Monday, February 20, 2006


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Man! ahhaha I havent accomplished anything significant at all today! well...'cept for some:

1) Tried doing eee 25 problem set...upon arriving at UP. ahahah! I knew it! There would be no classes for physics103. Thus, I got too lazy getting to class on time.
2) Comm 3. ^_^ kwentuhan lang yata ginawa namin eheheh...kwentuhan that encapsulated the discussion.
3) EEE 25 class. argh! Di ko masyado maappreciate pag advance ni maam tata sa lecture...kasi naman di ko alam kung kelangan ko pa bang i digest yun tinuturo niya or focus muna for the third exam.

4) Watched Close to you!!! Ahahah. Seriously, I liked the movie. Not the usual Filipino irky movies. Ewan ko ba. Enjoy lang ako. Hahaha. It made me want to commit myself to somebody. The only problem is...ahahah...there's still nobody to commit myself to. Hahaha. Tsk. Basta I liked the movie. Hindi naman sa kinilig pero ewan ko. Ang ayaw ko lang sa movie is mas gusto ko sana na yung isa yung nakatuluyan ni bea. (nope no spoiler here)

5) Got home. Watched the tv.

6) Updating my blog.
7) Watching Friends

8) Havent done nothing so far. Must wake up 1 hour earlier tomorrow for IRC meeting with sir mike.
9) Study for EEE 25 and EEE 23. Must study schaums (as a review) for EEE23...must finish EEE 25 probset as a review

* ewan: meet with COmm3 groupie.

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