Thursday, March 23, 2006

philcoa marathon?

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omg! ive been like staying over at philcoa for the past 2 nights. doing stuff like just a while ago, eee23 project, and the night before this I was there studying for physics 103.

booo! i dont like the philco-an atmosphere when i stay there for too long...the air is kind of stifling when you stay there for too long...maybe someone should reformat the structure of philcoa...make it a lot livelier than it is.

things left to do...chronologically arranged.
1) eee 23 project.
2) eee 23 exam
3) alumni homecoming (12mn-3am?! damn! i hope i dont end up compromising too much for my physics 103 exam. sayang lang kasi yung pinagpaguran ko for physics if i just settle for less for my finals.)
4) physics 103 exam.
5) (party? ehhehe, make the most of the short break)
6) final rites over at pansol laguna.
7) planning sem over at snap's place.
8) (puerto galera. hopefully.)
9) summer registration
?) irc project (over the summer)

no complaints though. the vacation feel is starting to set in...everything is just so lazy...

some positive news:
1) eee25 is finally over. i do hope i get 1.75
2) comm 3 is finally over. i do HOPE i get 1.00
3) eee103 is finally over (surely ill be exempted...I HOPE)...1.50 the least?
4) blah blah blah
-comm3 speech was (?) i dont think i was as coherent as i wanted to be.

PS: i have been so distracted lately. damn. (...) is knocking back. fuck fuck fuck. enough.

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