Monday, August 31, 2009

CH32: Ako at ang mga Kaibigan Ko

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On friends.

After riding through a boat ride for about 20 mins to Pandan Island (Palwan), it got me thinking ... about my friends ... duh.

I realized that I am friends with my friends as they have qualities that I want to have. It's easier to summarize it in physics talk - I think "parehas kami ng wavelength."  But then again, that argument does not take into consideration the phase of a wave. So dapat ... " parehas kami ng wavelength and phase." For those who did not take any physics course in college, two waves can have the same wavelength - but when superimposed on each other - cancels each other out (180 degrees out of phase).

So getting back, it's not that I choose my friends - it's more of I choose which friends I want to get closer with. It's a manifestation of my parents constant reminder to a kid ... to be wise on the friends one make ... and so, I try to be wise.

I guess what you can get out of this entry is a better understanding of my psyche - and that - your parents and elders give you advise and lecture you - not to nag (although it comes to that sometimes if we don't listen) - to help you become the better person that they think you can be. Ultimately, it's up to us - the youth - to face up to the challenge.

Time to snorkle!
(Finished entry on Pandan Beach, Palawan).

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WB2: Word Bubble Entry 2

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When I was about to have my word epiphany, some of my thoughts veered toward sunflowers ... I was driving through UP around this time.
And, it got me thinking about how I heard somebody say that there are people who compute or - estimate? - when the sunflower seeds should be planted - so they will bloom the day before graduation (or during the day itself).

And, it struck me as weird to realize ... if instruments, like sensors etc, are characterized to get a feel / know of how they operate (e.g. response plotted over a temperature range) ... do scientists or botanists do a similar study?

I thought of the following.

There should of course be a control setup for the experiment. Let's say a seedling exposed constant light - and a constant trickle of water.
(For the whole of the experiment, the same grade of soil should be used for all experimental setups - the same amount, etc). Then, we already have two main variables - light and water. Or probably three - which includes time. Or four or five if we have varying frequency to light and water provided (e.g. 5 mins lights on 5 mins lights off) ... hmm ... but I digress. Let this "paragraph of thought" end with me thinking about how many equations c/o the variables are needed to form a matrix that would characterize the plant (Sunflower for this case).

What would have been a world bubble entry became thoughts on plant growth characterization - which was mixed with "Investigatory Project" ideas.

Concluding Question: "Can we apply the same principles and processes as to when we characterize machines and instruments to plants / nature? Or, as nature came first before technology - are the processes we employ in machine characterization derivative from the processes used to characterize nature?"

----perhaps I shouldn't have so easily named the thread as word bubble - as this may as well be a thread for wild ideas my mind brings out to keep itself active.

back to work!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WB1: Word Bubble Entry 1

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Ever since our Ilocos trip, I've been meaning to start a separate thread for this blog. Something that could spice up some intellect in my otherwise semi-boring life.

The inspiration behind this is for me to be able to document words that - seemingly , and quite suddenly may i add - pop in my mind. Words that I do know the meaning - given a context, but words which I find quite hard to actually define.

In our Vigan to Laoag trip, two words popped out of my head as we waited out ourselves - in a non-airconditioned bus - with lots of stops ("nagsasakay ng pasahero").

1. Episcopal. I knew the word had something to do with the church - and that it's an adjective. But, exactly what it meant, when asked to define it, well, like I said, I was short on words. All I could say was "it has something to do with the church." Searching through google, the word's definition is:

"of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Episcopal church; "the Episcopal hierarchy"; "married by an Episcopalian minister"

2. ?. I forgot the word. hahaha. But I do remember that it was a medical term. hypo or hyper something. And that it has something to do with hygiene. No. It's not hypoallergenic. I think it was a compound.

I figured - after some thought as to why I get some words popping out of my mind - that perhaps, those are words I happened to read upon in one of my books (I should start renovating my room to make room for my books - instead of storing them in Orocan boxes lol). And that, the active part of my brain that refuses to be idle - well, pops out those words so I have something to think about. They usually do pop out when, let's say, I'm in traffic (driving) or on a commute home. So, it's like "I have a friend in me." HAHAHAHA. Bipolar?

So anyway, since I'm on Asia shift later - below are some other words that may be new to you.

1. Septicemia - a blood infection. (from reading "The Ruins" by Scoot Smith. I thought, hmm... harry potter? Hahahaha)

2. Tryst - a date, a meeting or an encounter (At first, I was under the impression that it had to do with a battle, an exchange of swords - or something to that extent)

3. Cauterize - well, I thought that it's only meaning was a method to rid oneself of warts - but, well, it's to burn in general and it's also a means of first aid. Something like, "cauterize the wounds to stop the bleeding" - or to burn the blood vessels close to stop further loss of blood

More on this. Time to get some sleep!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CH31: Pagbabalik Tanaw. Ako at ang Telepono

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Don't expect this entry to be in Filipino. :p

Me and the phone.

As a lot of you may not know. I hate landlines. I hate their ring.
But I was not born to hate. No one ever was.

I loathe their being. ...
ESPECIALLY if, it rings by my bedside and it's either a wrong number, someone pitching a product ... just!
I just hate them.

Hate is a manifestation we allow.

I started hating landlines back in college...
It's just a short story though.

When we first moved into our home (town house) in QC, I lived in the third floor. No phone was in my room then.
There was one in the designated computer area about 10-15 feet away from my bed.

ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Around 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., after I slept around 5-6 a.m. studying for an exam, or doing research or perhaps (often times to seldom) playing the ps or online game, some f*ck would call! And, for the most part, it's people pitching a credit card or insurance or whatever you may think of, asking for my mom or my brother or my dad or my sister. None for me. (none important. Zilch). Some part of the whole of the calls I received then will have been due to a misdialed number. It happened a lot of times since we moved in to QC that at some point, upon being awakened by repetitive phone calls (by some f*ck), I decided to just remove the line from the third floor altogether! Good riddance! I'll just plug it back it when I'm properly rested I said.

As an interim solution when I became the FinCom Head of UP CIRCUIT (I bought a fax machine to increase my efficiency in marketing and stuff), I plugged it right inside my room. (The above paragraph still went on). I decided that perhaps, it will not be as much as a bother if it (the effing landline) was just a few steps away (not enough to really bother me sleep). BUT IT WAS. It WTF?! was.

During this time of my life, I was mostly awake at night balancing org stuff (reviewing finances, marketing etc) and acad stuff and of course, social life. I had arranged my schedule such that most of my subjects were in the afternoon. I thought, well, no problem there. Everything's going to be fine and dandy. But NO! For some reason, telemarketers would think that the people they are calling (not me) - who are most probably registered as PROFESSIONALS in their form or data or whatever - are at HOME during late mornings to lunch on WEEKDAYS?!

And that concludes my short story. The reason why I will most likely sound testy when you hear me answer a phone and I just rose from my bed to stop the ringing from going on and on and on and on. (The fax machine helped a lot in this aspect. I set it such that 4 rings will trigger the fax tone). But some people just don't get the hint.

Not a lot of people at work or friends know my home number. So no bother there.
PLEASE. Reach me through my mobile.

And  ... End of story.
Ang Pagbabalik Tanaw. Ako at ang Telepono

Monday, August 3, 2009

CH30: Please Don't Stop the Rain

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"If it's going to be a rainy day, there's nothing we can do to make it change. We can pray for sunny weather, but that won't stop the rain."

I know now what my problem is. I'm over-analytical.
Thinking processes can be controlled. If they can be controlled - then they can be studied and understood.
Emotions and feelings can be controlled. If they can be controlled - then they can be studied and understood.

This is why 'Death' is something I will never fully understand and appreciate. It's not something I can comprehend (yet). It's not something I can control. Thus, the presence of something uncontrollable is something I fear - more so, when I know that it may never be controllable.

The consequence of even trying to comprehend death is not something I wish. By wishing to learn more about death - would ultimately mean experiencing more (directly or indirectly - family or friend or friends of family and family friends) for case studies.

Behavioral patterns are controllable - they tend to be - more often than not - predictable. But in the presence of death, it's not something I wish to take on so lightly - as to ... ascertain ... that it is predictable. Because by treating such case as so, may end up making me inhuman - insensitive and less of a friend or family.

To mourn with someone - for someone - is not something I am used to yet. It's not something I wish to get used to. But it is something I know I must feel and experience.

Because, to mourn in the presence of death, is what makes us - human.

I offer my condolences to the family and friends I know who are going through this sad experience of 'death'.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

CH29: Family Matters Most

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From the title itself, there actually is no need for an entry. Hahaha. But anyway, today's Mother's day. Don't forget to greet you moms!


So for a quick story.
Yesterday, since I was pretty sure I won't be able to get around to get my mom a gift, I decided to just give her cash instead. As a gift, I gave my mom 5k. "Bahala na siya bumili ng kung ano man gusto niya..."

Segue: i think money is one of the best gift one can give. Save's the trouble of having to pick something out - and at the same time - allows the recipient to have a choice to buy something he/she wants.

Then...on my way home today from ASIA shift...I saw that the flower shop in teacher's village was open (Flowers of May). I decided to get something for my mom then and there. Bought her some flowers....and in a stroke of coincidence, one of my friends working in Ministop was there! She was working there....a quick sharing of what's happened etc etc.

Background: I used to frequent mini stop teachers village back in college. I spend my afternoons sometimes eating merienda there - or my mornings eating siopao breakfast + energy drinks to get me through classes scheduled so early in the morning. I'm a night owl - so mornings are my kryptonite lol.

Now I'm home. Gave my mom the flowers.

Now...I'm thinking..."Kunin ko kaya ulit binigay kong pera!" HAHAHAHAHAHA. But of course, that's a joke. A gift's a gift.
No token or gift or money will ever amount to the love my mom has showered me. (yak ang cheezy hahaha)
So now, I'm 5000pesos poorer, but X amount richer in terms of familial bonds. Priceless.

That's all.
Happy Mother's Day to Everyone's Mom

Saturday, April 11, 2009

CH28: Redemption At Last

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So so so so so ... After more than a month of not posting, I'm happy to announce, that yes, redemption is finally in my hands. Blood, sweat and a little bit of tears have finally paid off. Board Passer. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Well, just to reiterate, finally, ECE license will be in my hands (after the oath taking I guess).

An important lesson learned: "Stand up where you fell down." But, better said in Tagalog "Bumangon ka kung saan ka nadapa." That is of course, figuratively speaking.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 1

I had a bit of a laughing fit, when yesterday, my mom, out of nowhere showed me the results of my Brother's exam.
Mom: "Mas mataas siya sayo sa Comms."
(I look at the results and indeed oo nga, mas mataas. My brother got 75 ... and, as my mom in favor got my score from PRC - mine was 74)
But when I looked at the other subjects, Mathematics and Electronics (oh gee, would you look at that, they only had 3 subjects. Lucky them). I had higher marks for Math and Electronics. Mwahahaha.

There's no denying the results of the early advance math training I had back in Grade school and Highschool.
I don't want to seem boastful or what - this of course coming from someone who failed comms - by 2% lacking  - but, I was quite baffled to learn that some people back when I took the removal exam for comms, had to have a removal exam for Math.

Math is the root of most of everything computation wise in the ECE board exam.

So...go figure.

Also, my average is higher than my bro's hehehe. Nope. No sense of competition there. Just pointing out the facts :p
A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 2

Speaking of average, sobrang nahiya ako when the proctor in my removal exam had to call me out in front of everybody else in the room to verify why I had to take a removal exam....

My stomach slightly turned upside down when he called me out - as I thought he as going to send me out because of a missed requirement or something.

But, luckily, he just called me out to ask why I was there to take the removal. He told everyone as in to ask for their confirmation why I had to take the removal when I had a pretty high average score...All I could mutter out was, "kinulang po kasi ako ng 2% sa comms." "So hindi niya pala alam na dapat 70%."

While we were filling out the requirements, he also went out of his way to ask me, taga sang school ka .... (Nahiya ako sagutin kasi pag nalaman niya baka sabihin niya ... nyeks, taga _ _ ka eh baket ka andito?) I answered Ateneo. Sabi niya, ah kaya pala .... HAHAHAHA JOKE LANG. I answered UP. Sabi niya, "kaya naman pala mataas average mo"

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 3

I'm quite please with myself. Today marks a milestone which I didnt expect until about a year from now. Today marks the day I have managed to save up to X figures.

Let's leave it at that. I have to thank of course my parents for making this milestone possible.
Now, time to move my money to an account that could allow it to accrue.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 4

In relation to Anecdote 1 - I'm a firm believer in competition. More on external competition. I don't think you will be able to grow to become your finest if you only consider looking into yourself for growth. You have to have a benchmark aside from yourself.

But, no more sibiling competition here. My brother's going to have a kid soon! SURPRISE! hehehehe. I'm going to be an UNCLE! Oh gulay, how fitting of my age.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 5

I'm happy as well that our puppy, Tonton, although less than 3 months old, already knows how to go up and down the stairs by himself. Unlike his dad who's scared shitless of stairs. Kelangang sabayan ko pa umakyat patakbo pataas para for coming down the stairs, nope, di niya kaya magisa.

A neck doubt (A-nec-dote) 6

I finished a novel in 10 hours! Yey. I can still read through a book quickly but with all the intent and understanding intact. I thought I had lost interest in reading fiction. After the harry potter series ended, my reading time came to a slow stop...had to focus on acads. As if all the textbooks required to be read as well as slides to review weren't enough! So so so so so... I finished "The Tooth Fairy" by Graham Joyce in 10 hours sitting.

For avid readers out there, go get a copy. It's a great narration about growing up. I won't specify too much but I'll just leave some spoilers. A kid loses 2 of his toes at a young age...he loses a hand due to an accident (while creating a pipe bomb) in his teenage years...and, add to that, he lost his immediate family when his dad decided to shoot them all off to heaven. Luckily, he was out his house - watching TV with his best friend. (The age of TV was just beginning).


I'm bored. No issues for Bekaert, Valeo, Arkema and Kone.
I'm bored...but I'm happy.

Will party later. It will serve as an ocular for Tuesday's bash

Sunday, March 1, 2009

CH27: Safe Up High

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The slap in the face has finally come.
It's march and I trembled in fear.

I thought: "I'm safe up high and that nothing can touch me."
Scared. Confused.
Self doubting.
Let this chapter end soon please.

"When it's good, then it's good, it's so good, 'till it goes bad
Till you're trying to find the you that you once had..."

I need the confident me back.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

CH26: Recession 2009

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It's been a long time since my last post.

A lot has happened - you can say... won't go through all of them though.
But, it's just enough to say that I've been pretty much busy with work and social life and ... r&r.

For one thing, the camera i bought (canon 450d) the week after we went to zambales (january 17 or was it 18) ... was defective. I had to bring it to their service center. two weeks of stress (mostly due to negative anticipation) - the replacement has been approved and now, the waiting begins for the replacement unit. It won't take too long I hope.

Good thing though with Canon. I was already getting frustrated with how long they process things. In this time of recession, one can get very conscious of his/her spending.

That canon camera may be my last ultra-spending ... hopefully for the first half of 2009.

I'm setting my sight on a 30++ inch lcd tv for my room. Hopefully, one that would come with a surround sound set... or a 40++ inch if i can afford.

Then after the tv ... i will need to match it with a ps3 of course!

But ... that's a long way to go...or not! =)

Like I said, with the presence of a recession - the cost cutting measures being taken up by **, It's a little demoralizing right now.
I'm getting quite tired of saying: "At least they havent let go of people." Because, the truth of the matter is - I feel underpaid! I wonder if it's just my sentiment or - if it's representative of the whole of UP alumni (my batch)? Hehehe.


I'm liking the format of American Idol. In that, they're letting 36 people get a chance up the stage to sing. At least, this early on, we can sift the weak ones from the strong ones. Hopefully - when the top 12 is in. It will be a real competition and not such a dead give away like the past seasons (where, 1 of the three I felt most deserving actually won).

Speaking of reality tv. I was shocked when Manuel from Fear Factor Philippines got booted out.

So, camera stress down ... several more to go.
I can't divulge too much about work...after all, I'm part of the Information Security Management System Core Team.

Oh, and I'm glad one of my goals - that is - to be immersed in humanitarian activities will be fulfilled this coming Saturday. I need more activities like this to stay grounded. (It's Habitat for Humanity House Builid Community Build)

That's it for now.
Add me in facebook! The addiction starts now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

CH25: Bye Bye Vice (To the tune of Nsync)

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First of, welcome everyone to a new year! I hope 2009 will be a great year for everybody. Let's pray and hope that the Philippines won't be as affected as other countries our from the "Global Financial Crisis." Like, hello? there's already enough poverty here in the metro that needs to be addressed!

Anyway, let me just share a quick recap of how I welcomed the new year. First, well, I worked (EMEA shift: 3-12pm). Then after work, went off to the Makati City Countdown to 2009. Fireworks. "ambon" (what's the english for ambon?). And then off to greenbelt 3. There were a lot of bars to choose from...but we landed at Absinth. Drank, smokeD and danced the night away.

Wait, I'm sure some of you are quite shocked about what you read at the last sentence of the last paragraph. Yes, that's right smokeD. With emphasis on the D. AS IN FOR PAST TENSE.

Bye bye vice. I just want to tell you that I had enough. Might sound crazy but it ain't no lie baby bye bye vice! Hahahaha! Corny right? But true. Goodbye smoking. After 5 years 36 days and 3 hours. I think I stopped smoking around 3am January 1. So there you go.

I will be starting off 2009 (short of the 3 hours) smoke free. I'm blogging this out right so at least everyone knows. The more people know about my decision to quit, the easier it will be to quit. Good luck to me and my office mates who share the same decision to finally kick the habit. Although, I believe I said to my officemate that we should quit on January 5 (where usual work starts for everybody), that's the usual case why most people fail quitting. I should know. I did a study on why People should not smoke as my Position Paper for English 10. Which is also the reason why I started smoking. In my research for the position paper, I found out that some people find reprieve from stress by smoking. So when I was at the lowest point of my life (I got a 26 or was it 27 points out of 100 in my first major subject EEE 31). Well, don't blame me for being so depressed. I didn't have any electronics background from high school. Yeah right. But seriously, EEE 31 was the my first light to the wonderful world of resistors, capacitors, currents etc etc. And don't blame me for getting a low grade as the exam was RIGHT MINUS WRONG. Sucks right.

But I digress. The point of this blog entry is that, I won't be prolonging my quitting from smoking (too many -ings in this sentence) as that would only delay the agony. Yes. I know it will be an agony to quit from smoking...But, better start now than later. This is how serious I am. =)

Good bye smoking. Welcome:

Well, to cope with the stress and the temptation of smoking...I have the following options to help me divert my attention:
1. DSLR! - Why smoke when you can practice and gain expertise in the world of photography! Hahahaha.

2. Chewing gum - For any oral fixations whatsoever!

3. Waste money on shopping! - Well, at least your money is going else where than a pack of Marlboros.

4. Pray the Rosary! - Hahahaha. Well, I don't know how to. But I just thought it would be hilarious that upon the instance I get a craving to smoke....I kneel down immediately and do the rosary. Wait. I'm not sure what it's called...recite the mystery? Well, whatevs.

5. Sing happy songs! - Get your mind off smoking by singing a tune! Invite everyone along and sing! "Samahan pa ng dance number!" What a great way to quit right! Divert your temptation to more productive and creative things!

6. Work - Well, I got a satisfying rating (KPI). Now, it's time to get a K in my rating. The year just started. A lot of responsibilites ahead. It's time to get really serious and compete! Yes, that's right! COMPETE! The real world. The battlefield for success. No crab mentatlity please. Work up your sweat! Do it! Do it! Hahahaha.

7. Exercise - Well, it's about time I start running. Back in college, I got thin because I had the motivation to exercise! To run 2 rounds on the Acad Oval - then do sit ups and push ups when I get back home. I believe, exercise would help my me in more ways than one! (Well, duh. That's stating the obvious!)

And well. I guess that's it.

If you have any other suggestions as to what I can do to help with my quitting from smoking. Don't hesitate to contribute! Money donations are a plus! You should soon be finding my picture in "de lata alkansya" in Jolibee, Mcdo, italianni's, SM department store, Landmark hahahahahahahahahha you name it! It has "Help Tipz Quit from smoking! Donate your money NOW!" written on it.

Hohohoho. I'm such a charity case!

Again, Happy New Year to Everyone!