Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CH21: Mission Accomplished.

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Since I am still a bit bitter with the results of the board exams...well...I decided to drown my sorrows with...

Mission Accomplished.

Mission Started: November 9, 2008
Mission Accomplished: November 26, 2008


The lighting is not so good on the red. But, anyway, the planner comes with a free ball point pen.
Not for me though.

Just to stir up things. =)
This planner is meant for a special lady. Hahaha. Save it for Christmas.

Funny though, 16 stickers needed to be collected. If so, I averaged: 1.0625 cups of starbucks a day.
Thanks to Ctoy and Lex for helping out.
And yes, I am still a little bitter with the result of the board exam, but who cares?
Past is past.
Thirteenth month pay arrived yesterday.
More money to spend to drown out the pain. Hahaha. Just kidding.

Christmas shopping here I come!

PS: On second thought, maybe...less on spending here...I would need money to buy things and go around...
Hopefully, if the visa is approved.
Another Christmas spent out of the country...I hope, if the weather is good, I can get a tan or something. "Para maiba lang."
The last time I went there..."nagkatsunami...hope nothing like that happens this time around." Hmm...after reading through the previous sentence, it didnt come out right. "Nagkatsunami...pero malayo kami from where it happened. =)"

Better things to come.