Monday, March 27, 2006


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omg! im still as grade conscious as i was last year!

you see, last year, when I chatted with kiko and he told me that the results of EEE35 exemption was out, I went out to EEE ASAP. So it was already about 9 pm then...yet the impulse to just storm out the house and go to EEE was really really REALLY there.

And...for tonight...(sigh)...I saw sir Lucas' post over at UVLE regarding the results of EEE25. he released 90% of our grade...but he didnt post it on UVLE! So...after reading it...I again, stormed out the house, opened the gate and drove to EEE! And...pant grade...90% of it is...


I really really do hope and pray that I at least get 8.6% for my Problem set and homework grade...I really really really need that 1.75!

You see, my theory or rather logic dictates that if I get grades greater than 1.83 (which is my current GWA) then, it should follow that from 1.83 it will increase...or rather decrease to something like 1.8 or maybe even 1.7-ish...thus making me closer to achieving cum laude standing.

Oh God please please please...I want to graduate with honors.

Even this early on...I really really do pray that I achieve that feat.

Pray for me...
to attain cum laude standing...

and...not to be too grade conscious.

I mean...woah man! that was like some work out I did. Everything occured in the span of 20 minutes! hahahah...the pleasures of living near UP.

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