Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SS4: Bangkok Experience

The intersection between Silom and Rajanagarindra, Bangkok Thailand
Expectedly, I could not help but compare the Philippines to Thailand. I did mention before that the tourism industry of Thailand is way ahead of the Philippines. It's very systematic and the infrastructure which serves as the tourism backbone is strong.

Myself at the SkyBar @ Lebua State Tower where a scene from the Hangover 2 was shot

I went to Bangkok just recently, and city wise, I am quite amazed how progressive it is. And you have to only wonder how much longer will Bangkok become a step higher into the world classifications that are 1st, 2nd, etc etc.

One of the things I observed was how convenient the transport system is. They have the MRT lines similar to the Philippines, but they are not as crowded. And the interchanges between the lines are also convenient. Queuing for tickets and getting into the trains are, i must note, very organized. I did not experience any pushing or whatnot. It's very much comparable to Singapore save for some differences like they are mostly above ground. Maybe because they don't have the same constraints as Singapore's land area.

Furthermore for the transportation system and city, I must say that they are quite clean. I also noticed that it's fit for future expansion in terms of population growth. One must note as well that they have a direct express train from one station straight to the airport. It took about 20 minutes of city views and some open fields getting close to the airport.

happy commuter

the express train to the airport

clean and spacious

Speaking of the airport, my first impression upon arriving was how big it was. Design wise, it's quite easy to navigate through. Inside as well is an assortment of shops, I did not get bored at all having checked in early. I think it must be bigger in terms of land area compared to Singapore. Or maybe it's the illusion of its construct being one big airport unlike Singapore that's broken down to separate terminals.

I'm quite sad though for the Philippines when I see how unique Thai culture is. They have that identity of what I grew up imagining what Asia would be like. Perhaps that's the allure of Thailand and why a lot of tourists visit the country.  When you think of Philippine culture, we are so fragmented. Each place has its own. I would think for some, cultural shows would go with "Tinikling", while some others would present the "fiestas" that they have. It's not easy to market the Philippines to have just one presentation, as each of the many islands may have their own identity. I have to note though that I observed this singular cultural manifestation in New Zealand with tourism bringing the Maori culture forward.

Preservation of tourist sites is also admirable. Thailand knows its their cash cow, and you can see how money goes into restoring, rebuilding and preserving the tourism sites that they have. They are after all like any products that are subjected to wear and tear. The Philippines though, as I'm sure you would agree, is still behind that preservation aspect thought - just note the recent uproar over pictures of Butandings being used as surfboards.

Anyway, it's been a gloom comparing my country to a neighbor decades back was very behind. I'll leave you now with pictures I took during the trip


  1. nice, nice photos. :)

    about philippine tourism, it's a bit saddening given that our country has so much potential. and if we do things right, it can really be a huge source of revenue. :-/

    1. thanks! haha, it's mostly the camera's doing. it makes photography super easy.

      the thing with philippine tourism is that, as long as we do the first step right and follow it however slow with another correct step, then things should follow. follow through lang naman din kelangan sa mga policies and whatnot