Monday, March 5, 2012

CH70: Drowning

For no particular reason - as I'd like to believe so - I'm sharing another video from Avicii (Drowning ft. Lauren)

In a month and less than a week's time, I'm turning 26. Unlike before where I dread the coming of age - the depressing feeling of turning a year old has not yet arrived. In fact, I actually look forward to it.

One reason I guess is because of the more active lifestyle I've adopted. Last week, my schedule went like:

M - yoga, T - body combat, W - 30 laps swim, Th - 7km run, F - 20 laps swim, S - dragonboat, Su - dragonboat

I realized that if I can't fit yoga and running on the same day, then I'd just skip on the allotted 2 rest days.

I've been drowning on endorphin, you could say. Yesterday, after the early morning dragonboat training, I took a supposed power nap (which became a 3 hour forty-winks). I blame the endorphin for making me spend about 250 sgd on items I had no plans of buying. After dropping by Ikea Alexandra to buy a 100 sgd gift voucher for my couple friends - I was only supposed to look for a rash guard to use for my dragonboat. But, being in the vicinity of the outlet stores Anchorage and the other one, I ended up buying a board shorts at Billabong, a new dyed t-shirt with a japanese flag and 2 Levi's polo shirt. The endorphin also caused me to call Sunday a cheat day and decided to try the Wasabi Fillet-O-Fish from McDonald's.

Yes, blame it on the hormones.

Given that my new passport is arriving on the 15th of March, and some things that may happen with regards to the career, I might not be able to go to the Philippines yet - for my dental care and birthday. So, since there's a long holiday coming up on the weekend of April 5, I'm thinking of maybe going to either Bali or Siem Reap. Take my much needed R&R - or an early birthday celebration perhaps.

It's a bit of a hassle being an overseas FILIPINO worker to go back to the Philippines. Given that I'll have a new passport, I have to update a lot of things here in terms of employment permits etc and OEC. With the pending career 'happening', more so the complications. I wish they would make it easier for us OFW to just go home as easily without having to go through the bureaucratic bullshit. Although, yes, they have made some improvements on the process - but it's still a bullshit process nonetheless.

Last week, I also received an SMS from Singtel informing me that they are taking pre-orders for the coming Diablo 3 game. Having played the first and second Diablo release, as well as anticipating the release of the third, I ordered of course.

89 sgd for the box set. I'm still contemplating right now how I will be able to fit gaming into the recent lifestyle change.

While on my way back home yesterday, I was contemplating on creating a program that will produce a password to be an input to unlock the application (Diablo 3). The program will need an input of workout details to produce the password. But then I realize, if I just time manage and plan things accordingly, I would be saving much more time than having to program that.

Sistic opened it's sales in advance for AMEX card holders. The website experienced such heavy traffic. When I was trying to book then, one moment there were still seats left for the 150sgd priced tickets, the next there's none and the previously sold out 180sgd tickets suddenly had seats available.

And then I realized, the advance ticket selling was not open to third party AMEX providers (DBS, POSB, etc). So, I wasted some time trying when i was not eligible in the first place.

The next thing I know, the tickets for the May 28 show were sold out. Luckily, the organizers were able to talk it out - and there's going to be another show on the 29th! So on the actual day of the ticket sales, I managed to book 3 188sgd tickets for the May 29 show! I was initially hesitant to book for the standing section, but what the hell, who cares about being tired! I managed to survive ZOUKOUT so I'm sure I can manage standing/dancing/headbanging/orwhatever for a couple of hours.

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