Tuesday, May 29, 2012

CH92: Crossing the Line

...the finish line, that is.

Last Sunday, around 12:30 midnight, my friends and I embarked on a journey. A 21km long journey which started off slow because of the huge amount of people waiting to cross the starting line. It was nice though chatting with friends. Or maybe for them, it was more of me making fun of other people just to get the humour going and beat off the boredom.
An hour early. The people behind me are running 42km.

With SG friends.
More friends

Monday, May 21, 2012

CH91: On My Move, Lady Gaga, Bad Habits and Diablo 3

Moving House:
Last week was very hectic. I had to move transfer flat from the Balestier area to Lavender/Nicoll Highway. My decision on moving to a 650 SGD condo room to an 820 HDB room could be explained by the following:
1. The room (I was in) was supposed to be a common room but it felt and looked like a maid's room based on the size. It's about 1/5th of my room in the Philippines.
2. The commute to work was more than 30 minutes.
3. The rush hour in the MRT felt like PH rush hour.
the room. i hate that wardrobe. but it's very spacious (or the room i was in before is just too small)

There are pros and cons to moving. But I won't be discussing them in detail. But putting aside the negatives from the previous room, the pros with the new place - despite the higher price - are offset by the following:
1. The commute to work is comprised of a walk to the Nicoll Highway MRT (~4-5 mins), MRT to Marina Bay Station, walk to Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 2 (office).
2. The place where my dragon boat team loads up to paddle and where we do our land trainings is just a walk from home (~9-10 mins)

Only later did I learn of the other perks like a fiber optic connection:

my diablo 3 corner. that's an ikea lamp (i received from last christmas) I use for mood lighting

Friday, May 18, 2012

[Random] Collapse - defn: Nabagsakan Ng Barikada

In a very random occurrence, a barricade to close off the renovation of Tangs Orchard from pedestrians, fell on top of pedestrians.

Yes, I was one of those pedestrians. There wasn't any loud commotions before the fall, I was just alerted by someone in front of me running back where I came from. And then in a slow motion feel, I realized that the wall with a roof on top of me was on its way down. At this point I realized it would be futile to run back. So I stood my ground since its just aluminum (yero), I thought I could hold it off and so I did.

There was one man ahead of me though who wasn't as fortunate, he was crushed under and had to crawl out. Imagine that!

I think this is God's way of telling me to change since Ive been such a bad Christian...NOT! Haha just kidding. I think it's a reminder to remit more often to PAGIBIG and not just when I need OECs...NOT!

It was a fun experience. For that I rewarded myself by eating at Happy-V which doesn't taste at all like Jollibee in my honest opinion. I don't think I would be coming back. If I want to get a fix on Filipino food (which rarely happens), I would go to the one selling Tapsilog (I forget the name).

Sunday, May 13, 2012

CH90: DRAG-on Divas

Yesterday marked a highlight (low-light? hehe) in my life. I dressed in drag.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CH89: Plan Ahead or Ahead of Plan?

I posted on my Facebook and Twitter about a week back about how I managed to get one of the 300 slots for the Silver Fern Job Search Visa in New Zealand.

NZ, yearly, opens 300 doors for would be migrants. The visa, once you get a slot, allows you to submit evidences to prove your claims. Once you qualify (qualifications are more lenient than their Skilled Migrant to Resident visa), you get to have a visa that lets you go in and out of NZ for a period of 9 months to look for work.

Once you find a job there, you qualify for a Silver Fern Practical Experience Visa which will allow you to work in NZ for two years. And from there, you can apply for a Skilled Migrant to Resident visa - or have your company sponsor you. But, the 2 years spent working in NZ will earn you higher creds/points to better qualify for the Skilled Migrant visa (and the 2 years spent in NZ I believe is credited to the 5 years minimum residency requirement to become a citizen - so you're in a way PR if you get the Skilled Migrant visa).

Friday, May 4, 2012

[Review] Rihanna: Talk that Talk

Super hot video from Rihanna. I can't believe I used to listen to the album and just put it aside because I started listening to LMFAO, Avicii, etc.

Listening to the album, it's still distinctly Rihanna. Comparing generations, I think, she could be like Shakira from the last generation - except with more star and staying power.

What I like about Rihanna is she doesn't seem to care if she's the "bad girl." Contrary to the last generation of female artist like Britney, Christina, etc, who either put up a face as the "good girl" but then transitioned to being the bad girl persona which put a spike in their popularity but then eventually faded out. Rihanna...hmmm I should be discussing the album not the artist. For more information on why Rihanna rocks: CLICK HERE.

Now for the album.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CH87: Fangs

My former colleagues laud me for my proficiency in crafting e-mails. They say I can undertone a bitch reply without it seeming like so (minus the explicits). Or I can put down somebody in the email to prove a point - without being "hey-fucker-get-your-act-together" obvious.

Today, after getting this email:
"I have checked R4ChaRM and R3ChaRM. The retrofit system setup is wrong.
The current setting means from R4 to R3. Logical component should be put in R3ChaRM no[t] in R4ChaRM."

My right eye-brow did it's familiar reflex...

We've had a lot of meetings already on how the setup will be performed. The guy who sent me an email already had a heated argument with one of my senior on this. And, it pissed me that it seemed like a back of the hand slap to receive an email after doing the work when in all the discussions he never did insist on his point. (Prior to this he raised a point to include several setting parameters to an activity I completed over the weekend. He could have brought it up before I started!) 

My reply (to-all) to his emial went like: