Saturday, March 5, 2011

[Random] $_$

I've been in Singapore a little over (by a few hours) a month.

And the salary just came in last night - prorated though.

The first thing I did with my salary was top up my transportation card with money. 50sgd should last me 3-weeks to a month I think, more if I use taxis more often.

I don't really plan to buy much of anything just to celebrate.
There's nothing around really that I want ... or it's they're still too expensive more my salary range.

So anyway, I was planning at least to go to the city center (Ngee Ann City Mall) to check out a belt from Kenneth Cole, but as it happens, an issue came up so I had to set up my laptop to troubleshoot the issue, and then it started raining. Too bad.

So after finishing the issue a few minutes ago, I decided to go stroll around the malls here in the tampines area, and I was happy to find a Swatch outlet. With this in stock:

So, now while working again on an issue (im on call as well for the weekend), i'm contemplating on whether i should get the watch or not.

And on the side I guess, buy more long sleeve polos so I have more options to clothe myself with an of course, reduce the hassle of having to do regular laundry so I will actually have something to wear.

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