Wednesday, January 30, 2008


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so first of all, yey! we've made it through halfway. now, let's just count the weeks down - and before everyone knows it, final presentation/defense is here!

anyway, yesterday, i had the car filled up.

scene 1.
i asked "mr. shell gas boy" to check on the water...i popped the hood and he proceeds to get water. browsed the phone while in wait...and when i decided to check up on the gas boy tinkering with the radiator - he asked me. "boss, ano to nag overheat?" i raised an eyebrow with the question seeing as to how he was already holding on to the radiator cap with his bare hands while pouring water on it. (?!)... and there i was thinking: "okay, so kung nag overheat man yan o hindi...i don't think you should be opening that with your bare hands" i proceeded to answering his question by suggesting that he get a "trapo" to help him open it. another gas boy responded "OO NGA! maaksidente ka pa problema pa ni sir." Hehehe. <sikat. at nataranta naman si "mr. shell gas boy" at nag atubiling kumuha ng basahan.>

scene 2.
mastercard. then i got my wallet then gave the card. i was going to have the wheels checked so i proceeded to the water/air area. then after a few minutes, i see him coming back. "Sir, di raw po pwede card niyo." ---

then a flash of thoughts...."Di pwedeng di yan pwede. bayad yan. wala pa sa limit. mama uses hsbc not bdo.......(nagpanic flash of thoughts)

^ ganyan ang nasa isip ng natataranta! haha

<pag katingin ko sa hawak nya...TIMEZONE POWERCARD!!!! WhAPACK! natawa ako at nasabi. "ano ka ba dapat sinabi mo agad!" magkatabi kasi sila ng lalagyan nung c.card. parehas pang blue! isip isip ko ulit...etong si mr. shell gas boy joke time....haha. nakakatawa namang isipin na akala niya seryoso ako at out of respect yun nga binigay sa cashier...or...akala niya lang talaga seryoso ako. hehehe>

scene 3.
the importance of "REAR VIEW MIRRORS"
i was supposed to study at Bo's (cheap coffee - no time limit! + parking space!) then when i spotted the last available parking, i saw a car beside it. i thought it just got out of the spot and the spot was open for parking...but then...too bad, it was actually positioning itself to park. so...sheeet!...where do i go?! (scene 4)...then so...since it was chose to park "back first" it stopped two lanes of proceeded to watching "her" park. i noticed how she was focusing only on the side view mirror near her she backs up backs up...then i my attention was shifted to the guard "pinapalo yung" car. then i realized. she wasnt stopping and she hit two girls on bikes (about 19-20something - hahaha. i just felt i needed to justify that. using the word girls painted a picture of 5-8 y.o kids)...and those two girls where almost already under the trunk of her car!

okay...that's too bad. so guys! when you're driving. don't disregard the rear view mirrors!
actually....when i drive, i really prefer the rear view mirror compared to the side view mirror on the other side (not on the driver side) has its blind spot whereas proper positioning of the rear view mirror can cover that.

scene 4.
so since bo was not available for parking...i decided to go to the main library...
i bought a c2 from the kiosks nearby...then when i was atop the stairs...i realized...only water's allowed inside...
so i decided to finish the drink first then go in after...stupid...stupid stupid...
"ID please."
i looked for it inside my bag
showed it...

"Sir, di pa po nakacounter sign id niyo..."

then out of disbelief...i looked at the id...the sticker showed: FIRST SEMESTER 07-08!

hahahaha. STUPID!
then to at least get some shame off the system...
"Ah oo nga noh hehehe...kuya pacheck nalang po sa OPAC."

you know the brand ORAL-B?
i always thought it was pronounced as...Ohral B.
But because of recent tv ads...the voice you hear pronounce it as Oree B.

Monday, January 21, 2008


[migrated from livejournal] the rating for the movie that showed the most cutting of throats!

haha. sweeney todd is a great film. at first i was thinking, is this going to be something like chicago? (being musical and all)...but then again, it was a tim burton film...and that in itself is nuff said.

it was gory. but hmm...i was planning to say it was done in artistry - but there is no art in murder hahaha. 

anyway, no  more spoilers here.

halfway defense is just around the corner. 5 days to go? i hope everything goes well...

pray pray pray.

ps: yey! my sis got me a new camera. it's canon. she didnt want to buy sony because it was made in shouldnt we be insulted by that? since half our blood ancestry is chinese..

oh well.

tomorrow...ill be going to buy some lcd (for the latter half of my thesis)..

oh. two roels will be are panel this coming saturday...wish us luck! sir atienza has been known to give harsh criticisms...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

cold as fire - hot as ice!

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have you ever...

ever had an addiction that it's so hard to stop once you get it started?
well, im speaking of ds lite / nintendo games addiction haha.

the games i have are quite entertaining. ive even let some friends sample the elite beat agents. it's a similar concept to dance revo, the drum games etc. although much simplified since you only have a stylus to use for playing.
---although, i initially had some reservations regarding letting other people borrow - i let them play so at least they may consider getting one. the ds lite i got seems relatively cheap (bought in hongkong - ORIGINAL lol) about 8k pesos if you convert it. so, nintendo should be paying me for this advertisement. the reason also being - the more the merrier. there are games that allow for multiplayer via wi-fi.

anyway - im digressing. you know how to get rid of that addiction?
my solution: download a game that your MOM can play! hahaha. ive introduced a simple block puzzle game to my mom and she's become fond of it. right about now should be her sleeping time - but she's still awake playing it! haha. i arrived about an hour ago and she was already in the early stage of her sleep - i woke her up and introduced the game...and...after an hour -she's still playing it! well, that got my hands of the ds - and so now, i can really focus on other (much more) important things - like my undergraduate research project!

change topic: undergraduate research project.
yey! finally. ive managed to make up for the time. ive already experimented on a program that would simulate the data logging aspect necessary. the next thing to do is to create a somewhat read function to display the written data via hyperterm as well as a program that will log adc values 0-255 (reference voltage being 2 volts) - and that's it the documentation.

---so, like a novel or other stories - a conflict is necessary. for this week - the conflict that is introduced is an interview with toshiba!! look how my weekend plans have changed in just 1 day.
*) my mom and i were supposed to go to my uncle's house in tagaytay - i think it's a house warming party then overnight there (maybe hit the casinos near it by night or something hahaha) - i told my mom, "ma, are we going to the casino? i want to try blackjack and the slot machines hehehe"
then that plan changed to:
*) do halfway documentation! i wasnt aware that it was this coming wednesday! and sir mike asked us to submit it by saturday i told my groupmates that we should work the whole day saturday....
but then...
*) toshiba emails and tells me that i have an interview saturday 1240pm at the peninsula...nyeh nyeh. The attire: long sleeves + slacks + necktie. better yet - bring coat. so i was like. ho hum...i need to prepare a presentation for an interviewer. at first i thought it was like going to be a panel of people. but then i was told that there's going to be one plus an hr will need some preparation

have i told you that i managed to learn how to tie a necktie in 30 minutes? hahaha. as if that's a feat of some sort. well, i thought my mom new. well, this is still in relation to the toshiba interview. the first job interview ive ever went to - so, since i thought my mom knew how to do the necktie - i was complacent. but then, when i asked her on the day of the said interview - she told me that she didnt. so i immediately hit the net and researched....and made it. i must say - the outcome wasnt too shabby at all for a first timer...


i was rofl when i was surfing the tv just now. i happened upon qtv. the news was: "Condemned building in UP diliman caught fire" and what hit my mind was - huh? "where's that condemned building? is there one in up? how come i never knew" then the commentator said that it was the Narra dormitory. hahaha. well, i didnt know it was condemned! i guess it's for the better...and what's more. i didnt even notice it burned down and i passed by it just today.

oh well.
so. back to work!

ps: soulja boy's crank that ... amuses me... 

what else what else????? 

gusto mo pa? hehehe
(this section underwent lj cut. so if you didnt get what my trip is. too bad. heheh)

Friday, January 4, 2008

typical procrastinator showing that cramming may not be such a bad thing

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an excerpt from my undergraduate research project....
this code solves the problem i mentioned in the previous post:

this will serve as reference hehehe. finally. it works....well, this is just like a thirteenth (1/13) of the code i made from scratch....and thank God it works! now, it's time to sleep! =) smile smile smile. i have a big update after all...but what would be bigger is if i manage to integrate all the firmware (source codes) that all of us three (virna raissa and me) have next week. that would mean that a huge part of my final presentation demo is accomplished and what would be left is to add the lcd interface to the axel activity monitor. yesh!!! and consequently, i may already have a demo for my halfway presentation....but then again, that's being too much of a dreamer...that feat can only be achieved through hard work, perseverance, determination and will power! hehehe, i hope i'll have what it takes.

<if you're going to take this code - DONT. hahaha. but do acknowledge me if you will - but i do doubt that you will be able to make much use of it considering that it's very application oriented. the end result of the conversion of the int is to an unsigned character array (512 bytes) which is the typical sector size used in MMC block transfers>

and once again, THANK YOU LORD.

Stephen Quedi
UP Instrumentation, Robotics, and Control Laboratory

unsigned int encode_data_to_char (unsigned int get_axel_data, unsigned int counter, unsigned char * data_array_proper,unsigned long int current_addr)
    unsigned char temp_storage,clear,err=0;
    char data_holder[10];
    unsigned int buffer;
    int i,j;
    int length;
    buffer =get_axel_data;
    while(buffer>0)    //stores the equivalent character values of the integer place, but in reverse
        data_holder[i++] = '0' + buffer%10;
        buffer /= 10;
    length = strlen(data_holder);

        data_array_proper[counter]= ((unsigned char)data_holder[i]);
        counter ++;
            current_addr = current_addr + 512;
        if(i==0) break;
    return counter;    

Thursday, January 3, 2008

typical procastinator?

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okay, so now, school has officially started. although, the traces of vacation hangover is still ever present...

for today, ive got the following deadlines set:
1) finish debugging the firmware for logging data. so you see, i have been having trouble converting an unsigned integer to its respective unsigned character array...i know...there already exists a function to do that thing. (itoa). but i have been stubborn telling myself not to succumb to using it. although, in all fairness to me, the compiler i am using does not support it....but after 3 trials of different algorithms that i have thought of to implement the said function, i have finally let that stubbornness crumble. i have decided to use - not the whole itoa function - but only parts of it necessary - this is out of desperation and all.

i have left that problem that needed debugging - hmm, i dont know - since december erm ... 18? i think that's about right. that night was the maskipaps of engg week....

so now, i have made progress. but, i have to admit - it is a tad bit too late. well, not according to my gantt chart it isnt. but you see, because of that procrastination, i may have just let myself lose 1 week worth of advancement..but hey, i know myself well enough to say that i could have spoiled my vacation if i had let myself continue working. 

as proof of that assertion, im currently high - not because of some recreative drug - but because of lack of sleep and the sudden effect of sugar rush after drowning a can of coke light (my favored drink - not because of its no calories ad but more on its taste. lol. i like it because it doesn't give the "air" that i get from other carbonated drinks - so as i like to call it - it's kind of soft compared to other beverages.

so anyway, yeah, more on the debugging, after making use of certain parts of the itoa function, i may have made up for lost time - well not the whole week worth but maybe half of it. the only thing left to attend to is address the fact that what im storing is the reverse of what i should actually store. 

the matter being clearer: i should store 6560 but what im storing right now is there. that needs working on. but that's a small problem compared to other bigger things - one being to incorporate the firmware that my groupmates have created so far (with success  - as my compliment to their efforts and perseverance - great work guys!)

2) finish the requirements set by toshiba. this one is a bit more tricky considering the fact that i have not started on it yet. but, to say the least, i have not totally neglected it. i have already formed a sort of strategy to address that problem. they need me to send them a copy of my code (being worked upon as of the moment), an abstract of our thesis (to be edited to focus more on my part) and finally a powerpoint presentation to detail the work - which i have ready - 'cept for further edits to, again, focus the topic more on my part.

hahaha. look what intoxication can give you. a whole entry is less than 5 minutes. lol.

anyway - i just have to correct the previous entry. i may not be getting a psp after all. with much consideration on the pros and cons of things, yes the psp is a great handheld device - but the problem i have with that is that i am not a big fan of repeating games. i have been a follower of sony since its ps1 until ps2 (ps3 - hmm...i'll get to that if i have settled in - hmm. like my brother who has his - he even boasts to me now that buying pirated games is jologs hahaha. - well forgive me! im not in the third world for nothing - hehehe - no offense to anyone there - hehehe there's no risk of getting caught with pirated games here - - - - although - the places where i use to buy those said games seem to have stopped selling the games) so - yes. i am not getting a psp now...but ... a nintendo ds! hmm. although i am not sure exactly what my mom told my aunt to buy. but she did mention blue as the case so i guess it's the ds not the ds lite. upon research - there are no blue ds lites around - only pink, black and white. so, with proper deduction you'll find that it most likely will be a ds.

edit:  it's confirmed. my aunt just called. i will be getting a ds lite - i chose dark blue. maybe it was a quick assumption regarding color limitations of the ds and ds lite. and a plus to this, my worries regarding it have been totally erased. the said unit is already converted or modified and it already has the necessary hardware to allow me to just download games easy. hmm... which reminds me, i may need to start my utorrent downloading games...=) 

also - on to other things. i am beginning to feel the panic of not attending to our ece 113 machine problem. hahaha. we have left it unattended! hmm. but i have a feeling that sir pj may extend the deadline. although, the boards are ready (finished fabricating them) - what's left is to stuff them, create the variable gain part of the project and then debug. kudos to chester and his groupmates for the huge help they've bestowed upon our group. hand me downs (of--- bleeep --- cough*M*cough*P*cough*s*) are kind of a trend. well, i guess they are okay because those hand me downs were hand me downs as well. from what root did it originate - well, i don't know. but, yes, that matter is a great help - BUT - don't think that just doing what has been done is okay. you have to, of course, do your share in the research and do what's necessary or right, and that is - to understand what you are doing and not go rush into things blindly.

if my previous entry sucked big time - which i acknowledge because i was bored that time. inspiration seems lacking these days...well. i hope it won't be the trend for this year.

AGAIN, happy new year to everyone!
may this year be a great year - especially to UP students (it's our centennial year after all)
as well as - to the soon to be graduates - friends let's all do this well and push on forward - let's see each other on april 28 (i hope i got that date right)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

perst tym

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due to the lack of recent posts/updates. im obliged to this. lol.

first and foremost, happy new year everyone! i hope your '07 was good - and that your '08 will be even better.

so, last december was a mix of activities. the first half of it i spent working on my thesis - and the latter half i spent on doing nothing...just playing online games. haha. back to that addiction. after spending a lot of hours playing ragnarok online - i managed to summon enough courage to ditch the game...for the sole reason - it's boring. the community is not as nice. it's quite intimidating actually...and so i ended up searching for a better alternative (instead of working on my thesis) and i found ZUonline.

that game is fun. it's 3d. it's free. and you have a lot of different nationalities to play and have conversation with.

anyway. this post wont be entirely about it.
here are some first for the year '07.

1) spent the after christmas till new year home mom went to china with her siblings to celebrate their brother's (my uncle's) birthday. well, their airfare was free so go ahead an join the bandwagon. i was supposed to come but i decided not mom offered me a deal to buy me a new phone in exchange for staying home and taking care of her most beloved (i would have said 'our' but the degree of love is different haha) gringo. so....because of that. i have a new...and my very first moto phone - RAZR V2.

(insert picture here) hehe...the phone is nice actually. aside from its sleek design. the features are uber cool. (proton! =) )

2) first time to join the march of the lantern parade (we were required actually. the dean required the number of participants for the parade to reach 1000 people! - if not, then there won't be any recognition rites!) can you believe that? we had to drag ourselves around the whole oval just so we can graduate...well, have the recognition rites is a pretty convincing offer.

3) first time to watch the fireworks after the lantern parade. ang ganda! malapit din kasi. the finale was superb dahil sa malapit nga yung fireworks so ang saya...

4) first time to be caught in between a rally. you see, after the fireworks, leftists stormed the stage (quezon hall) in their attempt to voice out their grievances (or something)

5) first time for my whole family to be in different parts of the world for the new dad is in the middle east, my mom is in china, my sister is in guam and my brother is in auckland (nz)....and im here....i thought new year would have sucked being home alone and stuff...but....rose, bananie and (latecomer) kai went to...

6) first time to celebrate new year outside our house and participate in those new year countdowns. the choice of venue was at makati! the countdown 2008 was a blast! the fireworks were the best! although, id still rank it second to the display ive seen in disney hongkong. ang galing talaga! it was better than the pyrolympics we went to see before...why? because it was a lot closer! the finale was so amazing! nag ka goosebumps ako sa astig eh. the best. 

7) first time to actually be shocked by my mom's text. she told me. "Do you want psb or nds?" haha. i didnt expect that text from her. i thought i already had my gift for christmas (the phone). my reply was. "anong psb?" haha i had worries na baka fake naman yung mabili niya (since nasa china siya hehe ang sama sa half nationality). but i corrected her. psp mas gusto ko hehe.

8) first time to realize that my all time fave christmas movie is actually home alone! i can't remember how many times i have seen it on tv. more than ten actually. okay din yung message eh. basta! haha.

9) first time to actually get bored halfway through the film. i invited my mom last dec 25 to watch a movie from the mmff...because we came too late to get seats for sakal sakali saklolo, i told my mom we ought to watch bahay kubo kadiri sa drama na walang sense na nakakainis kasi sobrang predictable na wala ngang sense na gusto ko ng matapos at mag walk out halfway through the film. they made the film so dragging with worthless drama. the only good thing about that film was eugene domingo and the comic relief she brought to the film

10) first time to actually not participate in the recently concluded engg week  2007. it was supposedly my last engg week for my college life...but i wasnt able to participate because i was debugging some things for my thesis (which, is still not finished being debugged) - no work for the holiday for me. none at all. i was trying to gather enough energy. i didnt want to say when school starts again and i have so much responsibility to attend to that im bored i wish i had made the most out of my vacation. ang hirap kasi simulan if you're not going to be able to see it through.

11) blah blah blah.

12) Happy new year everybody!

ps: if you want to check flight schedules. call 187 and ask for naia's number. their information is better than checking it with the airline's website. like cebu pacific (it sucks)

pps: my number one call center something is pldt's 187! hahah the best talaga. i dont even need any phonebook to keep the numbers i need. sabihin mo lang sino gusto mo makausap bibigay na number. (although hindi yata pang home numbers - mostly business related)