Friday, June 29, 2012

CH100: 2 Years in Pics

Since some pictures are popping up fresh into the News Feed in Facebook due to some friends striding down memory lane, I think it's a good time to refresh myself on the things that have been. My weight's journey from then to now.

It's been an awesome journey! In all honesty, I don't think I would have lost any weight had I not gone to Singapore for work. Living in Manila was too convenient for me. Driving is a huge factor, and the kind of work available (which was mostly SAP Basis SUPPORT) was the one that required shifting. Also add to that how my mom is not really fond of cooking for two (just her and me) so we mostly had take out dinners. Not really Jollibee or McDonalds, but I think if I remember correctly, she mostly bought take out from North Park, Gloria Maris (The Block), the japanese restaurants in Trinoma.

I have no qualms against Jollibee or Mcdonalds, but I told my mom since she used to (frequently) buy our dog takeout from those restaurants, that I'd like to have something else the dog was not having. Eventually though she toned it down and started buying our dog takeout from St. Pedro or the other Baliwag/Andoks-like franchise. She just buys from Jollibee or Mcdo for special occasions for our dog who I got the honor of naming Tonton (but my mom started calling him Tonsky).

Let's start it off with July 2010 ...

July 2010

Aug 2010

Oct 2010

Dec 2010

Jan 2011


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CH99: Pits, Pressure and Limits

I wonder why the instructors we have for body combat shave their arm pits. I'm not sure for the rest of the Singaporean men, but I'm sure a lot shave theirs. During the class last night, I felt conscious that people may think I shave my pits - when really, they're just sparse to nothing because of genes. I think, the term for it is "smooth."

What are the pros and cons of having armpit hair anyway? Is there gender bias with pit hair?

I've only been in the project for 3 months, yet just now, I was copied in an email putting my name as the owner for two project components closely integrated with SAP Solution Manager. And, I had my mouth agape as my pupils dilated before I snapped out of the shock.

The implications of your name being put into a RACI matrix is daunting. Well, for me - yes, considering that the other people in the list have been working on the project for over a year already. And I was under the impression that I was still pulling the rope from the far end. So, now I have to pull harder to catch up? And I have to coordinate so much more with the people who have been working on the two components far longer than I have.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CH98: Dramarama & Independence Day

"People create their own drama ..."

After writing down the previous entry, I've been feeling like there's a void of boredom in me. Since everything feels as it should be, I feel as if there's something missing. And I realize, it's the drama, the heart-flinching brouhaha that's missing.

Dose of light drama for the day:
Person 1: Haha our conversation suddenly became flirting. :) No complaints here
Person 2: :) I know ... But I dont know how to say it. Better say it early than later. I am in a relationship
Person 1: I had a feeling, but at least the cat is out of the bag
Person 2: I hope I did not upset you much
Person 1: I wasn't after a relationship :)
Person 2: Which cat? and which bag?
Person 1: Your cat and your bag
Person 2: As I can tell from the past 15 minutes of our conversation, you are a relationship material :)
Recall: Chapter 88

Most of the memorable dramatics that has happened in my life are within a closed circle - of friends, family and self. Maybe, I was overprotected? I never got to experience being held up, getting into a fight (only once when I was in grade school and I had a black eye for a week), never been stricken with illness that would require hospitalization or whatever telenovela-ish incident (several knocks on wood). I need the drama, the action in my life to make me feel - well, human and alive. "Necesito sentir vivo otra vez"

Monday, June 25, 2012

CH97: Rediscoveries

Rediscover 1

Because of reading the 50 Shades Series, I rediscovered my love for Nelly Furtado's song. Particularly, this song which Christian Grey put in the IPad he gave to Anastasia Steele as part of his apology for "what happened." It has been pretty much on loop when I was reading the series and after and I had to search my music archive to look for Nelly's album - which I unfortunately deleted. Fortunately, the connection at home is fast and Nelly's The Best of album was easily downloaded. Anyway, I digress.

My fondness of the song was fueled further because of the context by which the (fictional) character Christian Grey proffered  to Ana. It did get me teary-eyed when I was reading the part of the book where they were under present terms - "cool off" - while the song was on repeat. But again, I digress.

What I particularly like about Nelly F's music before was that it sounded altogether different yet pop. She emerged during a time where most of the artist available in mainstream are cookie cutter types. There was a different edge to her voice as well, it was unique as her sound was. Remembering how I came to like her would be comparing it to how I first heard Lady Gaga. But Nelly F emerged around the time when the Internet was not as proliferated as it is now - so I guess her success was overshadowed by Lady Gaga partly because of that. But then again, they are a decade apart.

Rediscovery 2

Getting on with my Nelly F rediscovery, I became reacquainted again with one of my favorite Nelly songs - Shit on the Radio (Remember the Days). Upon hearing it from the album I downloaded, it instantly became an earworm (again). Base on the definition of earworm or last song syndrome, they usually occur because one can relate to the lyrics of a song or there's a particularly formula of sound waves and frequency which appeal to people in general. But I think it's more of the lyrics, particularly the chorus.

 remember the days when I was so eager to satisfy you
And be less then I was just to prove I could walk beside you
Now that I've flown away I see you've chosen to stay behind me
And still you curse the day I decided to stay true to myself


Monday, June 18, 2012

CH96: Capitulation

Along with the delight in reading the Fifty Shades trilogy is the implicit distraction it provides. It's been a bugger to think about whether I should proceed to resign from my job a month and few weeks before my sister's wedding in California. It's a nagging thought given that my NZ visa has not been approved in the first place.

I begin to wonder then whether there is an underlying, subconscious thought behind this hasty decision...

Do I want to leave Singapore now? Why is my subconscious in such a hurry to leave? As far as I know, I'm enjoying myself in Singapore, the freedom it provides, the partial ease in leaving (well, partial because there are chores to do), the small luxuries and the friends I have and the activities I do.

It feels like my subconscious has already migrated to NZ and is just waiting for me to follow.

Despite the distraction the 50 Shades has provided, I did have a lot of time to reflect being mostly cooped up in my room the whole weekend reading. I realized that perhaps, the reason I'm feeling this way is because, in the first place, the end goal is NOT Singapore. I've always envisioned going to Europe first and then New Zealand. But given the change of hear, well, if I settle in NZ, then Euro-trips will be a non-issue. If Singapore has always been a stepping stone and a temporary affair, then why prolong the temporary?

Of course, there are other concerns to factor in if I move my leaving earlier and the uncertainty of finding a job in NZ does arrest me in fear sometimes. But the thought of maybe spending a month or two in California (assuming my US visa is approved - which I hope will be since my sister just got her green card recently and that it's a valid trip with an itinerary) and mainland US is very alluring.

But then again, instead of day dreaming of these matters at work, I should be working and compiling the necessary documents to submit for the NZ visa - thereafter I can process the documents and application for my US visa.

PS: I think I'm being impatient. Again.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

[Review] Fifty Shades of Semi-rotic

I started again with my hobby of reading books. I eased myself back into the hobby with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, which I thought was meant to be horror fiction. Well, it turns out to be true although not the Stephen King horror I sized it up to be.

Well, truth be told, I was only looking for the 50 shades trilogy. I only ended up buying Miss Peregrine to alleviate the growing need to read a book. An appropriate analogy given the post's title is finding the carnality to masturbate and release given a building 'tension'.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CH95: Ho-me(i)-ly

Theres a noticeable change that's in the air in Manila. Im happy and hopeful for my country to push on forward towards change. In the 5 months that I've been gone (from my last visit -January), I'm happy to feel at home. Although still behind, I'm pretty sure that the wheels are turning and soon enough we'll find the Philippines "competing globally" like how Singapore is now.

Rush hour traffic is still there though. I didn't drive through EDSA enough to notice if the conditions have indeed changed for the better. Although, I should note that there were less "encounters" with buses. I think the scheme to change and revamp the salary scheme for the drivers and conductors is effective. Now, if only the city mayors can do something about the Jeepney drivers. After all, what use are decongested highways if the exit roads are clogged up. Traffic flow I think could also be further improved if they make designated drop-off and pick-up points for commuters. Although, that aspect will be harder since it's the mindset and discipline of people that needs to be changed.

Overall, despite my being an Aquino critic, I appreciate his efforts to introduce change in the country. Although, I must say here though, that I didn't like the way his team handled the impeachment. It did seem like the government's resources were used in order to find evidences against ex-Chief Justice Corona. But, that's past now, and I'll leave it to the historians to write their records.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CH94: Status

Fact. It took me longer to finish scrubbing my canvas DMs boots than to finish packing my stuff for my flight later in the evening.

It's final. After waiting for a few months, the result has come in. It's been in the back of my mind since i let my self slip and allowed the incident to happen. There's been plenty of angst before it happened and more paranoia and uncertainties after.

But, like everyone else, I coped and moved on and soon enough, everything was seemingly back to normal. Of course, until the window period came to an end and the anticipation had to be faced. Uncertainties looming further aggravated by the fact that I needed to undergo a medical examination in the Philippines for my medical certificate requirement for my New Zealand visa.

After all, it's hard to wrap your mind around plans not coming to fruition just because of one mistake. It's hard to feel defeated when you haven't even started with the fight. It's harder even to have doors and windows closed on you just because you're marked by that mistake. Serostatus...

Friday, June 1, 2012

CH93: Over A Bed of Greens

Ever since Lady Gaga's concert here in Singapore, I've been feeling like the sky is all gray. Like there's some imminent change that's to befall on me. Usually, when this mood comes swinging, I prefer to be alone and mull over things - reflect.

1. Part of what I'm feeling may be the anticipation that maybe by December but hopefully early next year, I'll be moving to NZ to start anew and work to residency. Eventually becoming a New Zealand citizen. It's a choice I feel I have to make this early. Part of my resolve last year was that, aside from overcoming certain fears, I should be making decisions for the future and put to stop the playing around.

2. I had an internal argument before with regards to most people's opinion of whether some people were born the way they are or it was a matter of choice for them...