Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CH82: Just like that

In 4 hours, I would be smoke free for 1 week straight.

I haven't had any serious craving to puff a ciggie. As I mentioned, the only change I've noticed so far is the sweet tooth I had over the weekend. And, it's not present now. But, I think there's been an increase in appetite.

Now, though, I'm not sure what my stand is on smoking.
On the reasons for quitting:
1. Do more in terms of physical activity
2. Live longer (hypothetical so this can be disregarded)
2. Have better oral hygiene?
3. ...
I'm having a hard time trying to enumerate my reasons for quitting because frankly those two are the only ones I could think of for myself. The other reasons that I was able to think of are textbook answers.

Well, as for the reason not to quit, I also can't think of any. I feel that if I give any reasons here, then it might be mistaken for "the nicotine/addiction" talking. Hmm, quite frankly, I miss the "calm" that courses through you as the smoke drifts in and out of the lungs and the "hagod."

So I'm a bit torn. Was I ever really addicted to smoking? Or was my addiction regulated? I've been smoking for 8 years and several months and the most I can finish is 1 pack in 2-3 days. It never really blew out of proportion as to finish 1 pack in a day. But then again, those numbers are relative.

So, I'm entertaining thoughts like, hey, perhaps there is such a thing as an occasional smoker, social smoker? They did say live life right? And in certain social events, "ang sarap kaya magyosi - lalo na pag inuman." Well, let's see. For now, my thought is to detox for the upcoming run. Maybe it's the nicotine dependency talking right now - trying to justify getting back into the habit...

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