Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CH151: Pulau Ubin Bike Challenge

To perk up the weekend fun, I organized for CP and I to visit Pulau Ubin last Sunday. The plan was to lay off the work outs and just do a leisure bike around a nature reserve. You see, since Monday the week back, all we've done is work out.

My schedule went like:
Monday: Hot Yoga class true yoga
Tuesday: RPM class fitness first + weights
Wednesday: Cardio + Weights
Thursday: Body Combat fitness first + Weights
Friday: Cardio + Weights
Saturday: swim 20 laps

CP had almost the same routine save for Monday and Saturday.

My Sunday idea was a leisure bike through some tropical rain forest with mostly even and flat terrain. I didn't expect Pulau Ubin to be hilly and offer off road bike trails with steep climbs and steeper descents! Some even had loose gravel paths where I slipped and feel off the bike twice!

Overall, it was a good and fun and adventurous experience! Would like to try it again next time...but maybe with a helmet on. We were able to explore most of Pulau Ubin within that day. They also had wetlands with mangrove boardwalks as well as coastal boardwalks. A lot of things to do and good food to have after.

I would say that it's more of a barkada destination rather than a family one though.



  1. Impressive how Singapore is able to set aside some of its islands as nature reserve. :)

    1. researching on its origin provides interesting facts as well - like how the reservoirs used to be quarries for mining granite till 1960s. :-)

  2. I love Ubin! :) I super love the kampong feel!

    Did you know though that there's a plan to build an MRT to connect Ubin to the main island? Gov't is just waiting for the last inhabitants of Ubin to pass on before the dev't starts.