
Hehehe. Anyway, no pimples are appearing on my I guess the exhaustion is still tolerable. Hahah. If you can say that.)

So, there was the final rights (FR) of the applicants of UP circuit.
And...I just want to share some encounters prior to traveling towards the fr location place. hahaha.
You see, I accompanied Riley and Noel in printing certificates for the applicants. We rode the Ikot Jeepney to get there.
And, I saw...M*RC* and a KEM*R hahaha. and...I guess that confirmed the story. Anyway, so, after accomplishing the needed stuff for the certificates, we rode a cab and went to Megamall.

And...I stayed a bit behind in Megamall to buy some Robitusin Capsules for my cough (Hahaha...I wanted it to heal ASAP. GO FIGURE!)...And when I went out...and headed towards the parking lot of megamall side b...lo and behold...damn damn damn! I saw F*d and T**j*y. Hahaha. Wait! I don't want to create rumors or anything. I dont want to be the one spinning the web that may interlock the two events together. But, I am entitled to my opinion right? And...frankly, this is my blog.

So...after seeing that, I headed for the Jeep...and...all I could say was...Shit! Sinusundan ako!

Hahaha. End.

The next part. FR and Talent Night of applicants. hehehe...won't spill any details on this though.
You can read my friends' page and look for [info]inquibbleror [info]majaxi and [info] thing though, my cough seemed to have worsened itself. Hahaha. I couldnt really perform well in my station (the fincom station) because, shouting was needed...and I couldnt...

Hahah. Anywyay, some memorable things about that Final Rights was...Man! I drank hard! And uhm...walang allergy side effects! Hahah! I must have been very well hydrated! Grabe! I must have took a piss about 40 times during that whole event. Uhm...You see, my cough turned to sipon. Damn! Sayang sobra yung mga gamot na binili ko. 10.90 pesos pa naman din yun.

Anyway, ang saya saya saya saya ng mga kantahan! Grabe! Lose your inhibitions talaga! And, lose your voice as well!

Man...pagod sobra.

Skip na ako ehehhe.

Sarap ng bonding time rin kahit papano with rose, gepol, alec and carl. Hahaha. kwentuhan sa mcdo.
kwentuhan din sa kotse ni gepol...hahah this must have been the second time gepol and I talked like that. The first was the mobot outing...memories.

Anyway...After arriving home, I just ate some esperibs. And then my mom and I left at once...My laptop was waiting for us sa airport.
Salamat sa nagdala!

After such an extremely exhausting sets of activities...
I feel so rewarded!!!!
1) Nike Slippers.
2) Tommy Hilfiger Watch. (I love the blue back ground! Hehehe. pero medyo bling bling style.)
3) Laptop! Yey! Acer Travel Mate 4200 (sorry if i got the number wrong)...anyway...basta dual core!!!! Woohooo! Dual core tech!

Man...i am so tired.
Pagod mag drive. ang traffic din sa edsa kahit 9:30 na!

Anyway...napaka incoherent naman ng entry ko.
whoops sorry.
I had fun you guys! Hope we could all do it again.
Sayang! Most of you will be leaving next year. I wonder how I can deal with it by then.
Close friends graduating next year...

I will miss 01 people...really.
Thank you batch 03.

Thank you Circuit.

Happy 20th birthday to me next week!