Friday, March 30, 2012

WB4: IPhone, IOS, IPad dictionary

I'm quite shocked that all my friends using iOS devices don't know the dictionary function of the iPhone. I can't remember when I happened upon it, but I'm quite sure it's a long time ago.

So just tap a word, click on the arrow beside suggestion and you'll see define. Instant dictionary. Doesn't even need 3G or any Internet connection.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Random] MDNA: Girl Gone Wild

I can't decide which of the two remixes I like better.

This one is with Avicii. It's not a studio release - but from a music festival. In the video recordings, it's actually Madonna who's doing the intro.

And this is one is from someone I don't know

The remix from Avicii takes me to a beach party. The experience and mix will not sound as well if it had been performed in an enclosed space. Swaying to the beats with drunken abandon away from the mosh pit. Or perhaps even inside the mosh pit along with other sweaty drunks - becoming one with the music. Yes, yes, very Zoukout.

The one from Justin Cognito feels "Avalon-ish" or maybe even Zirca. It feels just right imagining grooving to the tune in an enclosed space but with high ceilings. Great song to scan the club's crowd and look for that random stranger who you fancy. And yes, I'll leave it to you to imagine what happens next. Hahaha.

I just realized that the concept of "openness" to the listening environment suits the song probably because of the lyrics? Gone wild doesn't seem fit to be grooved on to in a confined space - your bathroom for instance.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CH82: Just like that

In 4 hours, I would be smoke free for 1 week straight.

I haven't had any serious craving to puff a ciggie. As I mentioned, the only change I've noticed so far is the sweet tooth I had over the weekend. And, it's not present now. But, I think there's been an increase in appetite.

Now, though, I'm not sure what my stand is on smoking.
On the reasons for quitting:
1. Do more in terms of physical activity
2. Live longer (hypothetical so this can be disregarded)
2. Have better oral hygiene?
3. ...
I'm having a hard time trying to enumerate my reasons for quitting because frankly those two are the only ones I could think of for myself. The other reasons that I was able to think of are textbook answers.

Well, as for the reason not to quit, I also can't think of any. I feel that if I give any reasons here, then it might be mistaken for "the nicotine/addiction" talking. Hmm, quite frankly, I miss the "calm" that courses through you as the smoke drifts in and out of the lungs and the "hagod."

So I'm a bit torn. Was I ever really addicted to smoking? Or was my addiction regulated? I've been smoking for 8 years and several months and the most I can finish is 1 pack in 2-3 days. It never really blew out of proportion as to finish 1 pack in a day. But then again, those numbers are relative.

So, I'm entertaining thoughts like, hey, perhaps there is such a thing as an occasional smoker, social smoker? They did say live life right? And in certain social events, "ang sarap kaya magyosi - lalo na pag inuman." Well, let's see. For now, my thought is to detox for the upcoming run. Maybe it's the nicotine dependency talking right now - trying to justify getting back into the habit...

Monday, March 26, 2012

CH81: Prerequisite

It's been 4 days 21 hours since I last had a puff of cigarette.
The only effect I've seen so far is an intense sweet tooth. Over the weekend, I gorged on ice cream bars I would have winced on the first bite. I had 1 magnum classic, 1 haagen dazs vanilla almond, 1 magnum hazelnut last Saturday alone. Sunday, I had to have my fill with Magnum Gold.

Despite the sweet tooth, I've noticed an improvement in terms of performance in the sports and activities I'm involved in. I managed to swim faster given that shorter breaks in between laps. I ran faster and finished my first 10km run. (I posted on the two social networking sites I'm on: 10.02km, 1hr1min13secs).

I shared this to one of my friends here in the office, and she told me to step it up and do 21km. It so happens that there's an upcoming race here in Singapore - Sundown Marathon. It's my kind of race. For one, it will happen at night. I don't like running during the day because of the heat - you get paranoid hearing about people who suffered heat stroke or got a heart attack. So just a while ago, I finished up my registration so that there's no turning back.

CH80: Primal Fears

My fear of dogs has been heightened since coming here in Singapore. Backtracking a bit, the root of this fear I think stems from two incidents that happened when I was younger.

1. While my friends from Mandaluyong (yes, we used to live in Mandaluyong before we moved to QC) and I were playing in the Building 2 yard (the compound had 5 buildings and we lived in Building 2), the dog from the second floor was loose then. We were playing 'siato' if I remember correctly. The 'taya' who chased the 'pato' didnt see the dog and accidentally hit it during his run to the pato. Naturally, the dog got angry and chased him. He got bit on the ass. Luckily one of the owners of the dog was playing with us so, the dog didnt get to do much damage.

2. 7-11 used to be a big thing when I was younger. When one 7-11 opened along Boni Avenue, my bestfriend and I frequented the place for an afternoon snack - comprised of a slurpy and the hotdog sandwich combo they sold there. One time when we were walking back home, from afar I already saw a dog that was looking staring at us with mad intent. I shrugged it off since the dog was on its leash with the owner holding on. When we got close, the dog looked hungry. When we were about several feet away, the dog suddenly started barking and when my bestfriend and I looked back, it got loose from its owner and was after us. Or rather it was after my bestfriend who was thinner. The owner managed to grab the dog across the street where my friend ran off to. It's quite funny that it took me several seconds to realize I wasnt being chased and my friend went a different way - and I had time to marvel at the thought that my friend was chased because he was skeletal thin.

The fear of dogs subsided thoroughly when we owned our own dog - Gringo.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CH79: Causality

The answer finally came this morning.
It is easier to forgive than to hate.
And for that, I forgive - you.
To be fair, it is not because of the circumstance I'm in right now which led to this turn around.
But, after piecing things together, it's the most logical of logical conclusions to come to.

In the context of causality, hate is the precursor of forgiveness.
To hold on to hate means to live life with burden.
A burden that can only be lifted through forgiveness.

In general, if you think about it, all the negativities we experience are indefinite.
It is within our control (to some extent) though to dictate on their existence.

Anger, annoyance, contempt, disgust, irritation, anxiety, fear, loneliness
Doubt, envy, frustration, despair, sadness, hurt, stress, boredom

Most of the above are within our control. By ourselves, we can overpower those negative emotions.
We are in control whether we let them fester, or to swallow the bitter pill and turn to good.
Others though may require outside intervention by friends and family.
But of course, acknowledging and accepting the problem - instead of denying - is the first step.
Again, that is within our control.

And yes, I can be a bit of a control-freak.

Monday, March 19, 2012

CH78: Unexpected Arousals

Arousal 1: Matters of Aging
Before I left the house earlier, when I looked at the mirror an unexpected thought came to mind.
"I look forward to seeing how my hair will turn gray."
Brief images of George Clooney's peppered hair came to mind.

It got me wondering why I had that bout of thought.
Well, for one, expectedly, my birthday is coming soon.
But it's not that.
It doesn't even make sense to relate it to the other previous entries.

But instead of trying to unravel that mystery, I realized that it's good that I had a positive outlook to growing old. I welcomed the thoughts of unexpected changes that come with age.

I do hope I age gracefully.

More arousals:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

CH77: Truly Madly

I'll be your dream - I'll be your wish - I'll be your fantasy. I'll be your hope - I'll be your love - Be everything that you need - I'll love you more with every breath - Truly madly deeply do...

Friday, March 16, 2012

CH76: Quote Unquote

"What will I do without you." 
-You will never be without me :)
If that's your wish, then let's plan it along. :)
If you tell me not too, then I won't.
I don't think I'll meet anyone else I'm willing to commit to. Just you.

CH75: Twitterpated


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CH74: So Excited

Yesterday went like "I got this feeling coming coming over me..."

Now it's:

"I've been watching you, I like those little moves you make...
Said I'm feeling you, Tell me ..are you feeling me too
I'd like to know your name but Im so scared,
Afraid of what you might say...
But if I dont ever see you again, can't let you just walk away...

Now you're approaching me, excuse me can I know your name?
Took the opportunity, and now we're standing here face to face
it's amazing that ur so beautiful tell me are u really real
and you say you wanna see me again u have been watchin me too
i'm so excited excited excited excited!"

It's that nice warm fuzzy feeling.
Or maybe it's because I woke up early today (about 45 minutes earlier?) - to do some lap swimming. Managed to finish 40 laps in the condominium's 12.5m infinity pool.

Avicii's tracks are becoming more and more the soundtrack of my life.

I'm so excited.

Monday, March 12, 2012

CH73: Feeling

Avicii put his spin on this track, but there's no youtube track to share. The essence is similar, but Avicii made it more electronic, and the bass is not as heavy.

Its lyrics go like:

I'm taking flight
There's no way I'm coming down today
We could go all night and rock til the break of day
Can you feel the temperature rising up
With my people all around and we're rising up

I got this feeling coming (coming) over me
I got it, I got it, I got it
I got that feeling

It's nice to have that feeling.
Lots of good things coming, that have come, and gone.
Oh, and of course, let's not forget the people. New friends and -
Excited for the next few weeks to cap it off with a sojourn to Bangkok first week of April for some R&R before starting a new work and leaving quarter-life behind for start of the next quarter!

Friday, March 9, 2012

CH72: Young And On Fire

I thought I would have already been over the song from FUN covered by Glee (Refer to this entry). But, apparently, it still strikes a chord.

I miss my friends.

I've been listening to this song on repeat again for almost half the day. I happened upon it on Facebook - when a friend posted a different music video released from FUN.

While listening to it, I drift off to a day dream where my friends and I visit La Union again and go surfing or just getting some sun. Chill days. I was actually conceptualizing making a Barkada music video with this song as the BG music. Oh, how cool it would be to do that trip with a road trip. Cruising NLEX, SCTEX and whatever that highway is that courses through North Luzon.

I thought initially on the first few years of working, that adults were wrong when they said you will eventually miss college and the relative enchantment you experience in college. But now, soon to be working 4 years (April 16, 2012), I miss the days when I have nothing else to worry about except getting good grades and planning my social calendar and attending to the finances of the organization I was in (I was in the Finance and Marketing committee from first year to fourth then inactive on my fifth).

There's something about that song. I become disillusioned with the realization that I thought I wouldn't miss my college days or enjoy corporate life more. But I'm not generalizing the experience for everyone. Maybe because my family lives a comfortable life. For others who manage to graduate and get a decent work in the Philippines, it's the start of the upward trend in means of living.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CH71: Resignation

If only life had a fastforward and rewind button, wouldn't it be easier?
Wrong choices can be made right.
Correct choices can be fastforward-ed to see the outcome and reap the results - skip over the nasty.
No more uncertainties. Life will be much more fluid as we know it.

I just submitted my resignation today. I submitted 2 resignation letters actually.
One addressed to my manager here in Infineon, the other one I sent to my agency.
30 days notice. 28 days actually, because I plan to use two earned leaves as annual leaves - because I am to start on the 9th of April with my new work.

April 9. Yes. Two days before my birthday.
So I plan to make the most out of the long weekend and leaves. I should book for tickets to wherever. I need that escape to refresh myself. I'm thinking Bali right now as the most feasible destination. Thailand, I figured will be pretty crowded with Filipino vacationers. Siem Reap ticket prices are about 600 sgd round trip - so, maybe next time. The limited flights going in and out is also a bit of a downer.

Now, it's counting down time and waiting for the tics and tocs of the clock. The awkward X days notice.

Time will tell if I'm making the right or wrong decision. But, the now feels like it's right. The same feeling I had when I left IBM before. But the last time, it was more for job security. Perhaps it's alright then - the decision I made to leave IBM before because I wouldn't have been able to go on a very long vacation in New Zealand if I was stayed in IBM. Nor would I be able to go back and work on my preferred account had I not left. Working in Infineon also allowed me to go full throttle on the active lifestyle I started living. That matter is still uncertain if I would be able to sustain given the workload I hear from my former colleagues (soon to be colleagues again). But I figured, I can just substitute more runs instead and go around the Marina Bay reservoir should I miss swimming. Add to that, there is TrueYoga in Raffles, so I have no excuse to skip class.

For now, I soak myself in revelry. Looking forward to things to come and for things to change.
For now, I look forward to becoming thoroughly busy. A multi-tasking corporate slave I always envisioned myself to be.
For now, I look forward to the change in salary.
*The pay increase tantamount to 1 fresh grad's average entry salary in an MNC in the PH* :)

Life is like a role-playing-game. Customize your character to suit your preference and win the game.

Monday, March 5, 2012

CH70: Drowning

For no particular reason - as I'd like to believe so - I'm sharing another video from Avicii (Drowning ft. Lauren)

In a month and less than a week's time, I'm turning 26. Unlike before where I dread the coming of age - the depressing feeling of turning a year old has not yet arrived. In fact, I actually look forward to it.

One reason I guess is because of the more active lifestyle I've adopted. Last week, my schedule went like:

M - yoga, T - body combat, W - 30 laps swim, Th - 7km run, F - 20 laps swim, S - dragonboat, Su - dragonboat

I realized that if I can't fit yoga and running on the same day, then I'd just skip on the allotted 2 rest days.

I've been drowning on endorphin, you could say. Yesterday, after the early morning dragonboat training, I took a supposed power nap (which became a 3 hour forty-winks). I blame the endorphin for making me spend about 250 sgd on items I had no plans of buying. After dropping by Ikea Alexandra to buy a 100 sgd gift voucher for my couple friends - I was only supposed to look for a rash guard to use for my dragonboat. But, being in the vicinity of the outlet stores Anchorage and the other one, I ended up buying a board shorts at Billabong, a new dyed t-shirt with a japanese flag and 2 Levi's polo shirt. The endorphin also caused me to call Sunday a cheat day and decided to try the Wasabi Fillet-O-Fish from McDonald's.

Yes, blame it on the hormones.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

SS2: Todai

Last February 24, 2012, I met my colleagues from IBM at Todai @ Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes. It was a some-sort-of despedida for one of our colleague (overall team lead/project lead when we worked on Schneider-Electric) as she is taking on a new role in IBM.

Anyway, the post is not about that, but more of to share the experience I had at Todai - and eating at a buffet given the dietary measures I'm taking up for a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Overall, I would rate Todai as 3.5/5 stars. I am comparing it to Circles and Spiral.
The price of the dinner is about 68 SGD nett. So, that's about 2380 - assuming an exchange rate of 35 pesos/sgd. Circles and Spiral, I believe are priced about the same - or close. But the overall number of dishes and dessert offerings is noticeably less than what is offered in Circles and Spiral. In terms of sophistication of dishes offered, Circles and Spiral had a better assortment.