Thursday, March 9, 2006


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while i was looking through my bro's resume...lo and behold!
i realized how much difference 9 years of age has between us!

his credentials please...(drum rolls)
My bro's skills:

Literate, with knowledge on the following server platforms/applications:

·     AS/400
·     Hotel Information System
·     Paragon Back Office
·     Windows NT Server
·     Linux FC3/FreeBSD (basic)
·     UNIX
·     MICROS 8700
·     Siemens advaNTage
·     Ving Card System
·     FreeProxy (proxy server)
·     MS ISA Server (basic)
·     Symantec Antivirus Server
·     MS SQL Server 7.0
·     KISS (Casino Information and Statistics System)
Literate, with knowledge on the following software:
·     Windows 95/98/ME
·     Windows NT/2000/XP
·     MS DOS
·     Sniffer software
·     Remote Control software
·     Adobe Photoshop 7.0/CS
·     AutoCAD R14/2000
·     Crystal Reports 9.0
·     MIKOHN
·     MS Office suite
·     MS Project
·     MS Visio
Literate, with knowledge on the following programming languages:
·     Visual Basic 6.0
·     Java 2
·     C++ language
and his work experience...anong klaseng kapatid ako! i didnt know it was that long! sigh...

insecurities begin to arise. ahahah. nope nope. must set the difference.

anyway...have other stuff to do like spoa gpoa etc etc for circuit...for circuit...concentrate and read mantra again...for circuit...
oh yeah! just wanted to share.
i so hate the fact that i allowed ourselves to continue with the interview. the team that was supposed to report was irene's team. but she had an excuse that she had to go somewhere. and there goes irish (my team mate) friends shouting out her name! so our team was to do the interview! argh! and i was so pissed at that moment. ahahah that didnt sound right. ihing ihi na ako! so my answers to the questions that irish asked my opinion SUCKY!!! FUCK! I wanted to get 1.0 in comm 3. but now...boohoo! 

spoa/gpoa time.

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