Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Did all sorts.

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heave ho. heave ho.

I woke up early to get to class early. You see, today is color coding for the car...and I wanted to bring it because of certain reasons like I will be bringing some stuff for the interview, and I wanted to jog around the oval as well... planned on leaving for school at about 9:45 am...hehe, even though the window scheme is not yet in effect. I had a plan you see, if I was flagged down by the authorities, I'd tell them that it was already 10am according to my watch...hmm...the car's time is set 15 minutes in advance...I didnt do it...who did? Whatever...As long as it serves as a reasonable alibi so what.

Anyway, yes, as I was saying, I woke up early, ate my breakfast early...but when I reached my room again to start preparing to take a shower, I found my artemis fowl book and started reading it. Hahaha...I decided to stop reading at about 9:35! Hahahaha! So much for all the plans. I finished taking a bath at about 9:50 and I left home by 10:02. I arrived in time for class...well, not really in time...but sort of in time not to be too late. 10:15. (Grins) I drove fast. Exhilarating!

Anyway, after that class, it was already about 11am by then...I called my mom, told her that I couldnt find the polo that I needed for the interview, you see people, I am not an avid fan of wearing anything with collar on it, well, I do wear them only when it is absolutely necessary, like some formal event. But for casual wears, never. So...there you go, I only had 1! polo in the closet (well, 1 that I love wearing, the others are no longer the style I prefer to wear.) So, my mom told me to go to sm north and just buy myself some. So...I went to sm! Yey! Hehhee, I bought myself 2 polos (semi-fit large - from penshoppe) <-there you go guys! now you know the size i prefer for polos...take note of the semi fit. My birthday is on the 11th day of april. ^_^ Sigh. I finally made use of the credit card once again! It felt great. Psyche! Well, yes, honestly, it felt great to buy myself some more stuff once again. It's been a very long time since I last shopped...and made use of the credit card my mom gave me...Must resist! Must resist the lure of materialism!

Anyway, I went home after that, freshened myself up...hehehe...cooped myself up in my room with the airconditioner fully turned on. Afterwhich I tried the polos once more...I was still undecided which of the two I will wear for the interview. After deciding which, I set the other aside for friday...Family Dinner. Then, I went to school. I left the house at around 1pm. Hahaha! Im such a slacker. Anyway, yes, after that I arrived at about 1:10. Hahaha! I drove so much faster this time.

After the class, I headed for the main library and decided to relax...before the interview, I read more artemis fowl. Then, luckily I decided to leave at around 3:50! Ate may texted me and told me to come earlier since one of the other interviewee will not be able to come. So, there, 3 applicants were interviewed simultaneously.

After that, dropped by the tambayan and headed straight to UP theater to prepare to jog. Heheh, I forgot to mention, I changed my clothes in the car twice (to wear the stuff for the interview and the other to revert to the clothes I first had on)! Both polo and pants! After finishing, Issa texted me and told me to come to sunken and hang out. So I did, and we chatted for some time and she had to go and I went to jog.

Haay...sarap talaga mag exercise. Hahaha!

Note to self, dont drop gringo while perusing his fur ahahha. Say no to animal cruelty! He was so excited he slipped of my grasp..."nagtampo ata siya nung nahulog...hindi naman ganun kataasan, mga 1 foot height lang naman...but still..."

Anyway, that's it for today...more updates if more exciting stuff happens...hahaha! as if this update was exciting...Hmm...well, if you were living my life this day then it most probably was!

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