Monday, November 28, 2011

WB3: World Bubble Entry 3

Let's get started again with the word bubble entries. Coming from my previous blog, I mentioned there how sometimes, a word just pops into my head because of some instance.

Last night, while I was on my way out of the condominium block, I heard the stirring of the branches caused by a strong wind. The first word that came to mind was Cacophony.

I tested out sentence, the cacophony of the stirring branches - or something like that. I knew that the word could be used in that context, but I wasnt sure if the word based on its meaning was correctly used. So when I tried to search up the word, below was the search result:


A harsh, discordant mixture of sounds: "a cacophony of deafening alarm bells"; "a cacophony of architectural styles".

Which makes the sentence I had in mind - wrong in the context I wanted to use it for.

This made me think about how my English is getting rusty. I think I need to find another good book to read to refresh myself.