Sunday, May 13, 2012

CH90: DRAG-on Divas

Yesterday marked a highlight (low-light? hehe) in my life. I dressed in drag.

The event was for the Dragon Divas Regatta that the Gaelic Dragons (German team) organizes yearly. From what I heard from my other participants in this event, the Filipino Dragons Singapore, despite their best effort in previous years, always lost. So, this year, the team went all out to prepare and designated an ample budget for the costume, etc. (Make-up was a call on friendship though).

The feature that we had was Flores de Mayo where we danced the Bulaklakan. After the Bulaklakan, we took our spin of the Glee performance on Rumour Has It (Someone like you).

My tweet to summarize the experience was simply: "It's when you let go of your inhibitions and stop making excuses that you realize you can do much more." This falls under an achievement for this year's theme of  "Minimize Excuses." I'm not going to prattle on about the moral of the story/experience here. But, it wasn't that I wanted to get to experience dressing up as a girl. But what I got from the experience is that, fear of being humiliated is self-constricting. It is "us" who drag ourselves down.

I've never been the person to go up to the stage and perform. I was self-conscious then. But when we did the performance and even prior to it, there wasn't any butterfly in the stomach kind of sensation.There was just this sense of calm to get this over and done with. There was no fear of what other people are going to say. There was no fear that I might trip or whatnot during the performance, there was just the thought that, I should go out there and have fun.

It must come with age and maturity I guess; and, the choices we make to get to that point of "acceptance" and being comfortable in our own skin. Comfortable enough not to care about what "just-other people" think - and caring more about what the "people-who-matter" would think.

PS: we won.

Enough talk and more pictures.
With my college friend pauee

after the event shot


  1. Congrats, Tipz! Sorry we weren't able to go to cheer for you.

    1. no problemo! the team had ample supporters haha

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    1. Yep! Pauee's my friend and orgmate from college - although I didn't know she was active before with her blog :)
      Also, I'm with the Filipino Dragons Singapore. If you want to join just tell me! I'll inform our membership so you can be invited for the newbie sessions on Sats

    2. Thanks for the invite! I have a friend in Filipino Dragons. You know Julius Jovero? He's been inviting us to join, but just too lazy to get up early during Saturdays. LOL

      Pauee used to be active in blogging. We have common blogger friends in Manila, met up with her and her hubby here in SG. We still keep in touch once in a while in Twitter.

      Sama ka sa blogger meetups minsan. We have a small community of bloggers here. Minsan sumasama si Orallyours. LOL

    3. Julius Jovero? Hmmm, i don't think he's with the Filipino Dragons singapore? Sa FDS nalang kayo sumali. Newbie trainings are on Saturday 1pm-3pm. Pag regular member na 3-6 on sats and 8-11 on sun :)

      Sure! maybe we can arrange a get together with Pauee. We meet up every now and then when we have friends visiting SG - we usually do our Body combat classes in Trueyoga rin pag tues...

      And - Orallyours invited me nga before, but I had something else planned na. So next time sama na ako :)


  4. Naloka ako sa photo mo. You look very sweet!!!! With the head leaning a bit to the side. I love!

    Did you ever do it again? =)


    1. hahaha! that was part of the package and 'act' lol. much internalizing preps.

      no, wasnt able to do the one they had this year because of prior commitment. are you visiting SG soon? :-)