Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CH36: Japan Japan!

I'm quite saddened with what has happened in Japan.
I am happy though that my friends are safe.

I hope that the nuclear scare dies down soon, so relief efforts can be organized for the more important matters - that is - relief and rehabilitation for people affected by the tsunami. So many families without homes, so many people who lost their livelihood, etc etc.

I can't even begin to imagine if such situation happened to the Philippines...

Aside from the concern over Japan, well, I can't allow myself to become spent worrying for and empathizing with the people in Japan. I have my own struggles to deal with ... first and foremost is of course, my mom.

I'm so happy that a couple of my friends were at least able to visit her after her surgery - on my behalf.
Although, haha, as I called my mom last night, she still wasnt able to open the card my friends gave her.

So anyway, life must move on, money needs to be earned. The world continues spinning.

PS: I don't believe in 2012. ,

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