Monday, December 29, 2008

CH24: Last Thank You

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..for this holiday season.

Thank you Lord for the following blessings this holiday season: (a.ka favorite gift items) =) in no particular order
1. Emporio Armani Diamonds (Parents) - Another 'night' scent to add to my collection. I was pretty bummed out when my Escada Sentiments ran out (favorite eh. madalas gamitin). EAD has a very similar scent to the Escada scent. It has a dark forefront smell and sweet undertones after. Very intoxicating. Hahaha. You'll feel like a celebrity with it on. The scent of confidence! (hahaha. ano to pawis?!)

2. Hummer H2 scent (Brother) - A 'morning' scent to add diversity to the scent collection I currently have. Move over Lacoste Essentials / Hugo Boss Motion. This one's a keeper.

3. External Hardisk (Sister) - 300 GB. Yey! A quick blessing for 2009. I was planning to get an external hardisk first before setting my sights on an SLR. But I guess my gift plea was heard. Thank you very much sis!

4. Wireless Router (Sister)- Yey! I was hoping to purchase this one with money I would be getting from my shift premium. But I guess, let bygons be bygons now (since they were not approved - my december night shift premium claims). No more "agawan" for the desktop...and yet once again, I will be able to use my laptop again!

5. Palawan Trip (Parents) - An escape from Manila. Whew! I needed that. I've always had this sort of affinity of feeling refreshed by going to the beach. To refuel back the lost energy hahaha. Very worth it trip. Thanks to PALakbayan for organizing / doing the reservations etc (for such a cheap price). Thank you to Legend Palawan as well for a very (almost) first class experience. The room could have been better.

6. Sumdex Bag (Myself) - Another small traveller's bag to add to my collection of those mini bags you see me going around with. "Sulit" na rin given the price. The quality is great and it has a lot of pockets that I usually need. Plus. THe design's sleek!

7. Issey Miyake Scent (Sister) - Still haven't smelled it yet though. But, I am pretty sure it will smell great as my sister was the one who introduced to me Escada Sentiments (which at first I had hesition with) considering the color of the bottle that housed the perfume (dark red which was almost dark purple). She said that it was a light scent I'll count that in with my 'morning' scent choices.

8. Great Friends (God?) - Hahahaha. Thank you Lord for such great friends. Through thick and thin. Through highs and lows.

9. Great Colleagues (HP) - Thank you Celle(?) for introducing me to such great compnay of people...or perhaps if not introduced, then paving the way to... Through ewards and misses! Hmm...whatelse...More outings please! Hopefully, this time, private places heheheh to avoid the "konsumisyon" of bratty government "feelers" hahahaha. 'nuff said.

10. Surprise Gift (YOU! YES YOU!) - Advance Thank you. =) "Pwede ka pa humabol sa listahan ko! Hahahaha" You can never have too much blessings. Hahahaha.

11. Angpaos (Various People) - Thank you! Very timely gifts in time of my financial crisis. =( Yes, you read it crisis...I still have a debt to pay off my Mom...Iphone unit bill...

On to a brighter side, I only have one thing in my mind for a New Year's Resolution.
* Lord, please help me find a cure to this itch I have (hahahaha. not anywhere on my body though). It's the itch of becoming "sawa agad" on things. I fear that this may be an impediment sooner or later. It can be a sign of lacking follow through (?). Not sure before, I've never settled with a phone for more than a year and a half. Once I have the money / cash / sponsor...I get a new phone. I guess, it's part of me that's tech driven...or gadget driven....or the part of me that wants to have best things I see for myself. But, that problem has been resolved. I'm tied with Globe for two years worth of Iphone subscription. But, there are other things I become too quickly to get tired of...But that's for me to figure out =p

Monday, December 15, 2008

CH23: You and I collide

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Here's a brief background before I get to the story telling.

Thursday 1:00 pm:
     Fell asleep after NA shift. I had to finalize our reservations for our palawan trip this coming friday.
Thursday 7:30 pm:
     Woke up too late. I was planning to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still showing at 7:40 pm at Trinoma.
Thursday 10:00 pm:
     Decided to watch The Day the Earth Stood Still
Friday 5:00 - 5:30 am:
     Fell asleep at last.
Friday 7:30 am:
     Woke up too early. Was planning to wake up around 9:30 am before going to the office.
Friday 12:00 nn:
     Arrived at the office...did office work

---Christmas party. No need to elaborate.

Friday 12:00 nn:
     Left Loreland without any sleep.
Friday 1:30 - 2:00 pm:
     Dropped officemates at Gateway.

Friday 2:30 pm: YOU AND I COLLIDE. On my way inside Shell Congressional to get myself a drink (I was craving for some iced tea). A bike hit the part of our car which was above the right wheel fender.

The story starts right here.

So a few seconds before the collision, "kelangan mo kasi mag u-turn to get into shell which was on the other lane..." there were no cars or bikes or motorcycles whatever on the lane where I was in. I slowed down to 10kph to turn right into shell as I looked right to where I was going into shell, I quickly noticed that there was a bike beside me already. So I stopped the car wherein the same moment, the bike hit the side of my car (It was their bike that hit the car). I wasnt the one that hit them based on the marks left on the car.

The rubber handle of their bike left dash marks on the side of the car which meant they were the ones that hit me. Because if I was the one that hit them first, there would not have been dash marks, perhaps just an imprint and they would have been thrown off the bike the moment i hit them. But they just made "semplang" and fell over. Probably because of how fast they were going (it was downhill before the shell station), the guy riding the bike was thrown off balance and hit the ground. The lady riding behind him toppled over with the bike.

I went off immediately to check how they were doing. Called my mom to explain what happened. I assumed at that point that it was my fault. "Siyempre...sila nasaktan so I immediately assumed the blame was on me."

After confirming that they were okay (a.k.a they were still breathing and not dead), I went inside the car to get it out of the street and parked at Shell Select. Went inside to hopefully buy them drinks, but when I looked out, there were already crowds of people ("wala pang 5 minutes nun ah!"). There were about 3 tricycles there gathered around them. So I was stunned. I didnt want to go out to them any longer as I don't want to be ganged up on. "Ang daming usi and I assumed that they were sulsuleros as well..." So I told the lady at the counter of Shell Select that I want to speak with their manager...

blah blah blah

The next thing I know, there was already a police on his motor. The police's name was Abet, and I was told by the shell manger that he's - Abet - was on his way home, and probably stopped over to check why a crowd was gathering.

blah blah blah

Abet called a traffic police or something to come over and look into the issue (Shet. "Lumaki pa lalo"..."nakahanda na yung 500 pesos ko sana para masettle.) Around this time, my mom and dad were already on their way.

blah blah blah

My parents arrived around 10 minutes after the traffic police came. "Grabe ah! Mukhang excon yung dumating." I even saw a tatoo on his arm, to which, he asked the manager of shell to help him tie a hanky over it "kasi raw masakit." Very suspicious. "O baka naman siguro nahihiya lang siya kasi nga mukha siyang ex-con tapos may tatoo." Actually...I saw a number 20 on the tatoo...which made me raise an eyebrow on his integrity.

Anyway, my parents finally arrived and it was decided that we should take them to a government hospital (the closest one was the Quezon City General Hospital - around the munoz area). So we brought them there to get them first aid (actually, only for the lady that had a bruise on both her ankle area and several "gasgas").

I fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the car after waiting for about 40 minutes in the car.

After, we went to the station where the traffic police is located to settle things and finally get my license which Abet at first took and handed over to the ex-con traffic police.

"Grabe! Tumutubo pa yung mga police run ah! Usap usap inside the station...they asked us to photocopy some documents that we filled up (which were in tagalog - "isip isip ko baket kelangang tagalog lang form walang english? ang arte nila ah. tapos may sign pa sila sa pinto na 'PLEASE CLOSED SLOWLY')...there were 6 documents and the guy there said that they need five copies...each copy costs 2 pesos...go figure....(the photocopier was not even 10 feet away from where the man was seated)..."tumutubo amputa!"

After that part was done, the man hinted that we need to have those papers notarized "na 200 daw aabutin" which my mom interrupted him and said that both parties were ready to "desist" (not sure if that's the correct spelling)...type type goes the guy in charge and had the two injured parties sign after we were asked to photocopy six copies...more kita. We also had to pay 200 for the notarization (which I dont think they will have notarize since desist na)

blah blah blah.

Finished going through the hassle...On our way out, we bought the woman injured betadine and pain relievers (as prescribed in her prescription from the hospital)...When we were near shell...I heard my mom counting leaves of money...after which I heard her say..."Eto oo...2000...pasensiya na sa abala."

GRABE!!!! My mom told me after everything "na sobrang bilis daw kinuha nung guy yung pera."
To which, I thought...opportunist! Shet! I hate them.

But, I'm no longer angry at them...only with the traffic police and their "kumikitang kabuhayan"...
The injured party "nga pala" lives in Commonwealth...narra street?

After we got home around 6:00pm already...I wanted to sleep badly! I was still on NA shift that night and I have to wake up around nine....I also thought sometime then..."Sana mahold up kayo at makuha sa inyo yang 2k!" Hahaha...But I did not exactly mean it. I was just thinking, "hindi na sila nahiya...yung parang pag bibigyan ka ng pera...sasabihin mo...ay wag na po...okay lang po...pero sila ang bilis ng kamay kunin yung pera!"

Anyway...Merry Christmas to them.

The lesson learned in this case...I really really admire my Mother.
During these times, she showed total authority to things...while I just kept silent (because "pagod").
She had a powerful namedrop to give - Judge Yadao - her boss...
So I guess, that's also what I wish to become next year.

Get to have more connections.
It's time I participate in our country's POWER PLAY.
Having connections give you the confidence to deal with such matters such as MMDA, etc etc.
In the little number of instances I have been caught by MMDA due to minor problems, and my mom was in the car with me, we are always to get through "with pakiusap." Of course, my mom's the one who's doing the talking.

Woke up around 930 am and was picked up by the shuttle to work.
My life - with what? - no sleep.
Welcome to my world.'s you that collided - not I.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

CH22: Yes, No, Maybe, I don't know...

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Can you repeat the question?

2008 is such a mix for me. Not the best of years but not entirely the worst either.

Yes - Graduating on time. 5 years. With pretty good marks if I may add.
No - Pretty good marks is not exactly cum laude. Even though .02 -> .03 nalang kulang.
I don't know - Winning MADC...not sure if this one's a yes or no....considering what my groupmates and I had to go through back in 2007...But the money was well spent....Got me those lacoste shades after all. =)

Yes - SAP Basis work is growing on me. It takes some time getting used to. I may eventually be very good at it.
No - Conditional passer in the board exam. 2% nalang kulang!
I don't know - HP Confidential that has something to do with the recent crisis. At its very least HP has not opted to lay off anyone "yet"

---What's with 2%? I just noticed that for my No under Graduation and Career....2%? Coincidence? Hahaha. Or conspiracy?!

US Visa Interview
Yes - My parents got multiple entry visa for 10 years...yey!
No - I failed to get one. Consul says that I've just become a young adult whose starting his roots are not well established in the Philippines. No more comment on this though. We'll just go full circle and back again if this discussion lingers on.
I don't know - So...I won't be able to come with my parents to see my sister in Guam over the holidays...

Christmas Holiday
Yes - But the good thing about the above is that...I was able to book tour plans to Palawan for 4 days and 3 nights!!! And I was able to get the discounted package from PAL (Consider this...regular package would have cost us 49k +/-...but for the discounted package...we got it for around 35k +/-)...and better yet...I only made the reservation yesterday! And we leave manila on the 19th.
No - So I still have December 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27. My parents leave for Guam on the 23rd...So what do I do for the rest of the days I don't have work?
I don't know - Need to schedule barkada trippings! Which will happen spontaneously eventually.

What's left for the year? We'll see we'll see.
I look forward to 2009. A lot of things planned - career wise....Board exam...tentatively, I plan to retake the comm's part...not sure yet about the review aspect. I have a lot of things that I need to do in HP - work and extra curricular related.

Hopefully...I've been hearing my parents talk about plans of going to NZ come June of 09. I'm pretty sure they read my hey....heads up guys! "nageexpect ako." Hahaha. "Joke lang".

An important lesson I learned back in Grade 5 is that people should stop "expecting" blessings to come their way. But instead, people should "hope" for blessings to come. Pretty good life lesson learned at an early age right? The cause of the realization...Only at grade 5 did I stop expecting to be part of the Top 3 in our class...I was Top 1 during Kinder 1...Top 2 (or was it 3) during Kinder 2...and consistently been Top 4 from Grades 1 to 4...and then when I got tired of expecting...I just hoped for the best and became the consistent Top 2 from Grades 5 to Second year highschool...then Top 1 on my third year...then top 2 again on my fourth year...But then I digress.

Hope can only be as strong as your faith. And to be frank about faith loves rollercoaster rides.

(I just might catch the "The Day the earth stood still" later at 10 in Trinoma's THX)