Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CH176: Kai Shao

Recently, one of my friends from high school (who i haven't really kept in touch with) messaged me on Facebook. The typical me wondering why I am being messaged all of a sudden was suspect of the nature of the message and why it was out of the blue.

Regardless, I entertained the 'Kumusta?', 'We haven't seen you in our past reunions of late','How is SG?' - blah blah blah - the usual formalities just to be polite. But I was right - there was an ulterior motive to the messaging. The intent was finally revealed - "Are you interested for me to 'Kai Shao' you to a friend of mine?"

Kai Shao - or the Chinese practice of introducing two people together - not for the intent of friendship, not coitus, but traditionally - for bloodline preservation. I found this article online that I think explains the modern translation and practice of it which is more relevant. (

My first reaction was upon reading that was of course laugh out loud. Then I thought, am I not too old for this being set-up situation? Do I look like I need help? And then the next thought went like - that's so antiquated! Of all the terms to use to summarize the intent - why use the term Kai Shao?

Although admittedly of course, I turned her down given that I think she's not that into Facebook to read on the subtle hints I've laid on there. Thankfully, close friends got the hint so there was no need for further explanations on the matter.

In hindsight when I look back at how I said that I wasn't interested, she stopped messaging. So, I was thinking, was the message to initiate 'Kai Shao' a favor for her friend or was it for my favor and interest she was for? But I take it as a compliment in the back of my head that I'm still 'eligible' in some people's consideration :-)). It's nice to get one's di ego - stroked every so often lol #inuendo (hahaha just kidding.)

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