Thursday, March 29, 2012

[Random] MDNA: Girl Gone Wild

I can't decide which of the two remixes I like better.

This one is with Avicii. It's not a studio release - but from a music festival. In the video recordings, it's actually Madonna who's doing the intro.

And this is one is from someone I don't know

The remix from Avicii takes me to a beach party. The experience and mix will not sound as well if it had been performed in an enclosed space. Swaying to the beats with drunken abandon away from the mosh pit. Or perhaps even inside the mosh pit along with other sweaty drunks - becoming one with the music. Yes, yes, very Zoukout.

The one from Justin Cognito feels "Avalon-ish" or maybe even Zirca. It feels just right imagining grooving to the tune in an enclosed space but with high ceilings. Great song to scan the club's crowd and look for that random stranger who you fancy. And yes, I'll leave it to you to imagine what happens next. Hahaha.

I just realized that the concept of "openness" to the listening environment suits the song probably because of the lyrics? Gone wild doesn't seem fit to be grooved on to in a confined space - your bathroom for instance.


  1. I like both the Avicii and the Justin remixes. :D Tugs tugs!