Friday, March 9, 2012

CH72: Young And On Fire

I thought I would have already been over the song from FUN covered by Glee (Refer to this entry). But, apparently, it still strikes a chord.

I miss my friends.

I've been listening to this song on repeat again for almost half the day. I happened upon it on Facebook - when a friend posted a different music video released from FUN.

While listening to it, I drift off to a day dream where my friends and I visit La Union again and go surfing or just getting some sun. Chill days. I was actually conceptualizing making a Barkada music video with this song as the BG music. Oh, how cool it would be to do that trip with a road trip. Cruising NLEX, SCTEX and whatever that highway is that courses through North Luzon.

I thought initially on the first few years of working, that adults were wrong when they said you will eventually miss college and the relative enchantment you experience in college. But now, soon to be working 4 years (April 16, 2012), I miss the days when I have nothing else to worry about except getting good grades and planning my social calendar and attending to the finances of the organization I was in (I was in the Finance and Marketing committee from first year to fourth then inactive on my fifth).

There's something about that song. I become disillusioned with the realization that I thought I wouldn't miss my college days or enjoy corporate life more. But I'm not generalizing the experience for everyone. Maybe because my family lives a comfortable life. For others who manage to graduate and get a decent work in the Philippines, it's the start of the upward trend in means of living.

And getting back to my Resignation entry, yes, I've already resigned from my current employment and will be here until the 3rd of April.

A lot of people from the Filipino community I usually hang out with over lunch were apparently shocked. Some sentiments were like:

"Kababago bago mo palang aalis ka na"
"Ginamit mo lang sigurong stepping stone ang IFX."

But, I don't bother to really explain the whole side. Of course, in resignations, the reasons if expounded, will end up having some people's toes stepped on. And I don't want that. I don't want to be casting anyone a bad light.

But my reasons are simple:
1. I am not learning enough or haven't learned anything new to make me comfortable about my CV after the employment is over. I feel like if I stick through and finish the year, a lot of good opportunities (or better opportunities at that) would have gone by - and I will no longer be up to date with the volatile IT-SAP Basis market.

2. The work I do in IFX is limited to the application level only. The scope of managing the operating system and database aspect of the SAP application is outsourced to vendors. This would be a complementary reason to 1.

3. I know the kind of work Ill do in the company I'm moving to - and I know, despite how hard it will be, that it's the right direction I want to be going.

The employment arrangement is also different. I'm going to be under IAS - International Applications Solutions. It's an IBM subsidiary. So, it's like IBM's recruiting arm. So, in a way, I'm under IBM directly unlike previous cases where there's an agency. Well, IAS is some sort of agency but an agency under IBM. So, although contractual, it's contractual under IBM.

Money was not the bait. It's only a bonus.

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