Sunday, May 10, 2009

CH29: Family Matters Most

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From the title itself, there actually is no need for an entry. Hahaha. But anyway, today's Mother's day. Don't forget to greet you moms!


So for a quick story.
Yesterday, since I was pretty sure I won't be able to get around to get my mom a gift, I decided to just give her cash instead. As a gift, I gave my mom 5k. "Bahala na siya bumili ng kung ano man gusto niya..."

Segue: i think money is one of the best gift one can give. Save's the trouble of having to pick something out - and at the same time - allows the recipient to have a choice to buy something he/she wants.

Then...on my way home today from ASIA shift...I saw that the flower shop in teacher's village was open (Flowers of May). I decided to get something for my mom then and there. Bought her some flowers....and in a stroke of coincidence, one of my friends working in Ministop was there! She was working there....a quick sharing of what's happened etc etc.

Background: I used to frequent mini stop teachers village back in college. I spend my afternoons sometimes eating merienda there - or my mornings eating siopao breakfast + energy drinks to get me through classes scheduled so early in the morning. I'm a night owl - so mornings are my kryptonite lol.

Now I'm home. Gave my mom the flowers.

Now...I'm thinking..."Kunin ko kaya ulit binigay kong pera!" HAHAHAHAHAHA. But of course, that's a joke. A gift's a gift.
No token or gift or money will ever amount to the love my mom has showered me. (yak ang cheezy hahaha)
So now, I'm 5000pesos poorer, but X amount richer in terms of familial bonds. Priceless.

That's all.
Happy Mother's Day to Everyone's Mom