Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CH150: Dance, Cook and Paint

I had no intention of going to a concert. That day, I would have much rather preferred to be at home, reading/reviewing for an exam than raving. But, circumstance made it such that I had to. CP's friends cancelled on going so CP had no one else to go to Swedish House Mafia with. The ticket I had that was supposed to be sold to someone else (because like I said I didnt want to go) had to be used by myself. CP found other friends to give the tickets off to.

Dont You Worry Child Parts 1 and 2

To say the least, it was AWESOME! Despite the absence of alcohol in the system, it has got to be one of the best rave sessions! Better than the Guetta experience we went to last year. Mosh Pit tickets ran out, but regarless, the experience was equally (or maybe even better) fantastic. It was beyond warm where we were at, I couldn't imagine the heat in the mosh pit - or even the smell! :-)

Still getting my opportunity to experiment with cooking as well. I wasnt able to take any picture though, but recently, I wanted to make use of CP's stock of Bicol Express Tuna in cans. So, to make use of them, I thought to make tuna burgers! I had to drain the sauce, etc off of the canned goods first and mix up something with cheese, mayo, and other leftovers and finally mix in the egg after. It turned out well. I'm getting a hang off estimating the heat as well.

Also, in a separate day, I was able to learn how to properly boil eggs. I assumed that you just put the eggs in, boil the water, and wait to your heart's content and by then they'll be ready hard boiled. But, I didn't realize (quite oddly enough) - that you can get your eggs hard boiled but with a runny yolk, etc.

Continuing on with the creativity aspect that I've been exploring, I arranged with CP to go to Arteastiq in Mandarin Gallery (Orchard) and attend an ArtJam session. For 48 SGD, you can paint to your heart's content for 3 hours and get a drink of your choice as well. All the canvas, acrylic paint, paint brushes, palette, etc are provided for. They even have book references of paintaing you may want to get inspiration from or copy.

Well, I didn't copy and made my first original I call - Painting 1: Tears Run Dry. Initially, I was thinking to get inspiration from Britto (the pop artist) to fill in the background but still retaining the idea I had of painting a duck and a mushroom. But. after putting in the details of the duck and the mushroom, I got a fit of inspiration to do long strokes of darker paint rather than the intricate detailing that will have been involved with Britto.

before I got inspired to add more tear effect

I thought to name the painting Tears Run Dry - as inspired by Amy Winehouse's song Tears Dry On Their Own. I already have an idea on what to paint for the next session if we go to Art Jam - It will be entitled Rehabilitation.

Also, the tear effect was initially just for the mushroom eyes, but after putting in the darker colors I remembered the painting by an artist called Pat Stier that I saw in the Met when I visited New York. (shown below). It was one of the paintings that I stayed to look at for quite a while.
Sixteen Waterfalls of Dreams, Memories, and SentimentPat Steir  (American, born Newark, New Jersey, 1940) - Displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts
The experience was very fun. To say the least, I will definitely back. And for my friends/family who may be touring Singapore, Arteastiq is definitely a good place to bring them for a different yet satisfying experience.

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