Monday, March 6, 2006

(academic week)'

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or in other words, a non academic day! ahahha. this week was a blast! the much needed distraction and rest have finally arrived!

squeeeze 2006 is finally over. It went well...aside from some internal conflicts.

circuit election is almost near.

esc and usc elections is uhm...2 days from wait. tomorrow? hmm...tomorrow along with circuit nominations.

haay...overall, a great and relaxing week...extracurricular activities went great! <- went to studio 23 and saw some stars on the way. =)

anyway, for today, I watched two movies. Saw and SawII. And can i just say that it seems to be a little bit over-rated. It wasnt as disgusting as everyone said it was. Hahaha. Or maybe it wasnt for me...

I also went to jog around was kinda late at around 7:00 pm...again...hmm...i dont know. Wala na akong makitang ibang place to jog around at. Anyway, isip ko nalang if that incident ever happens would be a great excuse to try and beat up somebody hehehe.

So anyway...when i was about to finish jogging...i was already walking and trying to regularize my the tennis court(s) beside the college of engineering, the street lights just suddenly turned off! Ahahah. At first I was freaked out...I was thinking like shit...where have all the people gone to? Why am I the only one left jogging etc etc...and some flashes from the scenes of saw came to my mind...It was just a little bit creepy...and the effect when the lights were turned on seemed almost melo-horror dramatic. hehehe. They lit up one by one.

anyway...when i was jogging around...I thought of this really ehhehe inspiring quote...well for me it was. It came about when I was trying to simulate the nomination G.A that circuit will be having.

and...I said...(I'll keep the simulation i was thinking of a secret)

"A leader doesn't wait for opportunities. They create them."


then after jogging, went to eee to bring lew along. hehehe. may laptop siyang dala. sinabay ko na rin siya pauwi.

haay...havent been updating lately...

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