Saturday, February 17, 2007

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this week is marked as another hell week in my calendar.
and my answer to this is my so-called "isolation"

well, not totally academic isolation. i have my extra curricular duties - of course. i have to juggle my time as well to prepare CANON billing - the most work...i hope ASTEC doesnt ask for such committment as CANON did. then...come thursday...I have to go to some companies to get the money...or rather - check. much more companies that need to be visited. Wait, let me come up with my list for future reference. I'm too lazy to actually get up and write it on something:
1) ASTEC (Confirm check pick up date)
2) MERALCO (Confirm check pick up date)
3) CANON (ready dean's recommendation, financial report, and certificate of recognition)
4) ACCENTURE (Follow up on check pick up)
5) Click the City (Theyve upped SquEEEze 2007 posting - next week will be pick up day)
6) URC - nova, potato chips, teazz (Pick their stuff up next week)
7) Studio 23. (MUST FOLLOW UP TOMORROW - MONDAY - which is actually today.)
8) WebPhilippines (Follow up on free web hosting for next year - Follow up on ads for sponsors - Follow up on ex-deal)
9) 97.1 - no more! hahaha...barangay radio? did i hear that right?
10) I feel like ive forgotten something...
11) T3! Pick up the subscription prize for the winners.

Hmm...Well, since ive marketed so much. At least, I can allot gas funds for myself hehehehe...Well, I do have to go to makati, pasig, mandaluyong. I will have fun planning this things out...


12) Sponsor Booths...I have to confirm it with the companies who have confirmed if they're going to setup some booths...
13) Again...I feel like ive forgotten something...Nevermind. I have later to remember...

Haay...Precious mondays...oh my poor precious least...there's only two weeks left...wait...I remmeber! Today - or later will be the last day that I will be doing follow ups! Hahahaha...yes! Next monday, I will allot my time to do pick ups...

Thank God...SquEEEze 2007 is 2 saturdays from now...after that...yey! Liberation at last.


I can start discovering other things in life that can make me, experience, fun...

All the prospects ahead...I can almost see them...graduation! Yey!


but for now, one of the toughest weeks yet is coming.

Aside from this extracurricular activities:
a) eee 51 second exam. i just have to really perform well and everything will be A-OKAY. Im confident enough to have done well in the first, i was able to do the assignment by myself...and correctly if i may add - due to boylestead (not sure with the spelling)

b) eee105 exam. time to really catch up on my readings.

c) ce22 exam...this coming tueday...pnakakelangan bumawi. not that i failed or anything...but i have been given the chance to be exempted so i must make the most out of it.

d) ece141 exam....i still have no clue on how i did. i know i did a couple of slips here and there...not sure how partial doc m can get. partial points that is. hahaha....

e) ee275...i hope that one missed quiz doesnt amount to so much for a class that meets only once a week. i badly need at least 1.5 in this subject to pull up my other subjects...master of balance!

f) eee52...hmm...what can i say? i missed out one class...i was too exhausted from the fair. sorry michelle...

end. better start hustling...

Oh yeah...meron pang irc stuff. but ive got that planned out. tuesday night will be spent in irc...doing my rrl...this will be after my ce22 exam. second irc overnight? or is this the third...remind myself - ready the permit

hmm...i feel that i need a planner or something but i never really have the follow through with planners.

oh yeah. my sister arrived last thursday...i proxied for someone i dont know for my sister's bestfriend wedding. and yung proxy ba naman eh ninong! my God! hehehe...just so that my mom would have a partner. I even have to go up the stage to have the pictures taken kasi nga proxy ako. Haay...I even shook the hands of the wedded couple as a ninong. I dont know what got into me. hahaha...If this had happened a couple of year back...I dont think I would have had the appropriate kapal ng mukha. I would have been too shy...

Well, I think I still have some of it left. At the reception, I dared not to even sit at the ninong's table hahaha... HAHAHAHAH...I sat with my sister's barkada.

Oh well. another fun experience. except that it was awfully hot outside and driving home was like shit...head ache, sweat. thank you for aircons.

Para sa mga friends ko. hehehe...sorry kung no show muna ako.
Siguro after ng 51 pwede tayo manuod ng troika. (salamat kay monde at sa kanyang blog kaya ko nalaman ang tungkol dito) hehehe...or pwede sigurong hintayin nating lumabas sa fi...if not...then pwede naman tayo maglakwatsa elsewhere....ang dahilan ng lahat ng ito...

kelangan bumawi at pataasin ang GWA....otherwise known as...pagdidisiplina sa sarili...or pagtuwid sa baluktot na pamamaraan...or pwede ring...pagtahak ng daan patungong cum laude. hahaha...

Hindi ko alam kung itetake ko to positively...kasi mababa ang result ng first exam ko sa ce...relatively...below mean eh...sabi ko ganyan ganun ganyan ganun - na kelangan ko magaral mabuti...kasi kelangan ko eh.

sabi ba naman ng kausap ko. okay lang yan...magaling ka naman bumawi.

na inisip ko na oo nga...marami na akong ganyang experience...kasi sa totoo lang...kadalasan nasusurprise ako sa 1st exams kasi i dont know what to expect...pero humahataw sa mga sumunod na exam kaya mataas parin ang average na nakukuha ko...i.e...eee 25 (halos maiyak ako sa kabobohan ko nung first exam...pero solve na sa mga sumunod...), eee 31 (ang unang exam sa buong buhay ko na nakakuha ako ng grade na 20 something - nabawi at naka 2.25 pa)...

tipz = comeback kid. hahaha...

well...ayaw ko namang maturingang ganyan dahil lang sa circumstance. hmm...kelangan ko nalang siguro siyang i prove wrong....kelangan may follow through ang eee51 pati uhm...yung ibang subjects. basta merong goal in mind kayang kaya.

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