Friday, March 31, 2006

Intoxicated 2

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Hahah. I didnt realize that half of the 275ml bottle of that vodka cruiser could really knock the punch. hehehe. I'm rather thankful I didnt finish the bottle. I dont think I would have made it upstairs if i did. hahaha.

anyway...sad and depressing turn out of events. Damn!!! I only got 2.25 in eee23. I need at least 3 points in the fourth exam to up my grade to 2. I will try scavenging for partial points tomorrow. I must at least try that much.

Haay...I just hope and pray that the eee23 profs will be as understanding. They have after all been very much understanding this sem. 50% or more of the eee23 population will be exempted. I pray I pray I pray.

I guess with this reason, I won't be able to go the IRC tagaytay outing. I must try. I must!


I just realized that after that intoxication from the little amount of vodka cruiser I drank...I don't think my dad will approve of it being in our refrigerator. Hehehe...

I must find another way.


Pray for me. Suddenly, I might not be CS material after all...



Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A hint of alcohol.

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hahaha. another inuman experience to add to my list. oh man! Rose is once again knocked out...hard!
I just cant seem to understand her...why couldnt she control her drinking.

Anyway. I had about 6 shots or maybe seven of Gin Orange from Drews. I totally love the feeling. The atmosphere at Drew's is not half bad. I so love that place. heheheh. Maybe I should try to go there more often. Of course, with my friends. I dont want to seem like somebody who wants to pick out some girl or something.

Hahah. I am still a bit intoxicated I am so sorry.


This night was worth it. At first I didnt intend to go to Drew's because of the fact that I dont have much money anymore. You see, school is officially over...and so is my allowance. No class means no allowance. Simple as it can get right?

Well, my mom spared me some change after I told her that Lew would be there. Hehehe...Of course, she was guaranteed that i'd be getting home safe since I will be accompanied by our neighbor. Hahaha. Wow. I can't believe this. I am so talkative right now. Hahaha.

Intoxicate me please. I would love to hit on those vodka cruiser cruising in my refrigerator...But no. I must not over do it. Nope, I am not yet that drunk...but the mood and the timing is just not right for it yet. Hahahah.

Anyway...just to share to my readers.
Rose, as I mentioned got knocked out hard again. She babbled so much stuff...which were all true since that's the why Rose is when she's drunk. The truth just spills out of her mouth like puke.

-Oh, Raffy puked a lot. hahaha. A full glass damn it! And it was gross. Totally gross. When I arrived late, they told me to drink it. They said it was a beer mix of some kind ahhaha. Thank God I didnt. HAhaha...and they wouldnt have let me anyway. IT was just so damn disgusting. I've never puked in any drinking sessions yet...and I dont intend to. I hate puking.

Anyway, getting back to rose, she babbled stuff like how cute I was. Thank you for noting the obvious. HAhaha. Anyway..she also babbled stuff like how she was seriously taking into consideration the realizations that I share to her. I am so happy that she really does take them seriously. She also told me how she loved me as her friend, to which I definitely replied that I so love her too as a friend. Hahah...Which reminded me...I seriously need to get some experience in serious relationships. I mean, Damn! I dont want to grow old as a bachelor.


Anyway, Currently, rose is staying at eprl. Knocked out. But she is in good company. Stella, oh how I just love her attitude. She's so cool, and Beth, she's so cool also...are with rose. Hehehe.

More drinking sessions please!
Let's not finish the party. It only has just begun.

Anyway...Yes...drunken moments. Weird thing though. I have realized that I may not have totally moved on just yet...But I am getting there. Just a little more and I will finally get over things.


CS standing parin ako this sem. I just hope that some hopes for my grades will turn out the way I expect them to.

Cum Laude standing...don't be so elusive please!


Monday, March 27, 2006

Heart vs Mind (part 1)

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I seriously admit...(and more ellipses) DAMN IT! Why couldnt God have made our hearts more calculating?! I wished for my heart to be cold. Yet the heat of fusion of the facade i tried putting up was too attainable that now, my heart is as vulnerable as ever. I am starting to get tired of "feeling" instead of rather "thinking" things through.

Haven't I learned any lesson?

Damn it.

I wish my heart was good in math, like my brain, that does all the calculating. But fuck reality! My heart doesnt know how to calculate or even how to weigh things the right way. It's purpose is but to make us feel, make us experience joy, laughter, pain, suffering. But if that is its only purpose, then why does the heart matter more than the mind?

I mean, let's admit it, most of the time, we end up following our hearts instead of our mind. We are being lead blindly!

to be continued.


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omg! im still as grade conscious as i was last year!

you see, last year, when I chatted with kiko and he told me that the results of EEE35 exemption was out, I went out to EEE ASAP. So it was already about 9 pm then...yet the impulse to just storm out the house and go to EEE was really really REALLY there.

And...for tonight...(sigh)...I saw sir Lucas' post over at UVLE regarding the results of EEE25. he released 90% of our grade...but he didnt post it on UVLE! So...after reading it...I again, stormed out the house, opened the gate and drove to EEE! And...pant grade...90% of it is...


I really really do hope and pray that I at least get 8.6% for my Problem set and homework grade...I really really really need that 1.75!

You see, my theory or rather logic dictates that if I get grades greater than 1.83 (which is my current GWA) then, it should follow that from 1.83 it will increase...or rather decrease to something like 1.8 or maybe even 1.7-ish...thus making me closer to achieving cum laude standing.

Oh God please please please...I want to graduate with honors.

Even this early on...I really really do pray that I achieve that feat.

Pray for me...
to attain cum laude standing...

and...not to be too grade conscious.

I mean...woah man! that was like some work out I did. Everything occured in the span of 20 minutes! hahahah...the pleasures of living near UP.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


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We all have stories to tell.
I have mine. 
Stories of betrayal would most likely be the most intriguing.
And the most likely to be of interest for some people.
Some people have told their stories.
I have told mine to a certain few.
A few, I believe, is a number that's more than enough.

I thought that I have moved on.
But lately, I am not sure if I truly have.
I thought that maybe the will to forgive arose just because I feel that it is indeed time for forgiveness.
But is it really?

"Betrayal is the only truth that sticks."
I learned this after going through the experience twice.
Mathematics dictates that two is not much more than one.
Two is a number that's more than one by one.
But figures such as this matter little.
Circumstances dictate that two is more than enough.
Much much more than one, really.

I have said, "Forgotten but never forgiven."
Is it all about angst and bitterness?
I am not sure.
Do not trust me because I dont know well enough.
How can you forget when the fact is, you cannot forgive.
Trivial matters.

How I wish my heart was not as empathic as it is.
Really, this fact is one I am sure of.
The heart that forgives easily is a good heart.
I have done that once.
But paid the price.
I accepted the punishment.
I have moved on.
I tried to make my heart cold from betrayal.
I thought that it was hard as a rock.
Well, that's what I thought.

I am held back by something.
Something I still can't let go.
I cant tell you though.
I don't even know it myself.

People have stories.
But only a few are able to tell theirs.
I am not ready to tell mine to all.
Does that make me less of a person?

Or maybe
Some stories are not meant to be told.
Some secrets are best left unsaid.
But are my stories secret?
I shall decide.

But as of now.
The stories I have.
Are mine alone.

--time to study for eee23. But first, I should be taking a bath now. I stink of smoke.
--I feel rather complacent lately for the eee23 exam. I hope it is not doom looming around the corner.
--The doom I refer to is over confidence. That's something that could kill you...academically speaking.

Matters that are of interest:
1) I want to buy myself a hardbound copy of Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. I think I will enjoy reading it again. I read it before in gradeschool...or was it highschool...cant remember. But I believe it did not make the impact it should. So...does anybody know where I can find a good hardbound copy?
2) I will go to the Alumni Homecoming. I've reconsidered things and thought that...heck, I should. But not only that...but also because, the theme was to be different! Hahah. Am I being too shallow? I guess not. It just fits in. The theme of being different I mean.
3) I want to be affiliated to UP arise. I had this concept that once I finish my term as the finance committee head, maybe I could participate in UP arise activities...or maybe even become the president lol. Why Arise? Maybe because, their ideals are best fit with mine. And, I could grow better in ways like social activism and things like that. Arise = Alyansa?
4) Poetic narration. hahaha.


R-18. collision course.

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If your havin girl problems i feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one
I need a little room to breathe
I got 99 problems
And I'm about to

Thursday, March 23, 2006

philcoa marathon?

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omg! ive been like staying over at philcoa for the past 2 nights. doing stuff like just a while ago, eee23 project, and the night before this I was there studying for physics 103.

booo! i dont like the philco-an atmosphere when i stay there for too long...the air is kind of stifling when you stay there for too long...maybe someone should reformat the structure of philcoa...make it a lot livelier than it is.

things left to do...chronologically arranged.
1) eee 23 project.
2) eee 23 exam
3) alumni homecoming (12mn-3am?! damn! i hope i dont end up compromising too much for my physics 103 exam. sayang lang kasi yung pinagpaguran ko for physics if i just settle for less for my finals.)
4) physics 103 exam.
5) (party? ehhehe, make the most of the short break)
6) final rites over at pansol laguna.
7) planning sem over at snap's place.
8) (puerto galera. hopefully.)
9) summer registration
?) irc project (over the summer)

no complaints though. the vacation feel is starting to set in...everything is just so lazy...

some positive news:
1) eee25 is finally over. i do hope i get 1.75
2) comm 3 is finally over. i do HOPE i get 1.00
3) eee103 is finally over (surely ill be exempted...I HOPE)...1.50 the least?
4) blah blah blah
-comm3 speech was (?) i dont think i was as coherent as i wanted to be.

PS: i have been so distracted lately. damn. (...) is knocking back. fuck fuck fuck. enough.

Monday, March 20, 2006


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coming april 11 (my birthday!)

kala ko ba aspire sabi ni pasi.
hehehe anyway. looks good to me.

now what should i be doing?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

what's mine?

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april 11.
wow. 1 laptop = 2 birthday gifts from dad?

eee103! yes! i do hope i get a very high grade.
eee25! please...please please....God help me get at least 85 in that exam...that could guarantee me 1.75.
eee23...omg! project and exams
phys103...omg! long readings to come.

hmm...time to go to lew's pad. party anybody?

Friday, March 17, 2006

eleCKTion results

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Salamat sa mga nagtiwala!

little updates.
1) grabe yung campaign period. ang saya na nakakapagod...especially since ang dami ring mga dues for this week.
2) decided to sleep last night (friday night) at 10:15 pm...then di ako makatulog aheheheh...nagiisip ng plano para sa pag raise ng fund...hehehe...yey! nakaconceptualize na ako ng something na extension ng ConneCKTing us eheheh. consult ko na nga sa ibang next execom...
3) dalawa pa exams ko! no!!!! EEE103 1hr 15 minutes from now....haay...booo! then may eee25 pa! for some weird reason...ang aral ko lang for eee25 is yung problem yung sa 103 is yung prob set, consultation with sir ivan cruz and yung reference sa book...

time to go to school! bleck.

more energy mas happy! coffee...coffeee....

again, salamat sa suporta ng mga bumoto at mga kaibigang nagtiwala.

special mention to:
Norman, Rose, Pauee, A.lo, Nikki (hehe a smile can go a long mile), Lew, Ate May (Sabi ko nga kay rose, natouch ako sobra..."i mean duh. BPI science awardee si ate may tapos ganun kalaki tiwala niya sa aking capability...thanks ate may!) and to everyone else I may have missed out, sorry...stupor.


Thank YOU.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mar. 11th, 2006

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hmm...campaign starts monday. =)

vote for tipz as the next finance committee head.

last friday, i slept at 6am. I was finishing my candidacy form, spoa/gpoa and curriculum vitae. It was kinda fun doing it. And, also, the way things turned out...well...rather well. =) I didnt expect some other candidates to pass candid shots of themselves for the picture. ahahha. lew went for the shades picture, risha opted for a full frontal smile pic and I...hehehe went on and had a right side of face view while listening to some mp3 cool effect pic. =) Then, rose, lew, a.lo and I went out and watched Yours, mine and ours. A good movie to watch. Light story not something that requires you to think a lot but overall it was entertaining.

Today, Saturday...I did almost nothing except study for my EEE103 exam...well, not really study but I just tried solving the problem tell you honestly, I was dumbstrucked. I also had a strong sense of hesitation to not browse through the book.

I'll probably start with EEE25 problem set before hitting the sack later.

For tomorrow:
1) Study eee25 and eee103.
2) Jog around UP
2.1) Meditation time
2.2) mental simulation of meeting de avance question&answer portion
2.3) campaign strategies
3) start reading 1 chapter for eee25
4) start reading 1 chapter for physics103
5) sort clothes for monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. hehehehe. (grins)

good luck to other candidates!

Thursday, March 9, 2006


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while i was looking through my bro's resume...lo and behold!
i realized how much difference 9 years of age has between us!

his credentials please...(drum rolls)
My bro's skills:

Literate, with knowledge on the following server platforms/applications:

·     AS/400
·     Hotel Information System
·     Paragon Back Office
·     Windows NT Server
·     Linux FC3/FreeBSD (basic)
·     UNIX
·     MICROS 8700
·     Siemens advaNTage
·     Ving Card System
·     FreeProxy (proxy server)
·     MS ISA Server (basic)
·     Symantec Antivirus Server
·     MS SQL Server 7.0
·     KISS (Casino Information and Statistics System)
Literate, with knowledge on the following software:
·     Windows 95/98/ME
·     Windows NT/2000/XP
·     MS DOS
·     Sniffer software
·     Remote Control software
·     Adobe Photoshop 7.0/CS
·     AutoCAD R14/2000
·     Crystal Reports 9.0
·     MIKOHN
·     MS Office suite
·     MS Project
·     MS Visio
Literate, with knowledge on the following programming languages:
·     Visual Basic 6.0
·     Java 2
·     C++ language
and his work experience...anong klaseng kapatid ako! i didnt know it was that long! sigh...

insecurities begin to arise. ahahah. nope nope. must set the difference.

anyway...have other stuff to do like spoa gpoa etc etc for circuit...for circuit...concentrate and read mantra again...for circuit...
oh yeah! just wanted to share.
i so hate the fact that i allowed ourselves to continue with the interview. the team that was supposed to report was irene's team. but she had an excuse that she had to go somewhere. and there goes irish (my team mate) friends shouting out her name! so our team was to do the interview! argh! and i was so pissed at that moment. ahahah that didnt sound right. ihing ihi na ako! so my answers to the questions that irish asked my opinion SUCKY!!! FUCK! I wanted to get 1.0 in comm 3. but now...boohoo! 

spoa/gpoa time.