Thursday, August 22, 2013

[Random] Not Necessarily Necessary

The other day, I had a weird dream of wanting to get a shirt with the Kenzo Tiger print on it.

Or even a sweater.

I don't know why, how or what for ever reason did I suddenly think about wanting them in my dream. I mean, I believe the last time I saw the Kenzo Tiger print on a magazine was last year or maybe 2 years ago. I don't know. But, after dreaming about wanting the print, I noticed that from my usual preference for striped tees (I have a lot of striped stuff), I suddenly wanted to get more shirts into my wardrobe with striking graphic prints such as the Kenzo Tiger.

I had a look around some malls the other day, following the desire to get more graphic prints into my clothing options, but didn't really find anything. I ended up buying something from Levi's though because Mksurf8 's hosting a party this saturday and he said there will be a fashion show. LOL. I went into Levi's (despite my preference over Uniqlo) thinking I wanted an All-American look for the party (still have to find a good denim shorts/pants though).

So, anyway, when I got home, I thought, hey, maybe ASOS will have some nice graphic printed tees available. The positive on it is some items are not readily accessible in SG, so, they will be unique in a sense (I hope). I ended up buying:

lol. something close to a Kenzo Tiger Print - a Lion hahaha

something white as I think I only have 2. i prefer grey or black for plain

New toms to replace an old pair from Lacoste that's seen better days

And something for dress down fridays
I had a feel good realization from after going through more than 20+ items I liked but not available in my size. It's been a little over two years when I was buying size L. Now, I get size XS. :-)

I can see the appeal now of online shopping. It's not the first venture though to online fashion shopping. The first time I bought stuff from ASOS, i bought socks and underwear :)

Not necessarily necessary to spend, but it's a stress reliever.


  1. I like the part when you said you used to wear L size shirts and now, you have to pick an XS. If only we can tell our former selves how our sacrifices will pay off. :)

    1. my former self still lives within me on cheat days hahaha jk