Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[Review] Gotye: Making Mirrors Album

I find myself listening more and more to Gotye's album Making Mirrors - alongside with Madonna's MDNA album.

My initial reaction during my first run through of the album was how it didn't seem to be one single body of work. Or maybe to explain it better was how it didn't seem to jell. It wasn't intact or it's hard to understand the storyline of the whole album -

After contemplating for the day and thinking of the right C word to describe what I wanted to say, I finally realize I was trying to say that the album doesn't feel "COHESIVE."

The songs individually are good...I would say that some are the kind that's poetic - the kind of music that gets you thinking and reading between the lines. It's the kind of "indie" music I expected. Although, as I mentioned, it doesn't feel cohesive. Or maybe it's just me and my expectations created from their popular track "Somebody that I used to know." Then again, I can be pragmatic.

I think it's a perfect summer album. I like how "cool" it feels listening to the album. It's not brooding of overly sappy love songs or heartbreaks. If you were able to listen to Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" album, Gotye's "Making Mirrors" is something similar. It's an album playlist perfect for chilling by the beach and getting some sun.

Below are my favorite picks from the album after listening to it for a little over a week: (Not in any particular order)

State of the Art
I think this track is one of the more innovative tracks in the album. When listening to it, I find myself in a lounge just chilling over some whiskey. The lyrics are quite enigmatic as well.

Eyes Wide Open
The repeat of the verse "We walk the plank with our eyes wide open" is very catchy. To be able to appreciate the song more, you will need to go through the lyrics. This is one of my serious favorites from the album. It's not like an "I can so relate to the song" kind of thing - but more of hey that makes sense. Well, for one thing, I know how it feels like to walk on a plank and bungee - and yes, my eyes were open when I jumped. But for my interpretation of the song, I think it tells of humanity. Everyone has their eyes open to what's happening around them, but due to ignorance or indifference, we fail to commit to any action - thus, it either becomes too late for us when something bad (e.g. calamity) happens.

Somebody that I used to know
Well, it's a very popular song. It's what introduced me to the album. It's the fourth track of the album, and well, listening to the album sequentially, you begin to wonder why the tracks of the album were arranged the way they are. The album doesn't feel cohesive from here - or actually even before. The 2nd track feels off. Getting back to the song, I think it's a great song - everyone should have had some experience of what the song narrates. It doesn't even have to be restricted to a relationship as in girl-boy, girl-girl or boy-boy kind of relationship. The song extends itself, IMO, to even friends or family. Again, like the previous track (3rd track is Eyes Wide Open) - it tells of an experience a-matter-of-fact-ly mixed in with the right accompanying music, and it's a hit.

Save Me
For me, this is the best song in the album. I think it's the perfect match between music and lyrics. Remove the lyrics from the song and it's already uplifting as it is. Add the lyrics, and it just melds perfectly (for me). Enough said.

Overall, the album is amazing. It's a nice break from the upbeat tunes I've been listening to (Madonna and Avicii). Right around this time last year, it was Adele's album I was discovering. I wouldn't say this album from Gotye tops Adele's though. Adele's album was BOOOOOM! Gotye meanwhile is just Boom!

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