Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Review] Kitkat GreenTea

Yesterday, when I was strolling through Marina Bay Link to walk a bit of what I ate off, I happened upon this Japanese grocery store. I went through the aisles looking for something sweet to buy to get rid of the greasy feel/taste I had in my mouth. I saw a Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream and wanted to try so I bought one.

But at the cashier, I saw the display of the KitKat Green Tea. Having just gotten the Green Tea Ice Cream - I assume the Cashier associated the two and told me that the Kitkat Green Tea is seasonal and quickly runs out of stock so I should try it.

I decided to buy one as a gift for my highschool friend visiting SG. I figured since I haven't seen any of my highschool friends for a long while now, I should give a token of appreciation. LOL. No, just kidding, I was just being the hospitable guide.

I didn't expect though the outpour of reaction on the first photo I posted on Facebook. A lot and mostly all of which were affirmation on just how good the dessert is. So I resolved myself to get a pack today before they run out.

At the store earlier, I already had 1 pack with me. Then a woman came by (I assume she's a senior executive of some sort by how she was dressed) commented on how good Kitkat Green Tea is. She told me as well to get more pack otherwise, she's going to get all the stocks displayed on the shelf. Reluctantly, I took another pack - and she was honest enough and did empty the shelf of the stock.

I took a bite earlier and my first reaction was ANG SARRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP! My eyes got a bit watery and all I could think of for a few seconds was "This is so delicious this is so delicious this is so delicious this is so delicious." It is. In all honesty, it really is. It captures the flavor layers of Japanese Green tea (Matcha) realistically. It doesn't taste formulated.


  1. Your post is great to read. I was wondering why if you have tried eating food at Plato Wraps and what other stuffs to eat there?

    1. thanks! unfortunately, i havent tried plato wraps. maybe when they have it here in sg :-)

  2. hi, may i know the price/shop name and cost of this green tea kitkat? thanks!

    1. hey, i got it from a japanese grocery chain here in singapore - Yamakawa Super. if i remember correctly it costs around 10-11 SGD. i cant quite remember.