Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CH71: Resignation

If only life had a fastforward and rewind button, wouldn't it be easier?
Wrong choices can be made right.
Correct choices can be fastforward-ed to see the outcome and reap the results - skip over the nasty.
No more uncertainties. Life will be much more fluid as we know it.

I just submitted my resignation today. I submitted 2 resignation letters actually.
One addressed to my manager here in Infineon, the other one I sent to my agency.
30 days notice. 28 days actually, because I plan to use two earned leaves as annual leaves - because I am to start on the 9th of April with my new work.

April 9. Yes. Two days before my birthday.
So I plan to make the most out of the long weekend and leaves. I should book for tickets to wherever. I need that escape to refresh myself. I'm thinking Bali right now as the most feasible destination. Thailand, I figured will be pretty crowded with Filipino vacationers. Siem Reap ticket prices are about 600 sgd round trip - so, maybe next time. The limited flights going in and out is also a bit of a downer.

Now, it's counting down time and waiting for the tics and tocs of the clock. The awkward X days notice.

Time will tell if I'm making the right or wrong decision. But, the now feels like it's right. The same feeling I had when I left IBM before. But the last time, it was more for job security. Perhaps it's alright then - the decision I made to leave IBM before because I wouldn't have been able to go on a very long vacation in New Zealand if I was stayed in IBM. Nor would I be able to go back and work on my preferred account had I not left. Working in Infineon also allowed me to go full throttle on the active lifestyle I started living. That matter is still uncertain if I would be able to sustain given the workload I hear from my former colleagues (soon to be colleagues again). But I figured, I can just substitute more runs instead and go around the Marina Bay reservoir should I miss swimming. Add to that, there is TrueYoga in Raffles, so I have no excuse to skip class.

For now, I soak myself in revelry. Looking forward to things to come and for things to change.
For now, I look forward to becoming thoroughly busy. A multi-tasking corporate slave I always envisioned myself to be.
For now, I look forward to the change in salary.
*The pay increase tantamount to 1 fresh grad's average entry salary in an MNC in the PH* :)

Life is like a role-playing-game. Customize your character to suit your preference and win the game.

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