Wednesday, February 28, 2007

update x

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-went to percdc, espana. made a new friend. hehehe...hello sir ronnie, paggrumaduate na ako libreng review ah. hehehe.
-intramuros - manilabulletin - got towed - settled - thanks to retired general _____ and may traffic enforcement group id - i was spared from paying 1500. 200 pesos worth of kotong is worth a way...i was alone that time and i was running late for meeting melvin niduaza from accenture
-makati - accenture
-eastwood - astec.

i talked with a friend, last friday i think...oh was...i was reviewing for my 51 exam scheduled the next day. the topic that was brought up was regarding taking graduate studies. i was at first...saying...well, i want to graduate asap so i can work and earn money...and then go up the ladder to earn more cash. but then my friend put things into perspective. the friend was saying like, in my situation, no one expects me to work in my family. my family has established itself. if there's anything that i need money's not really need...but want. i WANT money...the friend goes on to say that he/she was in my position, then, she'd just go grab the opportunity to take a graduate course because that will be a feat in itself and that i at least am entitled to really take the opportunity of getting an MS...but then well, he/she won me over. he/she got me thinking and put my way of thinking into another perspective...getting a graduate course is not really a necessity but more like a privelege...that's why people, including me, are at awe when i/we hear people's name could out with something added at the end, ms ee or something...

now, im thinking like, i'll make sure to consider other options aside from working immediately and taking the board exams...right now, im just so bored with studying...i'll ask my family when the time comes (hopefully a year from now - if all goes according to plan) if they would want me to take graduate studies...but then sure they'll say yes because...if i do accomplish it, then it will be another proud moment for the clan...the first ever...i remember my mom encouraging my brother to continue with his application to nanyang in singapore...but other opportunities came up was my brother's life after all.

but then...still, i have no resolve. i'll settle this issue a year from now hopefully...but thanks friend for giving me that perspective.
my sister is currently undergoing sleep study in saint luke's. i wasnt able to go with them (my mom and sis) to saint luke's because circuit had its general assembly...i heard the place my sister is sleeping in is not too shabby...which got me really interested as to what exactly a sleep study is and how it is conducted...i hope it does solve certain sleep issues for my sister.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

impending breakdown?

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im feeling sick.
i think ive burnt myself out with extracurricular activities and acads.
grabe. i was supposed to start studying last wednesday but i ended up sleeping after getting home around 230. then when i woke up around 9 i just watched tv till 12 then did the lab report for 52 then watched tv again.

i just wasnt in the mood to study.
that was until 6pm a while ago.
i was able to study.

grabe. it had to take me having to punish myself for my lack of discipline.
i went home around 2pm after following up yet again with maam guev - the recommendation letter for canon.

then...i did more follow up upon arriving home.

and i went back to UP - commute.

i had to commute. i told myself. tipz you've abused all the priveleges and "luho" now its time to pay back - big.

haay...paano pa kaya next week. i have so much to read for 105 but i have to dedicate my monday to picking up the things from sponsors.
hahaay...then come thursday more pick up and then i have an exam on saturday for ece141 - which i hope will be postpone.
oh yeah. there's the report for eee 105.

im so tired.

i want to cry pero wag nalang. mapapagod lang mata ko. hahaha and i need my eyes to read.

malapit na...malapit na matapos ang lahat.

malapit na magsummer.

malapit na ako mag21. mga less than 2 months kaya malapit na rin.

malapit na.

malapit na.

malapit na.

good night.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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i wrote an entry for the first time by hand. but then. it no longer seemed appropriate to retype it ill just type a new one...
-anyway the gist of the entry was how i thought some of my orgmates were some "tambay" outside the house. i took a nap before proceeding to study for my ce22 exam and i woke up to some ruckus outside. isip isip ko bakit may bisaya atang lasing sa labas. orgmate ko palang taga mindanao.
-after that, diretso aral na. and ive discovered something new in our house. i should play clasical music sa mini home theater speakers sa sala.

well, that was monday.
-ce22 exam
-overnight irc
-american idol!
:astig. i like the male contestants - and waiting for the female performances. i  dont know why but every season nalang there's something to look forward to in american idol. hindi yung parang ibang talent show sa local tv na pag inulit eh parang boring dahil kahit may something new - it fails to really impress. wala ring follow through yung mga shows. tingan mo sa abs-cbn. sa dami ng mga shows na ginawa nila eh ang dami na nilang champion singers...siguro mabilis lang nga magsawa yung mga tao at yung mga producers kaya dapat ibang ibang show talaga ang aabanga - na...tama nga naman.

other things
here are random thoughts on "momentary."
I'm glad i realized this sooner -
You're not who I need - only someone I wanted -
It's just a mistake thinking i've fallen for you - 
you're not for me - not at all -
I believe now that much was obvious - 
For now - I hate you.

chatted with friends bago mag overnight sa irc and after ng ce22 exam.
nakakaalis talaga yung mga usapan na kwentuhan lang talaga. yung walang problema at nag didiskusyon lang kayo ng bagay dahil - masaya lang talaga magusap. basta.
hehehe...ayun mga 1 hour 20 minutes kaming nag kwentuhan nila issa and raissa sa ministop.

1 month nalang matatapos na ang classes etc.
less than 2 weeks and tapos na mga kelangan gawin para sa org...
mga madadaling bagay nalang ang natitira.

Monday, February 19, 2007

dilemma 2:

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meralco has some gig on the 3rd of march - squeeeze 2007 day...

i wonder what will happen with their sponsorship. im on standby for whatever they may say... getting canon, id still make it to the desired start working on that canon sponsorship requirements....

but...sayang naman yung pera....haay...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

dilemma 1:

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the first problem regarding the pick up of stuff for squeeeze...

for URC...theyre going to give - as an ex deal - ten cases (24 bottles for each case) of teazz...and i think 6 cases of nova, potato chips...(80 pieces of each) - not sure if its 80 pieces x 6 cases for the two products or same na...pero...what can i fit all of those in my car?!
hmm...i better start looking for some alternatives. i have other companies to go to...looks like monday will be the first gas reimbursement day...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

acad mode ON

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this week is marked as another hell week in my calendar.
and my answer to this is my so-called "isolation"

well, not totally academic isolation. i have my extra curricular duties - of course. i have to juggle my time as well to prepare CANON billing - the most work...i hope ASTEC doesnt ask for such committment as CANON did. then...come thursday...I have to go to some companies to get the money...or rather - check. much more companies that need to be visited. Wait, let me come up with my list for future reference. I'm too lazy to actually get up and write it on something:
1) ASTEC (Confirm check pick up date)
2) MERALCO (Confirm check pick up date)
3) CANON (ready dean's recommendation, financial report, and certificate of recognition)
4) ACCENTURE (Follow up on check pick up)
5) Click the City (Theyve upped SquEEEze 2007 posting - next week will be pick up day)
6) URC - nova, potato chips, teazz (Pick their stuff up next week)
7) Studio 23. (MUST FOLLOW UP TOMORROW - MONDAY - which is actually today.)
8) WebPhilippines (Follow up on free web hosting for next year - Follow up on ads for sponsors - Follow up on ex-deal)
9) 97.1 - no more! hahaha...barangay radio? did i hear that right?
10) I feel like ive forgotten something...
11) T3! Pick up the subscription prize for the winners.

Hmm...Well, since ive marketed so much. At least, I can allot gas funds for myself hehehehe...Well, I do have to go to makati, pasig, mandaluyong. I will have fun planning this things out...


12) Sponsor Booths...I have to confirm it with the companies who have confirmed if they're going to setup some booths...
13) Again...I feel like ive forgotten something...Nevermind. I have later to remember...

Haay...Precious mondays...oh my poor precious least...there's only two weeks left...wait...I remmeber! Today - or later will be the last day that I will be doing follow ups! Hahahaha...yes! Next monday, I will allot my time to do pick ups...

Thank God...SquEEEze 2007 is 2 saturdays from now...after that...yey! Liberation at last.


I can start discovering other things in life that can make me, experience, fun...

All the prospects ahead...I can almost see them...graduation! Yey!


but for now, one of the toughest weeks yet is coming.

Aside from this extracurricular activities:
a) eee 51 second exam. i just have to really perform well and everything will be A-OKAY. Im confident enough to have done well in the first, i was able to do the assignment by myself...and correctly if i may add - due to boylestead (not sure with the spelling)

b) eee105 exam. time to really catch up on my readings.

c) ce22 exam...this coming tueday...pnakakelangan bumawi. not that i failed or anything...but i have been given the chance to be exempted so i must make the most out of it.

d) ece141 exam....i still have no clue on how i did. i know i did a couple of slips here and there...not sure how partial doc m can get. partial points that is. hahaha....

e) ee275...i hope that one missed quiz doesnt amount to so much for a class that meets only once a week. i badly need at least 1.5 in this subject to pull up my other subjects...master of balance!

f) eee52...hmm...what can i say? i missed out one class...i was too exhausted from the fair. sorry michelle...

end. better start hustling...

Oh yeah...meron pang irc stuff. but ive got that planned out. tuesday night will be spent in irc...doing my rrl...this will be after my ce22 exam. second irc overnight? or is this the third...remind myself - ready the permit

hmm...i feel that i need a planner or something but i never really have the follow through with planners.

oh yeah. my sister arrived last thursday...i proxied for someone i dont know for my sister's bestfriend wedding. and yung proxy ba naman eh ninong! my God! hehehe...just so that my mom would have a partner. I even have to go up the stage to have the pictures taken kasi nga proxy ako. Haay...I even shook the hands of the wedded couple as a ninong. I dont know what got into me. hahaha...If this had happened a couple of year back...I dont think I would have had the appropriate kapal ng mukha. I would have been too shy...

Well, I think I still have some of it left. At the reception, I dared not to even sit at the ninong's table hahaha... HAHAHAHAH...I sat with my sister's barkada.

Oh well. another fun experience. except that it was awfully hot outside and driving home was like shit...head ache, sweat. thank you for aircons.

Para sa mga friends ko. hehehe...sorry kung no show muna ako.
Siguro after ng 51 pwede tayo manuod ng troika. (salamat kay monde at sa kanyang blog kaya ko nalaman ang tungkol dito) hehehe...or pwede sigurong hintayin nating lumabas sa fi...if not...then pwede naman tayo maglakwatsa elsewhere....ang dahilan ng lahat ng ito...

kelangan bumawi at pataasin ang GWA....otherwise known as...pagdidisiplina sa sarili...or pagtuwid sa baluktot na pamamaraan...or pwede ring...pagtahak ng daan patungong cum laude. hahaha...

Hindi ko alam kung itetake ko to positively...kasi mababa ang result ng first exam ko sa ce...relatively...below mean eh...sabi ko ganyan ganun ganyan ganun - na kelangan ko magaral mabuti...kasi kelangan ko eh.

sabi ba naman ng kausap ko. okay lang yan...magaling ka naman bumawi.

na inisip ko na oo nga...marami na akong ganyang experience...kasi sa totoo lang...kadalasan nasusurprise ako sa 1st exams kasi i dont know what to expect...pero humahataw sa mga sumunod na exam kaya mataas parin ang average na nakukuha ko...i.e...eee 25 (halos maiyak ako sa kabobohan ko nung first exam...pero solve na sa mga sumunod...), eee 31 (ang unang exam sa buong buhay ko na nakakuha ako ng grade na 20 something - nabawi at naka 2.25 pa)...

tipz = comeback kid. hahaha...

well...ayaw ko namang maturingang ganyan dahil lang sa circumstance. hmm...kelangan ko nalang siguro siyang i prove wrong....kelangan may follow through ang eee51 pati uhm...yung ibang subjects. basta merong goal in mind kayang kaya.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ano ang mas matimbang? / Filipino Hospitality / Others

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1st entry:

naisip ko lang kanina, habang nagpapalipas ako ng oras para matapos ang traffic coding scheme:

ano ang mas matimbang? ano ang mas pipiliin mo?

* maging mag-isa dahil pinili mong maging mag-isa o
* maging mag-isa dahil ayaw sa iyo ng iba.

ewan ko ba kung bakit ko yan naisip. gutom? haha. siguro. di ako kumain the whole day. except for 1 slice of bread with peanut butter. anyway, getting back to the choices.

inisip ko, mas okay na siguro yung maging mag-isa dahil ayaw sa iyo ng iba...kasi kung ikaw yung pumili...parang ang lungkot eh. sino bang gugustuhing maging mag-isa? kung ayaw sa iyo ng iba masosolusyunan pa yun...ewan ko. depende nalang siguro sa tao yun.

2nd entry:

Matapos ang fair, matapos mapagod, matapos ang lahat lahat...nagising ako ng 11:20 para malaman na hindi na ako aabot sa irc meeting. grabe...grabe...

hindi na ako masyadong nagmadali pumasok kasi masakit pa ang paa ko sa kakatayo, sa kakalakad lakad at lahat lahat na. dumating ako sa UP ng mga 1. Diretso dapat kina kuya emil para kumain pero sarado (buti nalang! hahaha) diretso ako run sa may tindahan malapit sa landbank...inom ng c2 at nagpapahinga relax relax =).tapos habang nakaupo ako sa tabi ng tindahan, isa sa mga teller ng landbank nakita kong papalapit. malakas tugtog ng ipod ko kaya di ko unang pinansin pero ako pala ang tinatawag.

pinatay ko ang ipod. nagiisip kung ano kaya kailangan nito.
then sabi punta raw ako sa office. (isip ko. huh? ano kayang nagawa kong masama? <-hahahah) pasok daw akong office dahil magpapatulong sa akin sa ipod yung kaibigan niyang teller (yung bading na teller. si federico ata yun. narinig ko dati.) okay. sabi ko sunod nalang ako matapos ko uminom.

sige matapos kong uminom, dumiretso ako sa kotse. (isip isip ko...hehehehe baka inisip nila tumakas ako.) pero siyempre hindi...umiral pagkapilipino ko. kinuha ko pa laptop ko sa parking lot para maipakita ng maayos. naready ko na ang aking teaching approach at nangailangan to ng laptop.

pagbalik ko na. nakita ko yung babae na nakadungaw sa labas ng landbank. (isip ko. sabi ko na nga ba inisip na tatakas ako) pero ayun. pagpapasok na ako eh nakasunod sa akin ang tingin ng sekyu na nakasunglass...(isip ko...ano kaya ang iniisip nito tungkol sa mga pangyayari. hindi naman niya siguro alam yung intention nung mga telelr)

ayun. tinuruan ko si federico tungkol sa itunes at paano mag upload ng folders etc etc. pero...hindi na ako nagulat na hindi karamihan ng tao na may access sa internet ang nakakaalam sa mga torrents. nagtanong kasi siya sa akin kung saan ako nagdadownload ng songs. sa goolge daw ba. (isip isip ko...hehehe dati duon ako naghahanap nung nagsisimula palang akong mahumaling magdownload download.) sabi ko naman torrents ang ginagamit kong paraan para makakuha ng mga kanta kanta.

ayun...sana naman may natutunan siya. at nang matapos na ako mag turo turo nagtanong siya kung ano ang gusto kong music.

sagot ko pop. (isip ko...pop ang gusto kong music pero mas hilig kong mauna ko nang pagsawaan bago pa sumikat. kaya nga pag may mga bagong album ang mga kilala ng mga singers eh hinahanapan ko na agad ng full album at yun na ang music of the week/month ko) tanong niya kung meron akong westlife. sagot ko wala. (isip isip ko. hindi ba wala na sila? wala na akong nariring sa kanila...wala na ba ako sa pop culture o iba lang ang culture ng music na sinusundan ko) tanong pa siya kung merong akong...yung yung...parang christian bautista...mala opera...sagot ko josh groban? ayun! sabi niya. sagot ko...wala po...sabay ngiti na parang pag nagiggle ako. sinabi ko kasi nung mga oras na to nilalagyan ko na ng pussycat dolls ang shuffle niya...tapos sabi ko nilalagyan ko. tapos tanong ko? gusto mo rin ba lagyan ko ng madonna, mariah carey. meron din akong 80s song...pero di ko na nilagay kasi di na kasya. 600mb lahat yun eh. so nilagyan ko nalang ng airsupply. ayun buti naman nakarelate.

hehehe...matapos pala to...inisip ko na ang sama ko kasi i suggested songs to him that i thought he could relate to. kasi yung mga collection ko na yun for pop...pero inassociate ko na gusto niya dahil sa sexuality niya. tsk tsk. discrimination.

anyway...matapos maglagay ng songs. okay sabi ko po tapos na. tapos nagligpit at hinintay ko pa siyang mapakinggan kung ayos na ipod niya. kasi pala nung una may nilagay daw boyfriend niya na di niya maintindihan...nyek

so matapos yun, inaalok pa nila ako kung magkano raw ba? ano gusto ko kapalit...meryenda...(tumanggi naman ako. eh wala ring sense. hindi naman kailangan magpalibre o makalibre parati kapag inalok. dapat may timing kayo kaya...) ayun...nung palabas na ako at nagpaalam sa mga taga landbank...sambit ni federico. sige next time, di mo na kailangan pumila... talagang hindi na ako pipila.

3rd entry

Moral of the story:
1) nadiskubre ko na siguro kaya ko nagawa lahat ng yong hospitality at friendliness na yun dahil sa dugo kong pilipino. kung umiral siguro dugong intsek ko eh di ko yun pinansin at sinabing mahal ang oras ko or kaya naman eh pagkakitaan ko matapos ang pagtulong. well, inisip ko nga ang mga ganitong situation pero hindi worth it.

2) hindi na ako magaactive sa circuit next year. pahirapan sa undergrad research project at sa darating na pinakamahirap kong sem dahil sa pinakamatrabaho pero masaya na sem. may 53 - para sa difficulty, may mga electives para sa fun pero sobrang matrabaho kasi isasabay pa sa coe115. nakita ko rin ang tcg ko. kumuha ako nung dapat ituloy ko yung P&G pero nagbago nga kasi isip ko...dahil madami pang kelangan gawin...ayun..1.78 ang total gwa at nakita ko ang progress ng gwa ko for every sem. first year first sem 1.21 something...then sa mga sumunod na sem...magkahalong kabobohan (2.7something nung bumagsak ako ng 23) at mga average at good examples (mga 2 - 1.5 averages) at dun nalang nag laro ang grades ko for the past 3 sems. 1.5, 1.7, 1.66...ayun...1.78...sobrang lapit na sa 1.75 at cum laude na.

at dahil nga pangarap kong grumaduate with honors...nararapat ang nararapat. kung di ko makamtan yun, itatatwa ko lahat ng mga ginawang kong choice. (tama ba yung itatatwa...) sayang ang bago kong connectiones sa landbank...hindi ko maisusulit.

oh well, marami pa namang withdrawals na darating. =) sa total na mkukuha na pera for sa ngayon ay 165,000 pesos (yey! malapit na sa 200,000...ang talagang pinangarap ko nung tumakbo ako na makuha for squeeeze na pera - may darating pa...actually nakuha na siya in a way kasi may reg pa from schools.) kaya nasabi ko kanina na talagang hindi na ako pipila...

ewan ko ba kung ano ang choice ng pagpili ng bangko talaga ng mga tao. ang inisip ko kasi ay yung interest or marr or irr or whatever na natutunan ko sa ce ang dapat na choice. pero hindi naman siguro aware run yung mga tao...tsaka sa competition ng mga bangko, i dont think malaki yung difference between the rates they could offer...ang mga bangko na pinagkakatiwalan namin...banco de oro (kami ni mama for atm), rcbc (para sa family savings account) at pnb para sa family savings din. basta nasa tatlong bangkong ito kami nagtitiwala...bakit kaya walang landbank? anong meron sa landbank?

ayun. buti naman at nakamit ko na rin ang isa sa mga pinaka aim ko nuong nagsimula ako mangampanya...bakit nuon lang? ewan. hehehe secret.

3)dahil din sa pagbabasa ko ng bob ong: bakit baligtad magbasa... kaya ko nasabi na hospitality or filipino bloodline ang umiral nung tumulong ako sa teller ng bangko...pero dahil din sa bob ong narealize ko na...or rather, naisip ko na...meron pa pala akong choice para pumili kung ano ba talaga ang gusto ko maging. dahil according to bob ong at sa mga obserbasyon niya ng opinion ng ibang ako rin...naisip ko na rin to...hindi clear ang identity ng mga pilipino. walang something distinct sa culture...paano pa pag dumating na ang globalisasyon? sino na ang mga pilipino...haay...malungkot man sa tingin niyo na aminin ko pero ang iniisip ko sa mga ganyang pagkakataon...buti nalang half chinese ako. shet...ang lungkot no...

4) natanong ni maam guev yung pag punta sa ibang bansa ng mga IT specialists natin. cursor ang kausap...basta...the point is...iniisip ko that time...kasi nagbabasa rin ako ng bob ong at napahinto lang sa pagbasa dahil sa natanong...sino nga ba ang gusto pang manatili dito sa pilipinas? ang naisip kong di yung mga taong yumayaman at kumikita sa bansang ito. lahat lang naman ng mga nangingibang bansa ay napagdesisyunan ng wala ng oportunidad dito sa pilipinas. pero i think of it in a positive way...they "could" come back soon after theyve established themselves to create the necessary opportunities for other filipinos. well, the possiblity of could come back is way better than staying here and letting your family get hungry and stupid because your sons/daughters are unable to study.

tapos na po.
my sister is arriving tomorrow! yes! ano kaya pasalubong niya sa akin. sana bagong relos...hehehehehe...

sino ang mas materialistic? chinese filipino or yung pure blooded filipinos (kung meron pa nga bang pure blood.)

Monday, February 12, 2007

rekindling good times

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ps2 = good old times.

reminiscing the days of relentless game play.
leaving the ps2 turned on during sleep - 13 hours just so you can continue where you left off - you felt sleepy even before the save point came up.
addiction at its worst.

even bought 2 new games just because i "didnt want to finish" the other games - because they'll take too long to finish.

went to greenhills to hit two birds with one stone. 1 is to please mom by having the dog's hair cut. 2 is to buy the games at greenhills.
-wasnt sure if tiendesitas had any ps2 games for sale. so why take the risk. =) mom's dilemma seems to have affected me as well. my mom fears that we may have to have the pipes changed - which means - reconstruction. i wonder as well how a household with two members in it consume 2000 pesos worth of water. no answer for that but a leak --- i guess.

my sister's coming home this fifteenth. i'll be their driver for the wedding this coming saturday.

up fair. i've already asked my mom's permission to allow me to stay the night at up diliman. thank god i dont really have that much to do on wednesday. oh yeah. i should go to accenture this coming saturday. i have to ready the layout of the sponsors.

note note note.

havent done my ee275 and eee51 homework. been playing ps2. tsk tsk tsk. but to make up for lost time. im going to be studying soon after i finish typing up this entry.


time to hustle.

tomorrow will be the longest day.

[migrated from livejournal]

tomorrow has not even started yet it already has for me...

here i am doing my eee51 homework (blogging ? - i am entitled to short breaks am i not?!) anyway...yes...eee 51 homework.

then i have to wake up 6am to get to class on time ce 22 - 7am.

after that. i have to go to electrobus to pick up the check for squeeeze 2007 sponsorship.

after that. eee51 class - homework submission. i hope i dont get held up at quezon avenue due to traffic or something

after that. i have to go to cubao to deliver the billing statement and moa to accenture...then they have to send it to makati...then sometime after i have to go back to makati to get the check...haay.

after that. if i still have the time, i have to get the dean's recommendation as requested by canon. i have till next week to finish this. gosh...if we only had our OR

after that. i have eee105 class. i hope sir bob cuts short his lecture...i dont think ill be up to, im reminded of our surprise quiz last sobrang nasurprise ako kasi the quiz relied entirely on your knowledge of eee21...when was that -? 2 years ago.

after that. i have another class - ece god! why does the new lesson have to include math 114 knowledge? that's like the "damned" math subject. it's the worst math ever. I don't like it - wait. stop this mentality...believe you liked/like it and everything will be okay...hahaha...but seriously, that's the worst math subject ive ever taken. it's the only math subject that i never really appreciated...but come on! i love math...but bases and subsets etc etc...damn.

after that. eoea. i hope by this time im not all sweaty yet. after the excursions to panay and cubao...i seriously hope not.

after that. i volunteered for UP fair. and my tuesday will officially end 5am. about burn out.
then come wednesday...a little bit of rest and then marketing. i have to accomplish canon asap!

on a side note:
im just so glad that other people are starting to realize the evil person you are hahaha...sounds so highschool. but seriously, im glad other people are starting to hate you...because...that's how much i hate you. i wish the whole world - or eee - will hate you...

on another side note:
nope. hindi ikaw si lc. pero malapit na sa tunog. hahahah. "good morning pogi." yuck.