Sunday, September 30, 2012

CH127: Window Sill

Over glasses of gin tonic, we sat beside each other on your window sill.
Several kisses. Several nothingness. Several long held eye contacts.
Several embraces. Several cheers.

We watched X-factor Philippines, Britain's got talent and all sorts of other stuff.
We searched for "our" song. Your Song. Heaven. One and Only.
There were so much more we found and yet to discover.

By your window sill, we got drunk on the bombay sapphire gin tonic mix i made.
By the window sill looking over the condominium pool.
By the window sill were we didn't care if anybody was looking up at us.

By the window sill, we made love.
By the window sill, we confessed to each other.
By the window sill, we said our ILYs.


  1. X-factor Philippines
    Britain's Got Talent

    The metaphor is hard to miss

    1. hahaha friend! thats because you know already :-p

    2. Ako, I'm still waiting for an iMessage. :P LOL! Nakisali.

    3. hahaha ange! bien just asked before. it's not like im broadcasting it by imessage haha tagal na natin di nagkikita!

    4. haha! i'm still waiting for an iMessage. :P

      kamusta naman? di na tayo nakapagkita kita. haha! sana before you leave for the US.

    5. okay lets set to meet when you get back from burma! hahaha dinner on a weekday! :-)

  2. My God Tipz ... so now you're a poet? Hmmmm ... I have another poem in mind.

    By the door of the restroom you kissed my ear
    Our eyes were closed, my hands inside the pockets of your jeans
    By the door of the restroom our bodies were joined as one
    By the door of the restroom where we didn't care if anybody was looking at us


    1. hahahaha! i don't remember any of that! beside the restroom?! i don't remember much of the other stuff - did i even get to say goodbye to you guys?

    2. I wanted to say bye but, it would have been too intrusive. You were sooooooo into each other. God hahahaa ang saya. Ang intense! Do you even remember what you told me? HAHhaahahahaaa

    3. OMG you should have said goodbye! I don't know how we ended up in the other club! I think maybe we were looking for you guys. What did I tell you? DM!!! Twitter :-)

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