Sunday, April 22, 2012

[Random] Housekeeping

I was a bit weirded out because of a totally unexpected SMS:

"Hi dear Stephen this is Takumi from easyroommate currently I have rent one master room in a landed property. I wish to share this room with someone (living without house owner). This place is at West Coast, Pasir Panjang which is very near to NUS Kent Ridge Terminal. OUtside the house there is a bus stop where you can take bus 189, 51, 143, 30 to Clementi MRT within 15 minutes. Boon Lay, Jurong East, Bugis, City Hall, Chinatown, Orchard and other downtown places are also easy to get to. Circle Line MRT Station is also near the adjacency. The place is equipped with refrigerator, washing machine, toaster, microwave oven, kettles. Room is air-coned, clean, quiet and tidy and with two big wardrobes where you can put all your clothes in a big two-basin washroom. We hire the contract service to maintain the house regularly. Cooking is allowed but you need to clean the kitchen. LIfe here is very convenient, there are two places to eat nearby and West Coast Plaza, Sheng Siong supermarket are within 8 min walk.

"I am an NUS working professional easy going: I prefer one healthy, quiet male, roommate with good sleep pattern (sleep before 12 most of the time) and respect each other's privacy. Rental fee is 500sgd per person exclusive of utilities and PUB (not much). Short term also accepted but price varies. Thanks and look forward to becoming roommate and good friend with you!"

After reading the very extensive message, I was like....OHHHHHHKKKKAAAAAYYYY (?).

My reply was simply:

"Hi Takumi, i hope you're doing well. Unfortunately it's quite far from my office. I hope you find someone to share the place with though. :)"

Then I had to analyse the circumstance and realized that I wasn't paying attention during the registration and ended up putting up an ad of myself looking for a room - and the option to hide my number wasn't ticked. I assumed it would have been defaulted that the contact details were hidden.

 I've been entertaining the thought of sharing a room to save on costs but I always get the shudders whenever I dwell too much on the topic. But I thought it was a bitch reply to Takumi to say that I don't share rooms to begin with so NO.

The search is still on for the room. Although, as much as I want to move now, there are some complications for moving out on late May. Work, dragonboat competition and the Lady Gaga concert. Best case is to move by June.

I like the location and general area of my place, but the room is unfortunately small. I'm not sure if I said it previously but, the size of the room I'm staying in is only about 1/5 of my room in the Philippines. It's either my room in PH is big or it's just the room I'm staying in now.

The smaller the room is, the easier it is to become cluttered and look disorganized - and I have a thing with organization and neatness.


  1. Good luck with the room hunting. I know how stressful it could be. I'd want to move much closer to the city as well, if only I can find a landlord similar to the one I have right now. ;P

  2. Thanks ange! i've found a room through easyroommate. much easier and convenient IMO.