Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A hint of alcohol.

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hahaha. another inuman experience to add to my list. oh man! Rose is once again knocked out...hard!
I just cant seem to understand her...why couldnt she control her drinking.

Anyway. I had about 6 shots or maybe seven of Gin Orange from Drews. I totally love the feeling. The atmosphere at Drew's is not half bad. I so love that place. heheheh. Maybe I should try to go there more often. Of course, with my friends. I dont want to seem like somebody who wants to pick out some girl or something.

Hahah. I am still a bit intoxicated I am so sorry.


This night was worth it. At first I didnt intend to go to Drew's because of the fact that I dont have much money anymore. You see, school is officially over...and so is my allowance. No class means no allowance. Simple as it can get right?

Well, my mom spared me some change after I told her that Lew would be there. Hehehe...Of course, she was guaranteed that i'd be getting home safe since I will be accompanied by our neighbor. Hahaha. Wow. I can't believe this. I am so talkative right now. Hahaha.

Intoxicate me please. I would love to hit on those vodka cruiser cruising in my refrigerator...But no. I must not over do it. Nope, I am not yet that drunk...but the mood and the timing is just not right for it yet. Hahahah.

Anyway...just to share to my readers.
Rose, as I mentioned got knocked out hard again. She babbled so much stuff...which were all true since that's the why Rose is when she's drunk. The truth just spills out of her mouth like puke.

-Oh, Raffy puked a lot. hahaha. A full glass damn it! And it was gross. Totally gross. When I arrived late, they told me to drink it. They said it was a beer mix of some kind ahhaha. Thank God I didnt. HAhaha...and they wouldnt have let me anyway. IT was just so damn disgusting. I've never puked in any drinking sessions yet...and I dont intend to. I hate puking.

Anyway, getting back to rose, she babbled stuff like how cute I was. Thank you for noting the obvious. HAhaha. Anyway..she also babbled stuff like how she was seriously taking into consideration the realizations that I share to her. I am so happy that she really does take them seriously. She also told me how she loved me as her friend, to which I definitely replied that I so love her too as a friend. Hahah...Which reminded me...I seriously need to get some experience in serious relationships. I mean, Damn! I dont want to grow old as a bachelor.


Anyway, Currently, rose is staying at eprl. Knocked out. But she is in good company. Stella, oh how I just love her attitude. She's so cool, and Beth, she's so cool also...are with rose. Hehehe.

More drinking sessions please!
Let's not finish the party. It only has just begun.

Anyway...Yes...drunken moments. Weird thing though. I have realized that I may not have totally moved on just yet...But I am getting there. Just a little more and I will finally get over things.


CS standing parin ako this sem. I just hope that some hopes for my grades will turn out the way I expect them to.

Cum Laude standing...don't be so elusive please!


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