Monday, February 27, 2006


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What a time to mourn...

Prior to such mournful happenings:
*had 2 exams last saturday. i hope i get good grades in both exams. eee25 was bad! eee23 drained me. eee25 came after. lack of focus. damn! bicker.
*watched final destination 3 with my mom ahhaah. the movie was fun but not exactly as exciting as the prequel(s).
*slept most of my sunday through
*jog at UP once again but this time much much more earlier than I usually do. I figure, if I jog elsewhere, i wont be as comfortable...regarding security. Anyway, I noticed that there are more security personnel...nope not the military kind...but the special task force with the batuta and matching vest of some sort.
*met lew and norman and gabo but wasnt able to talk much with norman and gabo because their pace was too slow. duh. they were just walking. Whew! That was some work out.
*Went back to mandaluyong to see the renovated unit we once owned. So...2 units will now be rented. Yey! Money.
*We brought Gringo, our dog along for the trip. Hahah! That dog! Many are saying that he's so gentle (english term for malambing?). Hahah! He's just so adorable. mom injured herself by toying with the dog. Hahah now there's the scare of rabis. She's going to get herself administered with some vaccine. I do pray that it's nothing serious.

Then...on our way back from mandaluyong...Rosario Reas, popularly known as Rose to Circuit (LOL) text-ed me and told me that there will be no classes, I was of coursed relieved at first then shocked next. Relieved because that would mean that I wont have to do my eee 23 problem set just yet. And then, I was shocked because I saw no reason for classes to be suspended...Of course, I was already aware of what was happening at Fort bonifacio...I spent most of my sunday afternoon awake watching news.

Then...when my mom was buying something from Chowking for dinner...while I waited in the car to tend to our dog...I realized something...

This country makes me sad. I was actually mourning...minus the tears.

When my mom came back, I told her (unaware of the weight of the statement) that..."Ma, paggraduate ko alis na tayo pilipinas."

I was shocked when the sentence ended. It's just so sad...

Prior to this...My dad called last friday...when all the mess started. He was checking up on us. By the end of the phone call...he told me: "Basta stay neutral. Ayaw kong sasali ka sa mga rally (I was thinking...siyempre naman po...hindi naman lahat ng taga UP puro rally nalang)...Magaral ka ng mabuti (Which of course, I intend to do.) Para pagtapos mo magtrabaho ka na sa ibang bansa."

Sigh...this country is just so sad.

Fuck you Cory Aquino. Fuck you Joseph Estrada. Fuck you Franklin Drilon. Fuck you Ping Lacson. Fuck you Susan Roces. Fuck you Opposition Circle. Fuck you Communists. Fuck the people who have nothing better to do than rally (Find a job! Find something productive to do.)

fuck the people who are fucking up this country.
don't fuck all of us up.
Fuck you

Thursday, February 23, 2006


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I have abandoned studying the Hayt book for EEE23. Haay...I've decided to consult Schaum's outline instead. Shit! I've wasted some of my time reading that book! When it will just end up with Sir PJ CO telling us that there could be a possibility that there will be no True or False part in the exam! Schaum focuses less on reading but more on solving. It's just what's right for me.

Getting on...spent about 2 hours studying for EEE23. I was supposed to wake up at 6am but ended up changing the alarm on my cellphone 7 times! After alarming at 6->6:15->6:40->7:00->7:15->7:30->7:50->8:15 but I woke up at 8:10. Hahaha! I was planning to go to school early so I can send my mom to her office...and study for EEE23 at the main library...Haay...I dont know why I feel so relaxed. It only dawned on me just a few minutes back when I read Kel's update...that...I am under retention. EEE23. It never occured to me until now! Shit! I hope I dont mess up the exam this coming Saturday. Oh God. Don't forsake me.

Must take a shower now.

Smart Casual today.

Monday, February 20, 2006


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Man! ahhaha I havent accomplished anything significant at all today! well...'cept for some:

1) Tried doing eee 25 problem set...upon arriving at UP. ahahah! I knew it! There would be no classes for physics103. Thus, I got too lazy getting to class on time.
2) Comm 3. ^_^ kwentuhan lang yata ginawa namin eheheh...kwentuhan that encapsulated the discussion.
3) EEE 25 class. argh! Di ko masyado maappreciate pag advance ni maam tata sa lecture...kasi naman di ko alam kung kelangan ko pa bang i digest yun tinuturo niya or focus muna for the third exam.

4) Watched Close to you!!! Ahahah. Seriously, I liked the movie. Not the usual Filipino irky movies. Ewan ko ba. Enjoy lang ako. Hahaha. It made me want to commit myself to somebody. The only problem is...ahahah...there's still nobody to commit myself to. Hahaha. Tsk. Basta I liked the movie. Hindi naman sa kinilig pero ewan ko. Ang ayaw ko lang sa movie is mas gusto ko sana na yung isa yung nakatuluyan ni bea. (nope no spoiler here)

5) Got home. Watched the tv.

6) Updating my blog.
7) Watching Friends

8) Havent done nothing so far. Must wake up 1 hour earlier tomorrow for IRC meeting with sir mike.
9) Study for EEE 25 and EEE 23. Must study schaums (as a review) for EEE23...must finish EEE 25 probset as a review

* ewan: meet with COmm3 groupie.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


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Jogged around UP kanina. 3 rounds around the oval of jogging.

Hmm...pero...ngayon...baka hindi na ako sa UP magjog every sunday. Does anyobody know where I can jog during Sundays? As long as it is in QC.

Why am I planning to jog elsewhere?

Ganito kasi yun:
I just finished jogging around UP twice. And since I didnt want to go home yet...I went dun sa may oblation and magsit-ups dapat ako. Starry starry sky kaya sabi ko sige hindi muna ako uwi (it was about 9:30 pm already) then...after ilang situps...biglang may lalaki (matanda siguro mga 40++)...di ko kilala...tapos paglapit niya...tayo agad ako...(I was listening to loud music) and I removed my earphones tapos nagsabi siya ng Hi. then ang weird ng itsura sa face niya...hindi naman mukhang galit na mamamatay tao pero basta ganun AYAW KO NG ISIPIN kasi ang pangit ng implication! tapos sabi ko sorry di kita kilala then I walked off...then I put my earphonese back on and muttered (not sure if I said it loudly)..."kasi naman eh nageexercise"...then I just jogged off...yung situps ko jinog ko nalang.

then...nung malapit na ako sa may theater (counter-clockwise ikot sa oval)...nakita ko yung tao...iwas ako konti...lipat sa kabilang side ng daan...then diretso na sa kotse...tapos mukhang hindi naman siya sumunod...then maya maya nakita ko ayan na palapit na...sakay na ako kotse...di na ako nagbihis di na nagtanggal ng pawis na I drove off totally pissed.

Went to mini stop and changed there habang nakapark then bought myself my fave drink (Blue bolt by gatorade)...and smoked 1 stick...(hmm...napansin ko lang...malapit na akong magsawa....ewan ko ba...pero sometimes when I think of smoking...sabihin ko nalang sa sarili ko...wag nalang tinatamad ako or minsan naman wag nalang ayaw ko.)

anyway...ayaw ko na magjog sa UP muna kaya maghanap ako ng ibang place. Ayaw ko makita yung taong yun. Kung may mga ganung tao sa UP na tumatambay then baka marami pa silang ganun. puta. pinagkamalan na naman akong male prostitute.

puta puta puta. I work out to have a better self image and for the benefits associated with it (i.e. good health - para mabalance out naman yung vice ko or whatever) pero I dont work out para mapagkamalan lang na male prosti. Sayang naman mga pinagaralan ko...wala ba sa itsura kong edukado akong tao? 
Panahon na para mag-aral

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Waz dat?!

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Yawn, still feeling sleepy...

Anyway, just some updates. Whoa! Whee! I am confident that I did well in the 2 exams I had yesterday. Physics 103 and EEE103. It's so amazing! Thank God! I woke up at 3am to study for Physics103...then I wasnt able to study for EEE103, the only review that I had was when I did the problem set...hahaha...Thank God!...Thank God that I wasnt a wreck when I took the EEE103 exam. (Crosses fingers) then I had to review for Physics103 again after the exam...and then came the exam...(Crosses fingers) ^_^ God loves me.

Then, Saturday afternoon, about 4pm, fetched my mom and we went to Circle C (waw! daming dvd), we returned some DVD i bought because I couldnt read the subs...possibly due to incompatibility someplace.

blah blah...then I treated my mom for merienda. Hehehe, I bought 1 slice each of...Oreo cheesecake, Chocolate Gateau...and...another chocolate cake but this time had more ??bread?? or maybe the better term will be a prodcut created from flour...ahaha basta yun. yum yum.

Then, night came and went to lew for his party. Happy birthday lew! Hmph. Nagenjoy na sana talaga ako kung wala si Lea run. ang yabang. nakakainis. hmph. Mas nagenjoy ako kung parang yung boys' night out dati.

Tapos na rin downloads ko! yey! ate may! tapos na sila.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

post valentine.

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who's st. valentine? why is it that the "day of hearts" was associated with his/her name?

frankly, i dont care. im pretty sure most of the people who celebrated "that day" didnt even know that it was supposedly a "saint's day"


i never realized that my supposed entry last tuesday 3:45 am wasn't posted. I was far too exhausted then I think...that's why.

So far...Yes! I have progressed with Physics and still on track. Whew! I was having panic sessions yesterday (tuesday, valentine's day) when I felt that I was lagging behind and I won't be able to finish studying for physics 103 and eee 103.

Anyway, I still have 40+ pages to go on reading...but it's no biggie. I know I can.

wait..."i know i can" that reminded me of the entry that should have been posted.
basically, the content of that post was...regarding EEE.

I said some things like 
"I know that what I am going through is challenging, and that if I may have attended other universities like the Ateneo or DLSU, life would have been so much easier."
But then I go on saying that, 
"Then again, easier is never better...when you consider the long run. Being challenged though extremely devastating at times is really good for you. Well, that's if you keep on hurdling with the spirit to succeed, the strive to surpass the challenges. If life was too easy then people will never experience 'other-than-physical-growth.'"

blah blah blah blah blah. I can no longer remember most of the stuff i had typewritten...i must have been too exhausted...

Okay, I am not sure if I was able to tell anybody else this...but...
I have now become more OC!
I had to spend 20 minutes of my time organizing things over at my study area...and eheheheh details regarding my OC-ness that id rather not divulge...ahahah baka asarin niyo pa ako pag mahuli niyo akong in the act of being OC. 

anyway...teka nga...mag valentine's entry naman tayo.
Nope, even though wala pa akong love life or whatever...I dont really care. R-E-A-L-L-Y. When I consider the thought of it...laging nagpop up sa isip ko..."AM I EVEN READY TO COMMIT MYSELF?" and the answer will always be Y-E-S. I dont know why. I maybe scared of committments or maybe I just dont want another committment to tie myself to. Argh! Maybe, just maybe...if my GWA goes up to 1.75 (one point seventy-five) then the thought of committing myself to someone other than myself will be entertained. I believe that I have already gone through "committing" myself to someone other than myself pero it seriously caused repurcussions to...nevermind...ayaw ko aminin kahit na totoo. kaya...acads muna.

balik aral physics!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


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Love is in the air. Hahahah! Fuck. If I wasnt afraid of committments then L.O.V.E would have been very much welcome. But sadly, I am committed to so many things that L.O.V.E will have to wait. Hahaha! The envy! The envy!

Anyway, just came home about 30 minutes ago from EUROSTAR!! Back once again! Hahaha. I was just there last week! Hmm...I hope my cough doesnt get worse. Hahaha...I've been shouting shit and shit and shet hehehe in some rides or rather the Joker/G-Force. Whew! My throat is sore from all the shouting. Hahaha. Poor Joanna...a highschool friend if you may have asked...she's just too fragile for such rides. Hahaha. She seriously lost her face's color after a ride at the flipper then the booster. Hahaha. Then...another knockout after the Joker. Brian and Edeline! Hahaha. Bagay kayo! Kai!!! Hug! Thank you for accompanying me at that height!!!! Nakaka freak out! Kasi naman eh ang bigat natin kaya tuloy....argh! Vertigo anyone?

Whew I am just so tired. Hmm...wasnt able to go to the EEE night. I committed myself to Eurostar first.

I'm exhausted!!!

Tomorrow or rather hours and hours from now...yes mamayang gabi! Ahahah, I must study for Physics...hmm...kasi naman si sir tumlos eh! Patapos na nga yung class na highblood pa sa mga classmates kong hindi nakikinig...hmm...di ko sila nakilala...haay...kelangan ko na rin matapos yung eee 23 homework pati yung eee 103 kelangan kong mareview. Haay...Grabe. I have been idle for a whole week! Nakaschedule pa naman din sa desk calendar ko na dapat tapos na ako magbasa ng physics nung thursday!!! Eh di lumalabas 5 days behind schedule na ako! Hahahah...oh well...


Grabe yung CNL outburst! Hmph! Dapat ako yung nanalo...binigay ko pa kasi kay ate may yung sagot! Gusto ko pa naman din nung Optical mouse! Sira na yung sa bahay...(di na ako maglalaro ng games para di masira yung mosue!)...baka bili nalang ako kay ate jac. Not unless mabasa to ni ate may at ibigay nalang niya sa akin yung kanyang optical mouse ahahah.

what else is there to update?
PUmayat na ako ulit ahahhaha. yung ibang mga di ko gusto yung fit sa akin nuon na certain pantalon. Astig na fit sa akin ngayon! Astig!

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Cough Cough.

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Here are the things that could have possibly led me into having another ahem ahem...cold/sore throat.

If you may have noticed the time I updated my blog, it was about 2:45 am then...i think. And I read more of my Artemis Fowl book after so I ended up sleeping at about a little past 4.

Then, I did not really get the best quality of sleep, I was awakened by my mom several times. She was consulting me about certain things that I try to recall...blank. Duh. I was just half awake. Hehehe, that mom of mine! Anyway, Just when I thought that things will be just rest and relaxation, oh no! My mom reminded me that my cousin from the US is coming to visit us at our place...with her husband. Hmm...

So nevermind, I thought they would have come by lunch and since I woke to eat lunch at about 2pm...And watched some bits of news regarding the Wowowee incident, but still they werent there...I decided to sleep again! Ahahaha...And I woke up at about 4pm! And they were already here! Man! Oh mAn!!! I havent taken a bath yet ehehehe...PS: my body was a little sore after the night from Euro Star Carnival.

Anyway, fast forward: My mom volunteered us or rather ME! to drive them to my uncle living at San Juan! And...we found traffic...and I was infuriated fast...really fast. You see...I hate traffic. More so when there is little or none choices of road to take...SO...I forced my mom to experiment! Ahahah...I just went into this "eskenita" and we were almost lost but team effort got us to San Juan! Whew! After that...we all ate at diba sana dun nalang namin mineet yung uncle namin...hehehe pero the story was that they wanted to see the place. Alam niyo naman mga Pilipinong balikbayan...dapat ma "fill in" regarding the history that they missed out on.

Anyway, yes, we went home after that... and tulog ulit ako! ahahah...pero pero...

At about 2am...I woke up with an aching stomach! Oh no! Damn Damn! I should really start eating more fruits! Err...I dont even want to recall the experience...but frankly speaking, I woke up several times more when I thought I had so-called "dismissed" everything. ahahha.

When I woke, yes my stomach was still a little queasy. Oh yeah, my mom went to a wedding...that's what woke me up. Then sunday went by so and and so...I was not feeling to well that's why I decided not to jog around UP. I waited for my mom's arrival because we were supposed to go somewhere and pick something up. around 11 something pm...I decided to take a shower...then my mom arrived...and I forgot that I locked the screen door sa ground floor! my mom had to wait outside for several minutes...oh yeah, I locked the screen door to let some more natural light in...i mean para hindi na isara yung main door...and i lock para pwedeng maiwan. So anyway, punta kaming somewhere at anonas and picked up the bag of my sister from someone. Then I had a very late dinner. Tsk, sarado pa kasi jollibee sa philcoa then eh. Sa 24 hour diner that's just about 50 meters from our house ako napabagsak. Ahaha...ops. Di ako nagmamatakaw ah! After the painful wake up call at about 2am and several more...and not having eaten a decent meal that day...nobody can blame me.
Oh yeah...bukas na comm 3 OI ko! OI = oral interpretation. I forgot to mention that I did some more practice. Ahahah...little to no more practice nga eh...amazingly after a week of not having practiced that poem...I still remember the words by heart...ang saya saya...VERY NOT LIKE HIGHSCHOOL

Woke up earlier than usual and left earlier than usual. I had to buy some face paint to complete my act for comm 3. My mom and I went to SM north. I accompanied my mom in buying some stuff for my mga kailangan pa kasi siya sa Guam and Monday, as in that day na rin yung alis. Grabe ang toxic ng mommy ko ahahah. Anyway. Was able to find the face paint early on pero ang mahal 299pesos! Kaya my mom and I went around the mall to find something while looking for the things that my sister needed. So...Wala na kaming nakita. Dumaan pa nga kami sa make up section ng SM department store pero yung make up mga 250 isip ko...yung face paint nalang talaga bilihin. Then, nauna akong umalis sa mommy ko. 11am alis na ako...may class pa ako sa physics ng 11 eh. Ahahaha. Anyway I arrived about 30 minutes late! Pero...hehehe okay lang...Hirap din kasi magpark! Grabe puno! May dumating nga pala...India's President came to NISMED i think. That was the cause of some detours thus more cars were led to park in AS.

Then My comm 3 oral interpretation! Weee! I did so well. I am sure of it. Heheheh the only part that I didnt do well was applying the face paint. Argh! I had to redo it about 4 times! Argh! Kaya tuloy na highlight yung eye bags ko hehehe which was the effect that I partially desired. Death. Nothing but Death by Pablo Neruda translated by Robert Bly. Got 1.25 with that performance. far my standing...if I remember it correctly is 1.25...May perfect attendance perk naman so...yes...sana may uno parin ako for this sem. 

Got to class for eee23 30 minutes late! Argh! Hehehe...umalis ako ng 10:05 am! Ano ba yan! hahahah...nakipaglaro pa kasi ako sa aso namin eh.
Then, interview sa IRC. ^_^
THen, nakuha ko exam ko sa EEE103. ^_^
Then sumali kami nila raffy and lew sa Stat-en-ek-ek ^_^...or rather. >.< man! those question were hard! Argh argh!!! 4000 pesos divide by 3!!! Sayang!
Then Lew rode along with me pauwi. Then we stopped over at Jollibee Visayas to get some thing to eat. Then of course, the usual talk. I like his plans for UP Circuit. NO more qualms about running. I am 100% sure. Part of my motivation was the realization that back in Highschool, my grades soared even higher than high when I participated in all the school's extracurricular activities...which also led me to win as one of the TOSM. Seriously, life is not all about Grades. Why let yourself grow in academics alone. I believe that you can achieve greatness not by academics alone. Here is one of the things I said to lew...

"OO nga, important ang leadership. Narealize ko nga rin yan eh blah blah blah...parang pag nagapply ka sa DSP...puro computer computer and programming ang matututunan mo (roughly told) pero sa IRC merong programming pero meron ding technical. And that's what makes the difference. Kasi yung mga programming maaaral mo naman yang mga yan sa libro pero yung technical stuff hindi. You gain technical literacy through exposure and experience." Hehehe so ayun ang analogy ko sa leadership. And besides, I thoroughly believe that you can get further with leadership backgrounds. 

Correction: Leadership backgrounds referring to experience with becoming a leader. And not a leader or let's say a Chairperson watchamacallit who just brandishes leadership but hides away when responsibilities come. Tingan mo nga yung EEE days. hindi ko mafeel ang presence ng Circuit. Oo nga tama nga sabi ni Lew. Plus plus!!! Yung SquEEEze raw...ahem ahem...baka hindi pa ang venue hindi pa sure...hindi pa raw nakipagcoordinate sa EEE department. Okay, let's lay it all down...Here is one of the biggest flaws that Kristine E. has. Siya yung Chairperson so dapat lahat ng activities ng lahat ng committees minomonitor meron din siyang "hand" in the work. Hindi lang puro oversee ng oversee sa mga activities. Yan tuloy sablay sablay...nafifeel din tuloy ng karamihang mga members na IDLE ang circuit. Sayang talaga...feeling ko kasi lahat ng mga naging achievement ng circuit ay parang facade lang para macover up yung mga katotohanan. Parang isang bahay na oo nga maganda fully furnished etc etc pero yung mga ginamit na kahoy para sa structure ay inaanay na...huhuhu sayang. But dont get me wrong, I am thankful for the Lord for helping circuit get that far.'s just misconstrued. the Lord helped the members get it together for Circuit. Pero sana hindi lang lahat ng bagay dinadaan sa prayers...sabi nga nila God will help us get half the work done and the rest is upon us. Salamat talaga sa 04/05 at 03 ng circuit at ilang mga 02. Haay...seriously lang ah...kasi sabi nun 02 raw ang nagdala. I am truly sorry pero dont rake in the glory. That's just being delusional. Anyway. If I ever become a leader, I will do my best not to become "idle."

Ops. hindi ako namumulitika. I mean, oo nga plan kong tumakbo for FINCOM head pero pero pero pero sinabi ko to para hehehe may reminder ako sa sarili ko of what I felt now that the "end is upon them." hehehe ang sarap maglaro ng words.

PS: Change of plans, baka hindi na ako mag MS EE...hmm...I think mas gusto ko yung career path na mag MBA after 2 years of work experience. Malay niyo...i fund pa ng pinagtatrabahuhan ko ahahahah...leave pero may pay. (rubs hands)

Saturday, February 4, 2006

All things just keep getting better

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Hahaha! Nabura na naman yung entry ko argh! kasi sira tong putang inang mouse na to eh...nadouble click pa. Hmph. Optical ka pa naman din!

Anyway, this day was so eventful...but since na bura na yung una kong nagawang entry...I am very deeply sorry if this entry has lost the original fervor I had poured on it.

Anyway, I started this day like any other...Hehehe...Planned to go to school early....only to end up late! Hahah...I couldnt resist playing with Gringo. Arrived at EEE 23 class 30minutes late! Damn...oh well...hahaha

Then, after EEE 23, I went to my cousin's class and gave him the project I kept on forgetting to give him.'s been 3weeks to a month since I promised to give it to him.

Then, after that, I went to the CS library to read for my Physics 103 exam. Hahaha...progressed a bit then Rose texted me, asking if I could accompany her to Libis. So I first called my mom and asked her permission to use the car to get to Libis...Using the car for whatever purpose I have is no longer allowable for me...May evat ng 12%!!!! Using it for whatever else reason aside from getting to school will no longer be permissible...well...I must abide by this rule...I made it up.

So ayun...pala si Lew ang may kailangan pumunta sa Libis. Haay...Rose rose rose rose rose...when will you ever learn. Anyway, we went to Libis...then ang hirap makakuha ng Parking lot sa techno one plaza! I told Lew and rose to go ahead and go to Canon...and when I finally found myself a parking space...and went to the lobby to ask what floor Lew and Rose went to, eh aba! Bumaba na sila!!! Argh! Sayang, gusto ko pa naman din makita yung mga Canon executive/s (hehehe hoping.) So ayun, then after that punta kaming GO nuts! Douts! Hahaha...libre supposedly ni Lew pero ako muna naglabas...then on our way out of Libis, we parked near the exit road and ate the donuts. Heheh, sarap! Then ayun nagtanung tanong na sila ni Rose about "the past." goes...without any bitterness or whatever else fucked up reasons you can come up with:
Wala na akong pakielam sa nakaran. Ang nakaraan ay nagawa ko ng limutin. At para sa mga tanong gusto niyong ungkatin ang katotohanan, eh wag niyo sa akin tanungin, malinis ang konsiyensiya hindi ako tulad ng iniisip niyo. Kaya...if you guys are looking for closure for your own sakes, then please, your digging the wrong hole, "Go Fish". Para sa akin, ang mga pabigat sa buhay na minsan ko ng dinala ay pinakawalan ko na. Wala ng ano pa man ang makakapaggawang ibalik ang dati. Hindi ko na mahihintulutan pa yun. I am happy, and that's what matters (for me <- dont take this as being selfish, because I am very sure that everyone desires this as well.) I am quite contented with what I have, material things whatever but I am most contented with the friends I have. If ever you guys are noticing any problems with certain people, and you try to unearth whatever malice hides, then, again, dont come running to me seeking for answers. And, No, dont tell me that I am the missing link...that's just so fucked up. There are no links to this matter. Things happened because they should. Nothing more nothing less. If friendships can be formed and mended, then naturally, they can also be destroyed and smited to dust...if the reasons behind the creation/destruction are what you seek, then it's because I had to move on. (PERIOD)

Anyway, I got to class on time for EEE 103! Yey! Per Unit....argh...matrabaho! Anyway, After that class, I fetched my mom at her office and we went back home. Hehehe, I just had to take a shower...Family dinner yan eh...Ayaw ko maging cause for stereotypes on UP students na keso mukha raw mga nerd. Ahahaha...So...anyway, we ate at Greenhills, at Kamay Kainan...Sarap sarap! Buffet! Hehehe, ang daming choices.

Anyway, buti nalang nagpunta ako sa family dinner na yun...yey! May mga angpao! Weeee!!! hehehehe, let's just say na what I earned was enough for another trip to puerto (4 people dapat eehhehe, off peak) pero now, I could last for 5 days. Mwahahhaha...

Then, after eating, since some of my cousins from Hongkong wanted to do something fun here in the Philippines, because maya mayang 8am eh flight na nila papuntang Hongkong ulit...we went to Euro Star!!! Weeee!!!

here are the rides I rode on and some brief description...of the experience I had.

Astig!!! Hahahaha!!!!! Putek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This ride was so exhilarating!! Ang bilis ng ikot...Everything just spins...360 sideways pati vertically ahahaha... Ang astig talaga!! I like the part he upside down ka and you whirl through the ride shouting and seeing the faces of the people you know! Astig!!! One of the most fun rides I have seen. Astig eh...ang ganda pa ng music na pineplay nila sa background...very hip

Putek!!! 2 words. Centrifugal Force. Hahahah...Parang OCtopus naman to eh...Pero redesigned...And, frankly, I like the flipper's design better. Para ka nga talagang nasa isang Pinball!!! At ikaw yung ball. Hahaha!! nkakahilo to...Pero super saya dahil sa Centrifugal force pati sa vertical descend sa ilang parts ng ride. Astig!!!!!! 

Log Jam
For some reason, eto na yung favorite ng mga cousins ko, so I seriously got wet!!! Duh, we rode it in...uhm...I dont know...5 times?!

Puta! Sorry for the indecency pero this has got to be the best ride here in the Philippines!!!! Astig talaga!!! THe sensation of being thrown to the ground and being thrown into the air!!!! Shet!!! Pag ikot niya at sobrang bilis to some extent...Ang taas din kasi ng abot niya eh...40+ meters yung aabutin mong height sa nagrotate pa vertically yung sinasakyan mo....kaya astig!!! Certain moments of the ride you are upside down and it would seem like you were falling into the ground!!! Open air din siya and wala na talagang ibang cover sayo apart from the necessary cover to keep you locked tight sa wasnt locked tight enough eheheh...siyempre hindi pwede yun...baka madurog ka sa pressure pati centrifugal force pati na rin cause ng gravity ng earth. HEheheh...Astig talaga!!!! Certain sensations sa isang part ng ride was like tinatapon ka papunta sa lupa....and...hindi ka na talaga makakasandal sa upuan mo kasi wala kang way to push yourself back...wala kang tinatapakan eh! Kaya yun!!! sa ride...pushed against ka run sa safety mechanism over your body and wala kang magawa kung hindi sumigaw!!! Astig! At sa isang part naman ng ride, magbago ng direction yung ride and you are then going to experience the sensation of being thrown into the air!!!! Shet!!!!

I love EURO STAR CARNIVAL!!! I must go there again!!! Wala na akong pakielam sa price ng entrance!!! I think that it is totally worth it!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Did all sorts.

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heave ho. heave ho.

I woke up early to get to class early. You see, today is color coding for the car...and I wanted to bring it because of certain reasons like I will be bringing some stuff for the interview, and I wanted to jog around the oval as well... planned on leaving for school at about 9:45 am...hehe, even though the window scheme is not yet in effect. I had a plan you see, if I was flagged down by the authorities, I'd tell them that it was already 10am according to my watch...hmm...the car's time is set 15 minutes in advance...I didnt do it...who did? Whatever...As long as it serves as a reasonable alibi so what.

Anyway, yes, as I was saying, I woke up early, ate my breakfast early...but when I reached my room again to start preparing to take a shower, I found my artemis fowl book and started reading it. Hahaha...I decided to stop reading at about 9:35! Hahahaha! So much for all the plans. I finished taking a bath at about 9:50 and I left home by 10:02. I arrived in time for class...well, not really in time...but sort of in time not to be too late. 10:15. (Grins) I drove fast. Exhilarating!

Anyway, after that class, it was already about 11am by then...I called my mom, told her that I couldnt find the polo that I needed for the interview, you see people, I am not an avid fan of wearing anything with collar on it, well, I do wear them only when it is absolutely necessary, like some formal event. But for casual wears, never. So...there you go, I only had 1! polo in the closet (well, 1 that I love wearing, the others are no longer the style I prefer to wear.) So, my mom told me to go to sm north and just buy myself some. So...I went to sm! Yey! Hehhee, I bought myself 2 polos (semi-fit large - from penshoppe) <-there you go guys! now you know the size i prefer for polos...take note of the semi fit. My birthday is on the 11th day of april. ^_^ Sigh. I finally made use of the credit card once again! It felt great. Psyche! Well, yes, honestly, it felt great to buy myself some more stuff once again. It's been a very long time since I last shopped...and made use of the credit card my mom gave me...Must resist! Must resist the lure of materialism!

Anyway, I went home after that, freshened myself up...hehehe...cooped myself up in my room with the airconditioner fully turned on. Afterwhich I tried the polos once more...I was still undecided which of the two I will wear for the interview. After deciding which, I set the other aside for friday...Family Dinner. Then, I went to school. I left the house at around 1pm. Hahaha! Im such a slacker. Anyway, yes, after that I arrived at about 1:10. Hahaha! I drove so much faster this time.

After the class, I headed for the main library and decided to relax...before the interview, I read more artemis fowl. Then, luckily I decided to leave at around 3:50! Ate may texted me and told me to come earlier since one of the other interviewee will not be able to come. So, there, 3 applicants were interviewed simultaneously.

After that, dropped by the tambayan and headed straight to UP theater to prepare to jog. Heheh, I forgot to mention, I changed my clothes in the car twice (to wear the stuff for the interview and the other to revert to the clothes I first had on)! Both polo and pants! After finishing, Issa texted me and told me to come to sunken and hang out. So I did, and we chatted for some time and she had to go and I went to jog.

Haay...sarap talaga mag exercise. Hahaha!

Note to self, dont drop gringo while perusing his fur ahahha. Say no to animal cruelty! He was so excited he slipped of my grasp..."nagtampo ata siya nung nahulog...hindi naman ganun kataasan, mga 1 foot height lang naman...but still..."

Anyway, that's it for today...more updates if more exciting stuff happens...hahaha! as if this update was exciting...Hmm...well, if you were living my life this day then it most probably was!