Saturday, January 17, 2015

CH249: Unsettled

So, I'm back in Manila tentatively. Just in time for my Cousin's wedding tomorrow/later. I can't help but feel not at home considering that in two weeks time I'll be off again - and this time, for the most part, for good.

More goodbyes. More see you soon. More new adventures. More things to come.

Since being back, I can't help but reminisce the adventures I've been on the past 42 days. I'm glad I went all in with pushing it through despite budgetary constraints :) my mom did help buoy my financial considerations :)) The itch has been scratched and I'm feeling more and more scared as well as hopeful and excited for whatever may come. Dreams of saving up, getting a loan and buying a house and car to call my own. I'm 28 but just starting this journey! Some friends already have houses and those stuff, and all I have are memories. It's not a bad thing, I guess. As I read through a friend's recommended book, "Velvet Rage", life is mostly about authentic validation. It's a psychological need every human has. And for the most part of the past 3-4 years, it's very I get it from.

I'm hopeful things will be for the better and I can finally find a place to call home and get all settled.

Now, a quick look back

Amsterdam - canal

Brussels - atomium 


Milan - galleria Vittorio Emanuele 

Genoa - Palazzo Real Hall of mirrors 

Pisa - leaning tower

Cinqueterre - Vernazza

Nice, France

Cot d'Azur - Eze, France

Monte Carlo, Monaco



New York (Brooklyn)


Malibu (Getty Villa)

Santa Barbara

San Simeon (Hearst Castle Neptune Pool - where they shot lady Gaga's GUY)

Monterey (Aquarium)

San Francisco