Monday, March 26, 2012

CH81: Prerequisite

It's been 4 days 21 hours since I last had a puff of cigarette.
The only effect I've seen so far is an intense sweet tooth. Over the weekend, I gorged on ice cream bars I would have winced on the first bite. I had 1 magnum classic, 1 haagen dazs vanilla almond, 1 magnum hazelnut last Saturday alone. Sunday, I had to have my fill with Magnum Gold.

Despite the sweet tooth, I've noticed an improvement in terms of performance in the sports and activities I'm involved in. I managed to swim faster given that shorter breaks in between laps. I ran faster and finished my first 10km run. (I posted on the two social networking sites I'm on: 10.02km, 1hr1min13secs).

I shared this to one of my friends here in the office, and she told me to step it up and do 21km. It so happens that there's an upcoming race here in Singapore - Sundown Marathon. It's my kind of race. For one, it will happen at night. I don't like running during the day because of the heat - you get paranoid hearing about people who suffered heat stroke or got a heart attack. So just a while ago, I finished up my registration so that there's no turning back.

Right now I'm following the schedule at the top:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Hot Yoga Body Combat Swim (30 laps) Run (5-7km) Rest/Swim/Run Dragonboat DB/rest/swim/run
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Hot Yoga Body Combat Swim (30 laps) FDS Circuit Training Swim (20-30 laps) Dragonboat Run (>10km)
      (inclusive of run)      

But I plan to shift it up a bit to the one below. It doesn't seem much different though. Just that the new one includes the grueling stations of circuit training during FDS Thursdays. And also - that inclusion of a >10km run on Sundays.

Registering for the 21km is also in partiality to really quit smoking. Right now, I haven't had any serious cravings. The last thoughts I had when I had my last stick was:

Thought 1: My last smoke should be memorable! So I would not regret quitting!
Thought 2: Hey, that seems counter intuitive. The last smoke should not be memorable at all! Otherwise, there will always be something "good" to return to and get back on habit.

Some side comments on the transitions:
Fat -> Yoga -> Lose Weight -> Yoga + Swim -> Lose Weight -> Yoga+Swim+Jog+Dragonboat -> Tone -> Yoga+Swim+Run+Dragonboat+CircuitTraining -> ?

I'm enjoying the active lifestyle. But, it comes at a compromise I guess - for one, I havent gone back to reviewing for the reason I bought my Ipad for. But, que sera! Do what makes you happy and live life!
Hahaha, just kidding, my theme for my 26th year in this world is "Playtime is over, kid." So, yes, that certification should be accomplished before the year ends, and money to be used for stock play should be available as well by July.

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